Friday, July 27, 2012

Soccer Mom in the Mini-Van

The episode starts with the deceased at a soccer game, looking wistfully at the girls playing. She takes out a note, leaves it in her car, gets in and is blown up. It is fairly unusual for the show to start with the crime, instead of Brennan and Booth's investigation of it, which happens soon enough.

At the explosion, Booth tells Bones that Caroline got her jail visitation with Max in a private room (rather than behind glass) and she should use it. She wonders why he cares, since he was happy to arrest her dad. Even before Max came back to town, Booth told her that she should talk to her dad. He also told her her father only killed bad guys and was simply protecting his family. So, why does she act like Booth has been unsympathetic about her dad? She's been colder than Booth towards Max, at times. Booth tells her he was just doing his job.

Hodgins is infatuated with busty bomb expert, Frost, who comes to get clues from the remains in the car (in which the soccer mom was blown up that they've taken to the Jeffersonian ). Angela seems more amused than jealous, though she lets the expert know that she does facial reconstruction "and him" (meaning Hodgins).

Booth is ready to go question the victim's husband, but Bones suddenly says she has to visit her father. Is she still avoiding Booth? She also snapped at him at the crime scene, telling him she was not asking him about the explosion, but asking the FBI bomb guy. I thought they reconciled their differences at the end of the last show.

She recalls that Max used to always beat her at cards and that most fathers would let their kid win. Max said he didn't believe in coddling her self-esteem. He wanted to teach her that no one was going to hand her anything. She says, in that case, "you were a great father."

Back at work, Jack asks her about her visit and she tells him it's not germane to the investigation. She notices Hodgins' infatuation with expert and has him stop standing around hankering after Frost, telling him he should have better things to do.

Angela tells Jack she doesn't care what's going on in his pants as long as it stays there.

Booth reminds Bones that if she lost her father, she'd give anything for one more day with him. I bet the show will end with her playing that card game, Blitz, that her dad mentioned during their visit. So predictable.

Cam is wearing a sleeveless dress and her arms are very toned. The form-fitting dress shows off her slim figure nicely.

From a tattoo, they find that the mom was in the National Liberation Army, a student radical organization. Like Patty Hearst I guess. She probably committed a crime and started a new life and then her past caught up with her. Booth huffily remembers the NLA shot and killed a cop in 1975. The FBI has been looking for the deceased woman for 30 years.

Caroline is aware of the victim's, June Harris', legend. She was going to turn herself in. Caroline arranged for the surrender. It was going to take place in just 4 days. Booth is perturbed that she made a deal to just get 9 years, for the crime of killing a cop.

Booth wants to talk to Sam Reilly an FBI agent who worked the case for 30 years. He said the guy deserved to be consulted about the plea bargain Caroline got for June. Why? She's dead now. Maybe Sam killed her because he was upset she'd get off with just 9 years. He asks Bones to come when he talks to Sam and she again claims work and says that she is going to buy socks for her father. Caroline pulls Booth away and tells him absence makes the heart grow fonder. "Socks?" Booth queries over his shoulder. The father had complained about his feet and Bones was annoyed, but maybe she is rethinking it because of what Bones said to her.

Max apologizes to Bones and she says he's right. He was rotten. He says expected forgiveness from her rather than that tart reply, tears or something. He's got a hearing coming up and asks her to testify on his behalf as a character witness. Is that why he apologized, she asks, just to use her?

Zach tells Cam that the victim was also shot, but it was a shoulder wound and she could still be ambulatory. Cam wonders why he just doesn't say the victim could still walk. She wouldn't fire him, if he did. Why should he? Booth isn't there. Cam understands what he said. She's the only one there and he doesn't need to break down the technical terms for her. So, why is she needling him? It's not even humorous coming from her, as it would have been if a layman like Angela or Booth had said it.

They think Danny Valenti, the son of the cop who was killed might be a suspect. It makes Sam Reilly mad that they would think this. He and Bones get into an argument and Booth tries to keep her from fighting with Sam by pushing her and grabbing at her arm. Sam wonders if she is even necessary and Booth says she is his partner.

Sams says he'd hit her if she was a guy. Bones: "That distinction is no longer necessary, but I wouldn't recommend it." Booth just silently tries to keep them apart.

She says mentors often feel threatened when their students surpass them. I don't know what she means. I don't know who the mentor would be in this case. Sam? Mentor to who? Booth?

When they get the ballistics report, Sam says that it shows that it didn't come from Danny's gun. Bones tell him Booth should have had the report first, because he's the lead. Sam says, "You know Booth, she must be really good in bed," because he can't see any other reason to have her around. Booth should have hit him then.

Bones says, "I am. Very good. But Booth has no direct knowledge of that fact." Very nice.

Sam grabs Booth's arm and says "don't cut me out. I've worked my whole career for this." That seems to touch Bones. DB does a nice job playing Booth as both empathetic with his fellow FBI agent and also firm and serious, not letting Sam's emotions ruin the investigation (Sam had earlier physically attacked one of June's friends who was being interviewed and Booth had to pull him off, so he knows he has to keep a lid on the older man). He's upset about the cop killing too, but not enough to lose control.

Turns out June's old boyfriend, Watkins, killed the cop (whom June tried to shield) and then killed June because she was going to turn herself in and incriminate him. Why? He was already wanted. Her saying he did it would not have gotten him in any more trouble than he already was, unless he was afraid she would give up his location too.

Bones doesn't want to talk about her father with Booth. He says he shouldn't have gotten in the middle. He just wanted to help. That softens her up and she says Max wanted her to testify. He wants to use her. Booth says that he's a conman, but that doesn't mean he doesn't love her. He wants his payback. He got arrested to be with her and now he wants something in return. She says she doesn't want a father who is always keeping score. Booth: "Yeah. It sounds like you are too."

