Monday, June 25, 2012

Mother and Child in the Bay

As a coroner, why is Camille so intent on getting a conviction? She should be the last person investigating and shaping evidence. Her attitude of pushing the staff to make the facts fit what she wants to see is what got Thomas Noguchi in trouble.

We meet Brennan's ex. It is nice blocking the way he backs up when he first sees her all the way into his office and behind his desk. He does it rather swiftly and smoothly. If he got any better it would be a moonwalk. So, I enjoy the comedy, but it annoys me that she says he doesn't have to see Parker at all, because they are not married. This is not 1970. You don't have to be married to have paternal rights. He had to beg her at Christmas time, now she's threatening him that she may never let him see the kid again and he's lucky he's seen him this far. He should take this woman to court and get a custody order. He wants to do what's best for his son, but having a mother who blackmails the father isn't good for the kid either. So, getting his parental rights documented once and for all might be good for everyone involved. Of course, Booth had no right to do a background check on her beau, but I'm sick of women IRL and in fiction gaining power over men by threatening them with taking their children away.

Cam defers to Brennan's medical skills and even let them do an experiment she thought might be wacky, but she still had to rub it in that she respected Brennan's expertise and was glad to have her working for Cam. Brennan was upset that Cam took Zack. She said, "Zack is mine." And she reminded Zack that he was HER graduate student, but she shouldn't have to. If you're supervising someone whose work is beyond you, then you shouldn't undermine or second guess them.

When Brennan asked Camille if she wanted children it was funny, because she asked a personal question while they worked and Cam was shocked by it and found it distracted from their task. She doesn't know that the rest of the staff does that routinely. Booth wanted to know why Cam looked at HIM when she asked Brennan if she was pregnant. So, Cam assumes there's something going on with them too. At least she doesn't seem to bothered about the prospect. I don't need her territorial about Booth. When Camille talked about being a hero, I don't know why they had Brennan correct her and say "heroine". That is the opposite of what Brennan would do, I think. I think she would use gender neutral terms.

Brennan again says she doesn't want to be a mother, which makes it seem like the writers were planning for her to get pregnant eventually as soon as this show began. She says it with such conviction that you know some day he will be called upon to eat her words.

Brennan tells Angela that people aren't meant to be monogamous and to commit to one person for life. She discounts the notion of "love" with Angela and has done so with Booth too. She reminds Angela that Angela has multiple partners. Angela prefers to just call it "dating." I don't know why Brennan would totally discount love as just a chemical reaction when she has discussed how much she loved and idolized Russ when she was growing up. So, she knows affection. She asks Booth about the bible and why Abraham was willing to kill Issac. Booth says he would never kill his son, even if God ordered him to and when Brennan acts like anyone would do something, he answers that he wouldn't leave like her parents did. He apologizes. He didn't say it to insult. He said it as if he knew what she was getting at with her questions, which is good because I didn't quite realize. She doesn't think parental love is real, because her parents left her. She didn't think so before when they'd only disappeared and were presumed dead, now that she knows the truth about her parents, the fact that they'd left her and the fact that they'd lied about her even more, she is against parenthood and distrusts the vaunted bond between mother and child even more.

In the end it's not clear why Brennan was there when Booth planned to meet up with Rebecca to collect Parker. Was she there to keep him in line? As he talks to Rebecca and her boyfriend and things get heated, Brennan calls him several times from her seat at the table. I don't know why. Is she trying to calm him down? If so, it would be nice to know if he heeds her and is open to being soothed by her. Of course, I remember when Scully got Mulder not to make physical contact with Padgett just by putting a light hand on his arm. When he approaches the table she says she is going to leave. He says he wants her to stay and she says it's for "family" and goes, but watches them from outside.

Rebecca seems almost blowzy, definitely not a lawyer or forensic anthropologist. Wonder how she and Booth met. Maybe when he was gamnbling.

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