Friday, June 8, 2012

The Man in the Fallout Shelter

How convenient that we learn Bones has a son just so he can worry about seeing him for Christmas. I don't mind them keeping this from us, but if it was supposed to have a real effect, we should have learned it for another reason. Although why would he keep it a secret anyway? He doesn't get to see him. He doesn't feel he has parental rights, so he doesn't talk about him? OK, but it might have meant more if it came out during a case (but not in a gooey wanting to help a child way) or doing a conversation with Brennan than having it come out just so we can be scared he might not see him for Christmas. Also, Brennan telling us about the unwrapped Christmas presents her parents left just so she can open them was convenient and contrived too. Also, her brother was a loser to leave and put her in foster care just because she didn't enthuse over the gifts and made him feel he wasn't enough for her. What kind of relationship did they have for the 15 years before her parents died for him to leave her that quickly, for so shallow a reason. Even if he felt rebuffed by her, to have her go into a stranger's care when they could have been together (he was 19) is shocking. I hope she has a lot of anger towards him and doesn't feel rotten because she didn't show him enough life at Christmas.

How did all of their relatives happen to get there on a moment's notice to see them? Especially that guy who had a troop of people come from Michigan? I wouldn't get on a plane to spend an hour looking at him through glass. If he was in prison yes, but if I knew he would be out in a few days I'd stay home and celebrate with the rest of the family and just call him and make up for the absence when we got together at Christmas.

Booth being drunk wasn't funny or illuminating. I mean having him talk about his son is not tantamount to us seeing into his soul, if that was the point. Also, when they did the case involving the foster mother and the son found murdered, wouldn't the fact that he had a son himself have come up THEN. Wouldn't he have shown the empathy for the boy that Brennan did when she interviewed him? Wouldn't he have done something not to arrest the foster mother, before Brennan rebuked him for it and maneuvered to get him to help her reunite mother and sons? It's like they didn't know until this week's script that he had a son.

It was funny for Brennan to talk about him being sensitive about unwed pregnancies when the whole virgin and child story came up. We got to see that he is religious again.

This show has some nice chemistry, but it's not psychologically deep so that I think I want to continue taking notes about each episode so I can connect the dots and find "meaning" in the end and looking for clues to justify to myself that they only ever loved each other, like I know I want to do with Buffy and Angel (and finish with X-Files) eventually. I just started because I had a chance to do so in the beginning, rather than regretting that I hadn't. Now, I'm thinking why bother. It's enjoyable, but like Ghost Whisperer or something. Not like Buffy/Angel.

He has his shirt off again in a scene. He still hasn't worked out since Buffy. He's not fat, but he's not defined.

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