She says he's right, it's none of his business. Booth says she should not refuse to cut Max some slack just because she's afraid of getting hurt.

Hodgins is turned off of Frost immediately when she tries to destroy the car's air filter, something that he thinks could yield important evidence (tell them where June's car had driven and find Watkins' current location). So, despite her physical attributes, he loses interest in her. He tells Angela that Frost was irritating and he intends to rendezvous with Angela later.

The camera pulls back and reveals that while Angela and Jack were doing all their close canoodling, Booth and Bones are looking down at them from the 2nd story of the lab, waiting for the results from Hodgins' air filter examination. There's no way Booth would have been that patient if he could actually look down and see Hodgins dilly dallying while Booth waited for data.

Bones thinks it is crazy to let Sam meet them where Watkins is for the arrest. She says Sam's irrational and going through male menopause. Booth says there's no such thing. She says hormones drop. There's less of a sexual appetite. There's erectile dysfunction (she looks towards his lap at that and he tells her to keep the conversation pointed up, instead), you lose muscle mass and some men become very unstable. Booth wants to change the subject. "Can we start talking about your father again."

She says, "you're very testy."

"And 35. I'm only 35." [Angel was a perennial 26. They'd have to deal with DB's aging in a Buffy/Angel sequel] Even though 35 is not that far from DB's true age (39, I guess at that time this episode was shot), he's not a youthful looking 35.

"They've got blue pills for that," he mutters. DB seems to be smiling on that line, which I don't think Booth was supposed to do.

She takes out her gun and he chides, "Gee why didn't you bring the big one." But when they come upon a house where the killer might be and Booth finds that it's just "too quiet" with Reilly nowhere in sight, I bet he's glad that she has her gun as back up.

He pulls her back so she doesn't go into the room first, because she was ready to just charge ahead. Reilly is standing over the body and says that Watkins killed himself. "I didn't do this Booth." It was stupid of Booth to let Reilly go alone anyway. If he went at all, he should have traveled with Booth so they'd arrive at the same time. If Sam is found to have done it, I think Booth needs to be suspended.

In the lab they determine that Watkins could not have shot himself, because he had arthritis in his finger and could not have pulled the trigger, nor could he have assembled the bomb that killed June. One man knew how to make Watkins' bomb, the man that worked on the case for 30 years: Sam.

They confront Sam who says he didn't do it. Booth tells Sam to get a lawyer. It's not clear whether Booth believes Sam is innocent or not. I'd like to know whether he had faith in the older man or if he thought him guilty, but also wanted the system to be as lenient on Sam as possible, under the circumstances. We don't get to see his opinion. There's a fingerprint on the battery inside the watch that triggered June's explosion. It belongs to June's husband. He found her going to see Watkins and felt betrayed. She used them, her husband and child, to keep her cover, the father declares.

However, the mother left a note, which Bones gives to the daughter and the note explained that June only went to see Watkins to try to get him to surrender too. She was not cheating on the husband the daughter cries out, after reading the note.

The note says don't let the chaos and injustice make us so blind with anger that we become part of the problem. Practice love and compassion or you lose your humanity. Does Bones take this as a message about her dad? Ugh. Give me strength. The mom's letter is a bunch of 'be charitable to others and thankful' nonsense that is supposed to be inspiring, but is just nauseating. How can the same writers who give cool, witty dialogue to Bones and Brennnan be so sappy?

Next scene finds Brennan at the jail cell. She wants to see if Max and she can remember that card game. Gag.

Sam brings a bottle of scotch to Booth. He's not holding a grudge, huh? Booth apologizes, but Sam says he would have done the same. Only, "I would have slapped me around a little bit." He drinks a toast, "To the changing of the guard." I guess Bones did mean that he was Booth's mentor.

We see her playing cards with her Dad. Later, she and Bones meet at the Lincoln monument this time. Booth is a little drunk. Says he would have invited her but Sam doesn't like her. Is that rude to say, he wonders. She says, "not from someone who's been drinking."

He says he loves the place and their country. If he had been in law enforcement for the Boston tea party and they threw all the tea in the harbor, he says he would have rounded everyone up, arrested them and we'd still be English. Is he admitting that he is close-minded and that sometimes people need to fight for their civil liberties to achieve justice and he should realize that? It's not clear that he's disclosing a shortcoming or if he's bragging.

She says that she saw her father and as an anthropologist, she should have observed change and realized that his behavior has evolved and, seeing that, she'd have to conclude that he loves her. I agree, because why get arrested for someone you didn't love? But she thinks he does, because they played cards together and she killed him. Does she think that he let her win at Blitz (which would have been a nice gesture on his part). I wonder if that's what the plot is because her just winning on her own now that she's a genius adult and not a 5 year old girl would not be emperical evidence that he loved her. Or maybe she is just telling Booth that sharing the card experience with Max again is what changed her mind and allowed her to see Max more objectively.

Booth laughs and leans his head on her shoulder as they stare across at the Washington monument.

Monday, July 23, 2012

The Widow's Son in the Windshield

Written by Hart Hanson; maybe he can redeem himself following the awful cliffhanger last season.

They are at the lab, interviewing someone to replace Zach. An applicant examined a skull and got cause of death correct, but knows he failed to impress Bones. Cam doesn't want him to worry, "I'm still not completely certain what Dr. Brennan thinks of me." Well, why would she care? The comment was not just a joke, because this is the same insecurity she showed when she was new and told Booth she badly wanted it to work with Bones.

Booth takes Bones to the crime scene and she wonders why she is there. He said in the old days, she used to BEG to come out in the field with him. He says nowadays, "I can barely get you out of your lab coat," which sounds sexy. She says she has to stay at the lab with Zach gone.

