Monday, June 11, 2012

The Superhero in the Alley

So, the crew agrees that Brennan exposed her own beliefs in her novel. One of those beliefs, according to Booth, is that FBI agents are hot and Angela wants to sleep with him. Angela isn't embarrassed when Booth makes this comment about her. In fact, she tends to affirm its true. Brennan just gives a look, as if to concede that she does think these things, even though she thought she disguised the real life people in her fictionalized characters -- or maybe she didn't think she did. Maybe subconsciously she wasn't even aware that they were true to life when she wrote them, but now she's beginning to see that it's true.

How does Booth feel about Angela wanting to sleep with him? The thing is, it wasn't Angela who thought he was hot, per se. That was just an overall view in Brennan's book. Presumably Brennan thinks he's hot. How does he feel about that? If he realizes it, he doesn't say. And does Brennan know that that's what she thinks? It's not that I want these people to talk about their feelings. When they do, it is extra phony. But I want some body language, looks, averted looks, silence to clue me in as to how they feel when intimate truths about them are revealed to the others or about the others are revealed to them. They just shrug everything off, which makes it seem that these revelations are there for humor and don't really matter as ongoing plot or character fodder.

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