Friday, June 1, 2012

A Boy in a Tree

With his disdain for the privileged, private schools and squints Booth is beginning to resemble a younger Andy Sipowicz. What Temp said to him about reading body language and subtle clues was interesting. He thinks it's just instinct, but it's based on objective signals so small that he doesn't even recognize them himself. So, Temp is saying that he practices a science of his own, even though he looks down his nose at hers. He's hard to read because sometimes he seems supportive of her, sometimes not. Sometimes he seems sensitive, sometimes not and his change in behavior is not always triggered by something in the plot. Rather it seems to happen so that something in the plot CAN be triggered, so it's not as character driven as I would like it to be. Temp's character is more consistent than his. But Boreanaz's dead pan delivery of a line can keep you entertained for days. It's that quality that upped Buffy's cult quotient 100% after Angel lost his soul. A line just trips off his tongue and you're reliving it minutes, days, years after it happened ("I'm a vampire. Look it up."), whether DB decides to play it light, threatening, cold, or hilarious, it happens without raising his voice or even drastically changing his inflection.

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