Booth says she doesn't even bother to correct him when he botches technical terms anymore [guess the thrill is gone]. Zack left 3 months ago. How hard can it be to replace him, Booth wonders. With her in the lab, they are not working at their "full, symbiotic potential. It seems like maybe you don't want to work with me anymore." Describing her neglect, he poutily taps the windshield that she is looking at where a skull has fallen through.

Hodgins (with a nice new haircut) and Ang (with her hair looser and more flowing and a lighter color) are at the diner to try to figure out how to annul her marriage. She doesn't know the husband's name. He signed the license with an X. He is tall and black, she recalls and she can sketch him for the private eye.

In the lab, Cam tells Brennan she's interviewed 17 peoople and should make a decision about replacing Zach. Brennan doesn't see the problem, since she's working overtime in the lab to make up for Zach being gone. Brennan finds that the victim's face was chewed off by a cannibal. Hey this episode is 5 years old, but this type of cannibalism has happened 3 times just this year, 2012, in real life. The squints think that someone was eating the flesh from people and dumping their bodies into dump trucks from the free way overpass. That practice sounds like an easy way to get caught to me, since an overpass is really out in the open, but they want to make the murders as bizarre as possible, I suppose.

More shots of Brennan in the opening credits than of Booth. I don't like that, but DB is now a co-producer, so I guess he's doing ok. Emily is a co-producer too. Her name comes later in the credits than his. Actually, there are about 20 producers now.

Angela says that Brennan is avoiding Booth (I thought she was just missing Zach) because she and Hodgins left her and Booth alone at the altar and that iconic image of the two of them at a wedding altar really freaked Bones out. Bones says it didn't.

Angela says she is not guessing the truth, she is telling Bones what the truth is, so that Bones can catch up to her own reality.

Brennan tells Booth she has a lot of lab work. He says the applicant, Clarke can do it and it won't take as long as she claims, will it? He asks Clarke for the truth, but Clarke doesn't want to openly disagree with Brennan. Booth makes a face and says, "Zach would have told me."

Booth goes out with Cam and asks how hard it can be to hire one weirdo squint and she should do it herself, not wait for Brennan. She says usually when he gets frustrated it's because he thinks something is his fault. Oh really, she can read him that well? You'd think they'd been married rather than having just dated for a few months, at two different times. He sheepishly admits that Bones might be mad because he arrested her dad. It would be sweet if he says this to Brennan and she rushes to assure him that that's not the case. Could make for a tender moment.

A violinist was the victim. Is the killer a violin-stealing cannibal? Booth has to admit that his theory sounds stupid, but isn't it symbiotic working together. She asks him if that his word of the day? Hey, look even if she feels awkward being around him, does she really have to hurt his feelings like that?

Cam tells him to just take Angela to an interrogation with him, since Bones is unwilling. Cam calls Ang a mindreader. Brennan, being very literal, says that Ang just reads body language. Cam says she was just joking. Ang looks through the glass as Booth talks to the witness and gives him tips through an earpiece he is wearing. I hope that Ang does such a good job analyzing the witness that Brennan gets a little jealous.

He is following Ang's advice while he talks to the witness. He never had to rely on Bones this much in an interview. It's like he has no skills of his own. As if they hear me, soon his instincts take over and he begins to alter Ang's suggested questions as he speaks. Teamwork. Except he also snaps at Ang to be quiet when Ang tells Booth he is brilliant and he shhs her, even though the witness is not supposed to know the earpiece is there.

The 19 year old violinist was involved with the wife of the secret service director. The director used to watch his wife have sex with others. Booth arrested him for voyeurism. [Voyeurism? That's not against the law, is it?]

Booth thinks he found a place where ritual cannibalism took place and Booth wants Bones to go. She doesn't want to. At this point, I almost want Cam to order her to go and I think Booth nearly does too, but instead Cam tries to gently talk her into it and succeeds. So, Bones is uncomfortable with Booth, but to this extent?? It's unprofessional of her and the extent of her avoidance isn't warranted by mere social discomfort. I wish he would stop asking her to come out, stop chasing, and then she'd have a change of heart.

As they wait for a vault to be opened, Booth reminds her that she said she understood when he arrested Max. She says, "Don't start again, Booth. We'll be together again as soon as I replace Zach." So he has already revealed his sense of guilt to her and she let him go on feeling bad, because of her own insecurities? I was hoping she didn't fully understand how much he was truly bothered by her coolness, but she's well aware. This annoys me.

In the vault he says, "Maybe you're mad at me subconsciously." She denies it. "Something has changed between us. You can at least admit that, so we can figure this out."

He sees a blinking light and thinks it's a bomb (or maybe I'd like to think he only pretended to think that) and throws her on the ground to shield her. He's on top of her; she laughs at him and says, "Why are your eyes closed?" He says he thought they would be blown up [nice try, but did he close his eyes when he saved Zach from being blown up]. She tells him it's just a transmitter blinking, not a bomb. He pulls (yanks) her up from the ground. She says, "I'm curious. In an explosion how would shutting your eyes help?"

"Huh? It does ok Bones. It just does." He says hastily.

They find bones (and the violin) in the vault.

At the lab with everyone working on the vault contents which will take months to sift through, Booth realizes that this is just the excuse Bones needs to stay out of the field. Booth tells the squints that they are enabling someone with a mental problem, Bones.

Zach enters then and says he was sent home from the army. Zach doesn't want to talk about himself at the moment. He says he just wants to "get into whatever it was you were talking about before Dr. Brennan's mental problem." They laugh and it's like he never left. But I'm sure that he sustained some trauma in Iraq that will eventually be revealed [well, it wasn't as traumatic as all that].

Zach helps Bones realize the killer (eater) had a diamond tooth. She tells Booth and surprises him by saying she wants to be in on it when he interrogates the man.

