Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Man on Death Row

The woman playing the lawyer, Rachelle Lefevre, reminds me of Michelle Trachtenberg. I like her curly, long red hair.

She, Amy, tells Bones that she senses a sex vibe between Bones and Booth. Where does she get that from?? I guess she's telling the audience something they might have seen themselves. As for Amy and Booth, you can tell the way he tells her to get out of his office, his building that he might have feeling for him. She's the defense lawyer he loves to hate. She admits to Bones that she should have jumped Booth when she had the chance. As soon as she meets her, Bones is commenting to Booth that he has a thing for two lawyers and is dating two of them. He denies it. After talking to Amy, Bones should know that even though she is attracted to Booth, she hasn't slept with him yet and has missed the boat, but Bones continues to chide Booth about his women, even while they're digging the grave.

He responds that he is not sleeping with Amy and he has NEVER cheated on any woman that he's been with. Which, again, takes you out of the script when DB is saying it. After his sex scandals became public I wonder if they lightened up on Booth saying such things in the script.

Why does Amy assume that he would be dating a tall beauty. he doesn't necessarily give off that vibe to me. I also don't know why he'd be wearing $1200 suits. Are FBI agents paid that well? See, this far into the show, I don't know anything about him really, personality wise or background. I didn't know that he had a sense of style. I thought he just dressed that way for the job, not that he was like Ron Harris on Barney Miller and that fashion was important to him. If I'd known that, then I'd know why Amy assumed he'd be with a looker. While plots and actions shouldn't be predictable, you should be able to foresee what a character will do in a particular situation, what they are LIKE. You don't get that in this show yet, especially not with Booth. Moreso with Bones, but not much more.

Angela's date telling them that they were all freaks is a bit outlandish. A normal person might hate what he saw on the job, but he'd respect the fact that he was dating such an intelligent professional. He might think she was out of his league, but I don't think he'd call her a freak. The characters on this show are not realistic. The serial killer in the end -- phony, the way he rubs it in that he played them. Amy's gasping reaction. So cliche. On X-Files the killers could be flaming weirdos and yet, somehow, believable mutants.

Booth tells Angela she's looking good when, actually, she looked like she always looked, except she wasn't in a smock. She is always saying personal things to him. He doesn't respond. But he has no problem complimenting her. What does he think of her? That she's too brash? Cute? Not his type? You don't know. He says he'd be spending his weekend doing something with someone he cared about and asks what Bones would be doing on a normal Saturday. She unearths a skull. Is her answer that she IS doing something she likes with someone she cares about? She told Amy that she was doing this work for him because he asked nicely, not because she has the hots for him. But she likes him, is interested in his personal life and respects him. Plus, Angela thinks Bones is into him. At this point, if there's a crush, she has it more than he does. Although there was that time in SUV that he wanted to stay out late with her and she told him he better get home to Tessa.

Bones believes in the death penalty, she just wants a fair conviction. I am down with that. She is the one more likely to physically attack.

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