She says she can work with him now that Zach's back. He says, "It's that simple." She is on alert, "Why? Did Angela say something to you?" Booth says no and just says, "Welcome home, Zach."

They tell the suspect to bite a mold. Booth says he has a warrant for the tooth in the man's mouth, so either he has to bite or Booth will make him? Can he do that? I know you can get body stats because that's not self-incrimination through testimony, but I don't think you can physically force someone to give a tooth impression.

TPTB have the suspect say, "Babies taste kind of like fish," before biting down into the pink mold. They were definitely going for Silence of the Lambs creepy.

Not that reluctant to talk at all (and I actually like the fact that like Booth Zach often blurts out the answer to your question even if it's not appropriate. Zach tells Cam that they sent him back from Iraq, because he failed to assimilate, despite his accomplishments. Zach wears a shaved head now, making him look a little crazed and skinheady. If Cam is concerned about whether or not she can put him on the witness stand, as she has been in the past, then she'd tell him to grow back some hair.

The army said he was detrimental to a military team approach. The way he recites what they said, you can tell that it hurt him deep down. Cam says he's good for their team. He used to have a crush on Brennan. She was so thrilled to see him that should make up for any pain he suffered from the military exclusion. But a psychiatrist told him he should question why he can only fit in at the Jeffersonian.

Cam says, fitting in there is a heck of a lot more than some people can do. And it's true. As closely as he works with them, he should not be worried that he cannot be a group player.

Zach discovers there's a 2nd, older cannibal. Bones tells him good work and asks Booth, "See why he should never have left?" Booth never said that Zach should go. Why say that to him?

As they wait to see the suspect in jail, Booth follows up on this and says that Brennan must have been upset that he didn't stop Zack from going in the first place.
She agrees that he could have told Zack that Iraq wasn't the place for him and why didn't he do that? He says that whatever Zack's weird, strange deal is, he is a man. Oh no. So, he is saying he was jealous of Zack? No, he finishes by saying that Zach is a man who wanted to serve a larger purpose, so he thought he'd let him. She accuses. Is he saying it's an alpha male right of passage to go to war? He says, "no, Zach needed to leave the nest, the same way that you did, when you wanted to leave the lab and see the world for the first time and I helped you do that. How could I stop Zach from doing the exact same thing in his own way?"

So, despite what Angela said, the way Bones is acting it really is like her grudge against Booth had to do with Zach and not being left at the altar. She is more aware than Angela thinks. Maybe she felt that in not caring that Zach went, Booth was not as caring a man as she imagined he was. In the past, she has had to urge him to be nice to Zach, so maybe this is truly a hot button with her and she thinks his coldness (even if it's imagined by her) towards Zach is something that flies in the face of her other admiring feelings for him.

When they get inside the jail, their one cannibal has committed suicide. So, they don't know who his older mentor is.

Hodgins' conspiracy theories about a Secret Society and the illuminati help them find clues in the case and Booth gives him a sincere thanks. It is too earnest for me, since he had not been ridiculing Hodgins in an extreme or hurtful fashion and it was never like he didn't appreciate him. So, I don't know why they had to have a bro moment. But it is in keeping with the theme that he is more caring towards the male squints than Bones gave him credit for being. Not that either of them need his compassion. They like him macho.

Hodgins says that the truth reaches high up and that it will probably get them all killed, so he tells Booth to "be safe." The violinist was having an affair with the Secret Service director's wife and the director enjoyed it. So, is that the "high up" where the case is heading.

In front of the Washington Monument (I think Scully and Mulder met there once, maybe in Little Green Men and maybe in FTF) Bones is so wrapped up in figuring out the case that she doesn't listen when Booth hands her scalding hot coffee and she is about to drink it when he puts his hand between her lips and the cup. She says, "thanks" and he slowly lowers his hand.

They don't have the other killer yet, as the show winds to an end. Booth says that solving the case will be a marathon, not a sprint. The serial killer case is big and the murderer is bad. There's something else he has to know: "are we solid?"

"You and me?" She asks for clarification.

No, he says that it's them and all the squints too. She says, "why are you asking me this?"

"Because you and me are the center."

"And the center must hold," she realizes.

Are they going to hold, he asks. "Yeah, we'll hold," she assures.

"We're the center," she repeats and he says it again: "the center." Then he is laughing. Why? "Because I thought you were going to kiss my hand again."

"I did not kiss your hand. You put it over my coffee cup."

"It felt like you kissed it."


"It felt like it," his voice gets high.

"No," she says quickly.

And the beat, their beat, goes on. But it is kind of nice that he says it felt like it, because he's joshing her on one hand, but on the other maybe it did feel like a kiss on the hand to him, because he wanted to think that's what it was akin to.

Anyway, if the darn coffee was that hot, it should have hurt his hand when he covered the cup like that. Why would he take the lid off for her anyway? Usually, you can (and should) drink hot liquids through lids like that. You shouldn't take them off so that coffee can splatter everywhere. But go as far as you need to from reality to make a joke and that was a very cute exchange between them.

Stargazer in a Puddle

Hart Hanson wrote this one. Ten minutes in, I don't think it will be as good as the past ones of his that stood out.

Booth and Bones are out in the field, walking through water and mud and Booth is not wearing the foot gear for it. I don't know why they have to recap last week's episode (maybe it aired several weeks before this season finale and they wanted to refresh audience memories), but they do. Booth tells her that Hodgins asked Angela twice to marry her and she turned him down. Then, he decided not to ask her again and that's when Angela said . . . "I'd like to marry you," Bones finishes the story.

Booth pretends that Bones asked her to marry him and says, "That's kind of sudden, Bones. Let me think about it."

She takes him seriously, although if she really thought he was responding to what he thought was a marriage proposal, I think she'd be flustered that he was actually "thinking about" it, not casual and conversational. She says, "No Booth, that's what Angela said to Hodgins." He chuckles, indicating that he was only kidding.

Bones says that jokes like his are the way we manifest our hidden desires.

They find a body in a flooded, abandoned building. They found a child.

The child has a stone that says "I Love You" in its hand. Bones said that Booth has told her that pedophiles delude themselves into thinking they love their victims. So, she figures the child is a victim of a pedophile Well, maybe, some of them think they love the kids, but I wouldn't conclude a pedophile was at work here just based on what the skeleton had in its hand.

They are looking at an x-ray. Booth said the kid had arthritis from looking up a lot. Booth said she could have been praying. Do people really look up to pray? Most of the time, I thought they looked down towards their clasped hands. Praying, for that many hours a day, Bones asks. What could she want that badly (scarlet ribbons for her hair, if Harry Belafonte's song is any indication). A voice says, "Her father." Max Keenan walks into the room. Booth pulls a gun on him and Bones pushes at him to stop.

Why would a wanted man walk into the Jeffersonian like that? How would he even get in? He tells Bones he came because he heard she was marrying. What, he was gone for 15 years and now he can't help but pop up for every social occasion? Bones refuses to cuff him like Booth asks. She doesn't feel like cuffing her own dad. "Plus, remember when he saved your life?"

Where did Max hear she was getting married??

Booth arrests him for killing the Deputy Director of the FBI. Bones says it's ok. She knows he had to do it, which is good because the last time she talked to Booth about her dad, she indicated that she might be willing to turn him in herself, she asked Booth if she should, so I didn't expect her to snap at Booth for doing it.

Booth goes to the New Orleans attorney who says as far as authorities are concerned the guy is an electrician and not Max Keenan, the wanted man. He even has different fingerprints. He has a history as a law abiding citizen. Booth has to let him go. I don't understand this because it was the post-plastic surgery Max who killed two people. If Booth and Bones tell the truth under oath, that's enough to bring him to trial. They don't have to prove that he's Max, to prove that whoever he is, he needs to be in jail based on the two most recent victims, but the plot needs him to be a free man so, voila, he is.

Booth says he likes Max and doesn't want to hurt Bones, but he has to catch him and do his job. "You abandoned her as a child," that stays with her, every time he walks into and out of her life again, Booth leers (half the time when Booth is smiling, I don't know if he's supposed to be; it's a wonder that Angel was somber for as long as he was). Max says Booth's just saying that so he will hit Booth and give him reason to arrest him. Maybe, but it's true.

Angela sketches an old woman, not a child. A child's face didn't feel right, Angela explains. But what she does is a science, Bones said, not an art. Angela says it's both and this time, "Art made Science her bitch."

Angela asks if Brennan will be her maid of honor "at the wedding," she adds. Why? Bones wasn't going to think she meant maid of honor at the bowling alley! Happy, Brennan almost cries and clasps Angela. Why is she surprised. Angela always called her her best friend. Who else would she have asked?

It will be lame if Hodgins asks Booth to stand up for him though. It would make more sense if he asked Zach. But Zach isn't a co-lead in the show, so I guess he can't.

Max says he set Russ up somewhere as a mechanic and it's better that Brennan not know where because Russ is in violation of his parole, because Max made him leave the state (well, he also helped a murderer escape).

Max gives her a ring that belonged to her grandmother, even though he'd always told her she didn't have grandparents. Brennan is nervous about it and goes to bed, but tells him he can sleep in the guest room.

The attorney asks Booth if he has reservations about arresting Max. He says, Bones understands. The woman says, "you hope she does." She will get Booth a warrant to collect evidence to prove that the man is Max.

At work again, Brennan figures the victim had one of the aging diseases. They identify her through a database.

Luckily for me, Hodgins does ask Zach to be his best man at his wedding Saturday. Distracted or just cool, Zach says he has to think about it.

They go to see the child's mother. Chelsea was actually 22. The mother is tearful. She was probably the killer, is my guess. There was a caretaker who bathed Chelsea once. He might have molested her, the mother thinks.

Caretaker said the mother was finding it harder to take care of Chelsea and he suggested she put her in an institution, so the mother got mad at him. That's why she is blaming him.

Max said that Brennan's mom had 2 sisters and if Bones' seeks them out she can show them the ring (passed from eldset daughter to eldest daughter, like Bones' mom was) and they will know she's family. Max said he never had family of his own.

Meeting with Brennan at the diner, Max has a message from the mother on video tape. He hasn't viewed it, but it's for Bones when she's ready. Oh, no. This is like her opening those stupid Christmas gifts. She is going to end this show, this season of the series, by looking at that ridiculous video tape we only learned about right now, while wearing that ring? That is not good drama or good writing and I will not be moved by such sap. Booth walks in and shows Max his warrant and apologizes for having to do that.

Zach shows Hodgins a letter from the president asking him to go to Iraq. He can't be Hodgins best man because if he later goes to Iraq and gets killed, Hodgins won't be able to remember his wedding with happiness. Hodgins says, "Big assumption there, Buddy." Yeah, on at least 2 counts. Zach tells him to ask Booth to be the best man.

At Chelsea's house, Brennan is looking at the girl's drawings of the stars and says they are accurate. She sees a dolphin constellation and says that her and her mother both loved dolphins. That was something they shared. Booth looks at her. I think he is more sympathetic this time than he was last week when she went off on a tangent about being buried alive with another witness. I wish he had handled her more humorously this time too and said, "not now," rather than feeling sorry for the poor abandoned girl that she wears on her sleeve and bores everyone with, by comparing their plight to her own.

They suspect the mother of physically abusing Chelsea. In the car, Hodgins calls Booth and asks Booth to be his best man. Booth says sure. His response is more casual than I expected. I bet Zach will step up and Booth will step aside at the last minute.

Hodgins tells Booth he doesn't want a bachelor party and all Booth has to do is give a toast and tongue kiss the maid of honor. Booth says sure, who's the maid of honor? Brennan, in the car with Booth and only hearing his side of the conversation says she's the maid of honor. He looks askance and just asks Hodgins if he needs him to connect with the bride's father. I'm surprised he's not more freaked that he's not really friends with Hodgins' but is asked to take on this very personal role on the most important day of his life.

Brennan saw from her medicine bottles that Chelsea's mom has HIV or AIDS. I say she probably killed Chelsea because there would be no one to care for the girl, when she dies.

Hodgins and Zach are doing an experiment with spam and sea chimps (monkeys). Cam doesn't know why they are even telling her about it. They say because she told them they had to have her permission for experiments or they would get fired. What? She told them that 10 episodes ago and they've done plenty of experiments without her permission since then.

At the diner, Brennan asks Booth if he likes his father. He says he loves him. Well, how come in the past he said he wished he could talk to him more. What's stopping him? I think it's not as smooth a relationship as he lets on.

Brennan says she thinks she loves her dad, but is torn. Booth says it's hard to trust a parent who has abandoned you. Is she terrible for not wanting to care about him, she asks? Am I a bad daughter, a bad person? With a smile, Booth says, "you're not a bad anything." Sounded kind of sultry there.

Hodgins found that the sea chimps would feed on decomposing tissue. Booth who loves sea chimps says that Hodgins has now ruined them for him.

They think that Chelsea's mom poisoned her with AIDS medicine. But there's 20 minutes left in the show so they (and I) must be wrong and the mom can't really be guilty. Unless the rest of the show will be devoted to the nuptials and they just wound the obligatory case up real quick to make room.

Brennan accuses the woman of throwing away her own daughter. Ah yes, just like her father threw Brennan away? This writing stinks.

The FBI finds it has old evidence of blood from Max that they can link to the present day guy. Booth pauses when he gets the info. Maybe he's sorry it exists. Cam matches the blood for him.

Hodgins meets Angela's ZZ-Top looking father and asks for her hand in marriage as a sign of respect. Since the guy looks like a free love hippie, why would Hodgins think he would welcome that gesture. The guy says that Angela would be offended by one man giving another man her hand or any of her other fine body parts. He says, "You could get us both killed."

In a parking lot, Max says he can't surrender to Booth and tells him to shoot him. Booth prepares to fight him. It's all very friendly. Max indicates it's just for show, because it's Booth's lucky day, as Max refuses to leave Bones again, but when Booth punches, he punches back hard and then hits Booth in the crotch, making him fall to the ground. Why Booth doesn't see it was all a scam anyway is beyond me. I'm not at all sure why he didn't just shoot him in the leg as Max invited him to do, anyway.

Brennan watches the freaky video. Did the Mom leave one for Russ too? The video was made for her 16th birthday and bequeathes the ring. The mom tells Temp she was cherished and adored. She says it was her idea to leave the kids to protect them and asks her not to hold it against Max. She left Temp out of love.

After that, Brennan is moved to give Chelsea's mom Chelsea's drawings, as the mom had asked earlier. Oh, now she sees that the mother killed Chelsea out of love (she tells the mom she did it out of mercy)? Brennan now knows that the mother thought she was dying and wanted to protect Chelsea. That video from her mom let her do the psychology she claims she was incapable of and if she's always going to be this hokey at it, I'm glad it's not her forte.

The irony was that Chelsea's mom began to respond to an experimental AIDS treatment, so maybe she killed her daughter for no reason. Maybe she could have lived on to take care of her herself.

Um also why did the loving mom try to implicate the caregiver in her daughter's murder. That's not such a kind thing to do.

At the wedding, Booth is all beat up. I hope Bones apologized to him for her dad's violence. I'm relieved he doesn't fawn over her beauty sentimentally, when he sees Brennan in the bridesmaid dress. He tells her she looks good, but she says Cam looks better. So then Cam adjusts the sash and asks Booth how Bones looks (that's curious that Cam asks him, why because he's the best man or because Cam considers him Bones' partner). Booth says Brennan looks great. She wants to know why he only said "good" before. He tells her it's not her day and they should just get going. I'm surprised that Angela asked Cam to be in the wedding. That might have been a scene worthy of being put on screen.

Zach asks Booth what it is like in Iraq and wonders if it hurts to get shot. Booth isn't interested in the conversation.

As he walks down the aisle with Bones he says he's sorry he arrested her father. She says they dont' have to talk about it right now. In my opinion, she should be the one apologizing.

As the bride walks down the aisle, Booth tells Brennan that Max could have gotten away, but didn't. He wants her to know Max made the decision not to abandon her again. "So, he beat you in the fight?" She asks. Booth hastily says, "I didn't say that." He explains that her father chose to be arrested. She hugs him, grateful for the information and Angela has now made it all the way to the altar and is looking at them, "Hi. I'd like to get married now." Her name is Angela Pearly Gates Montenegro. The father gives her away, but leaves the wedding because he has a show to get to.

Someone from the state department comes in and interrupts the wedding. I don't think this is funny at all. They are trying to give it that old Moonlighting since of humor and mayhem. Agnes DePesto and Herbert Viola could have had a wedding like this, but it's not working for me on this show.

His thoughts lingering in Iraq, Zach asks Booth should he duck if someone shoots at him. Booth says your body ducks whether you want it to or not. Zach tells Booth he knows more about duty and honor than anyone and so Booth should be the one to tell everyone that he has to go away. He shows him the letter from the President.

Meanwhile the guy from the state department says Angela was married before (would he really interrupt her wedding and come there personally to stop it. Does the state department care?). She did mention this "marriage" earlier on in the series, so it's not out of left wing. I guess she didn't consider the marriage legal, because she just jumped over a broomstick in Fiji.

The New Orleans attorney can't save the wedding day, so she just tells Angela and Hodgins to run. So, they bid the wedding gatherers goodbye and leave with smiling faces.

Booth and Bones are at the altar wondering what they do now. The show ends with them standing in front of the minister, staring. If the audience is supposed to think that they get married instead of Hodgins and Angela and can show up next season as man and wife, the writers think we're dumb. Of course, I have an advantage because this episode is 5 years old when I'm watching it for the first time, so technically, I know they didn't wed, but I still wouldn't have thought they'd marry back then, if I'd been watching in real time. Not a cliffhanger I'd whoop over, even if I'd seen it on May 16, 2007, I don't think. I suppose as a Monday morning quarterback I could be wrong. Still, I feel my past praise of Hart Hanson as a good writer was misplaced and premature. With the writer's strike coming next season, I think we may get more poor episodes like this one.

Friday, July 20, 2012

The Glowing Bones in the Old Stone House

There's been a body found that glows and they take pills and put on a biohazard suit to ward off radiation, as they investigate.

Brennan tells him Angela turned down Hodgins again. He says it's weird talking about them when they're trying to avoid poisoning. He's the one who brought up the subject to her last week after they arrested a wife for murdering her husband's mentor. Now, he thinks it's weird to discuss?? That's how this show is. They switch views as the script needs.

She says she doesn't necessarily believe in love. She believes in chemistry created by scent, dopamine and other biological triggers. She tells him that symmetrical features are an indicator of a good breeder and they attract the opposite sex. Their guide laughs and asks how long they have been going out. What? They inadvertently knock visors. They say they are partners. The guide says he and his partner talk baseball.

Booth says there are some things like love that can't be measured in her lab.

There's no radiation in the body's location, they find. So, it's a mystery why the body is glowing.

When Cam sees the body she says, "If you twirl her around we can pretend we're at a rave." This is the same woman who got mad at them for being callous and not thinking of the corpse as a human being last week. So, stupid. She asks Hodgins what the reason for the glowing is and he says everyone thinks his job is so easy. "I am not a party trick."

Cam says, "Are you ok?" To remind him just who he is speaking to.

Cam asks if Brennan needs the left hand and she says no, too fleshy and Cam says, "just how I like them" and she cuts off a finger. She is talking about the left hand like she talks about KFC and next week she'll be telling them to show respect for the remains. This constant character flip flop drives me crazy.

Brennan starts talking about a cave in New Zealand with glowing worms that's very romantic (Huh?) and Zach says, "yes, that's where he was going to take Angela for their honeymoon, if she'd said yes. Which she didn't." This is hysterical because Zach wasn't even trying to be sarcastic or mean. I think that's just what they do. Talk about each other's love lives whether the person is present or not. But both Brennan and Bones look nervous, scared of how Hodgins will feel. Angela is not in the room with them at the moment.

Hodgins takes it in stride and says he and Angela are cool. She's just complicated.
"I will figure her out though." I guess there's got to be another crisis and she will fall into his arms and get that special feeling that tells her it's the right time to say yes.

Cam puts the finger in Downey fabric softener and it unshrivels, so that she can get a print from it. Booth looks on.

Cam asks Booth about Hodgins and he says Hodgins is not ok. But Cam says he and Angela are still having sex, so all seems well. He says Hodgins wants more. Booth asks if she thinks all man wants is sex. She says, "of course not."

She says, men like food too. He says when they were together she didn't think they would marry did she? She says no. He didn't either, but wasn't there a moment, "when you felt . . ." She says what she felt was satisfied.

She felt grateful she had her own place and single life and he was grateful for that too, she points out. He asks why they are even talking about this? They just smile. He looks at the fabric softener bottle and reads. I guess a way to redirect the subject, lighten any tension.

They discover the dead woman is a chef. They talk about about her mac and cheese and even Brennan knows about it. Angela and Booth couldn't get into her popular restaurant (although with Hodgins' money Angela should have been able to) but Brennan says as a best selling author, "Booth. I get in anywhere." She took Sully there. Booth tentatively asks, "did he have . . " She answers, "he said it was the best he ever ate." Booth gives a nasty look. Funny how he goes from a conversation with one romantic conquest (Cam) to one romantic possibility (Temp) in the same lab and gets a little bounced about by both of them.

Brennan gets a little choked up because she met the dead chef, Carly. She's used to victims being strangers.

They go to the restaurant to see Carly's husband and Booth steals some mac and cheese off a passing waiter's plate. Bones slaps his hand.

Cam tells Hodgins and Angela that she's tired of them mounting each other in the office and they should show a little professionalism.

Carly's assistant, Abby is missing too. Sushi bacteria on a knife caused the bones to glow. They go to interview the sushi chef and Booth eats ravenously while they talk to him, while Bones tries to discourage him from doing so.

Angela asks if she regrets letting Sully go. Angela says that she is influenced by Brennan saying that marriage will harm her freedom. That's why she says no to Hodgins. She keeps hearing her friend's voice in her head.

Booth goes back to the restaurant and accuses Carly's husband of killing her for money and out of jealousy because she was seeing the sushi chef. The husband, Dan, rushes Booth who slams him on a table. Brennan tells the guy, "You know I'd back down. He shot a clown once."

Abby's boyfriend seems all earnest and torn up over Carly and the missing Abby. I bet he's the murderer.

They find Abby in a trunk alive. Hodgins says she was locked up for 36 hours and was only thinking of surviving. Cam realizes she was insensitive talking about the smell in the trunk and says she forgot Hodgins had been buried alive and says that if it is too difficult for him. . . It's not, he interrupts; he only wants to catch who did it. Oh-ho, that reminds me that the Gravedigger has to resurface in another episode. He'll go after Hodgins and that's when Angela will agree to marry him, when she's so thankful that he survived. Again. [I was wrong on that count]

Brennan and Angela talk more and Angela said it's not all bad that she's hesitant about marriage. Brennan says that she is not the person to ask about relationships, but she knows that sharing a strong emotional attachment to another person can be a good thing. "But there seems to be a disconnect between my mind and . . ."

If a relationship is more than casual, Brennan gets scared, Angela observes. Brennan says "but I miss so much, don't I?" Angela says, "Yeah, you do and so does whoever you're keeping yourself from." I think Booth is going to walk in right then, but it's Zach instead.

Hodgins tells Booth he fell in love with a free spirit and if getting married crowds her, then he's going to stop pushing. He doesn't want to drive her away like Booth did with Rebecca. Whoa, Booth reacts. He says they both, he and Rebecca, agreed it wasn't right. Hodgins: "You asked and she said no." Booth: "Well, when you say it like that."

Hodgins says, but if it had been right, as long as you have a life together, marriage doesn't matter.

Booth doesn't buy it, but humors him and says great, then why not marry. He says Booth puts on a macho front but he understands. Booth says he doesn't. He's just trying to catch a murderer, "but you seem to have gone way past that." Hodgins says that most guys are not secure enough to admit they get it. Hodgins is funny, because Booth isn't being understanding at all, not even deep down. He's being flip and hasn't agreed with anything Jack has said. Booth says, "I have a headache." Hodgins hugs him. Booth pries Hodgins off. "It's so much easier just to fight and shoot guns." He sees Temp in the foreground and is eager to get away. "Bones she's (Abby) awake. We're going." I bet Bones and Booth will have a big talk about the concept of relationships in the end, since they've both talked to everyone else about the subject.

So, they talk to Abby who says, "do you know what it's like to be buried alive" and Brennan is like, oh funny coincidence, I was just buried alive a few months ago and we used the airbags for oxygen . . . she gets choked up giving this victim TMI and Booth, to his credit instead of getting all mushy with her and she remembers her fear says, "that was a rhetorical question."

Ben, Abby's boyfriend, had sex with Carly (rape?) just before she was killed. They think he attacked Carly. I'm not sure, but I bet Abby was in on it.

They talk to Ben. He killed for insurance money, but why the rape, Booth asks? Did he get turned on thinking about killing her, Booth asks. Ben: "I want a lawyer." Booth: "I bet you do."

In the car, Brennan said Carly was going to teach her how to cook (all of this after one restaurant visit, between the 2 women?). Carly told her that cooking was a way of loving. Brennan wanted to learn how to cook, but is scared to learn how to love.

Booth agrees that food is love. That's what family dinner is all about. Those are some of his best memories. She blurts out, "I'm not as cold as everyone thinks Booth." I bet this episode ends with them eating together.

He says her comment is a leap, but she rambles on. Just because she thinks marriage is an antiquated ritual doesn't mean she doesn't want Hodgins and Angela to be happy, she insists, apropos to nothing.

She needs emotional and physical intercourse, "just like you."

Booth: "yeah. Sure, ok. Good for you with that."

Bones: "Did I make you uncomfortable."

Booth: "No [he says too quickly]. Let's just focus on the case."

Bones: "I did make you uncomfortable." He just tosses her a scared look.

But acutally, I haven't seen Booth exhibit the need for emotional intercourse. He runs from that.

Cam tells them over the phone that Abby was lying. Her bruises don't indicate she was thrown around in the trunk. When Cam heard Booth's voice over the speaker phone, she seemed surprised he was in the car. Where would she expect him to be, if Brennan is out in the field, he'd be there too. Guess she was just surprised he was on the phone.

They find no evidence that Carly was raped. Ben and Carly had consensual sex in Abby's carThey Abby was the mad girlfriend. The squints reenact it and Booth and Bones listen in the car. Bones laughs because Zach is always the murder victim. They deduce that Abby locked herself in the trunk afterwards, thinking she'd be found quickly, but the rain kept people from seeing the car. So, that's why she was locked in for 36 days.

When confronted, Abby cries a lot. Overacting almost as much as Zach did in the reenactment.

Instead of proposing again, Hodgins simply says "Be my love" to Angela, spelling it out in the lab with glowing fish bacteria and she says, "yes. Let's get married." She asks him, because he didn't pressure her for more and that's all she wanted. He says yes.

She wants a big wedding right away. Next week. Why the rush? The wedding episode must air during sweeps.

Yep, I was right about the show ending with them sharing a meal. Booth is at Brennan's apartment and she is cooking for him. She makes mac and cheese. She's telling him she loves him, with the food.

"All this work just for me?" He asks. She says it wasn't that much.

He thinks the food is good. "You like it?" He says he'd like to be alone with it.

"Thanks Bones."

"Yeah, well. We have to eat, right?"

"Yeah. We gotta eat. We always gotta eat." Hunched over, he digs into his plate with relish.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Spaceman in the Crater

Someone fell from the sky to their death and the body is so mangled that they can hardly tell if it's a human. Was it an alien? Hodgins doesn't think so, because aliens don't wear loafers. Everyone mocks him, for believing that aliens exist at all. I wonder if there will be some mystery remaining after the case is solved suggesting there was alien involvement after all, just as their was a mystery left in the headless witch episode.

If they don't suggest aliens really do exist in this episode, there will be one in the future that does. I'm sure of it. [Well, it didn't happen in this episode, so that's still a plot turn that's slated for the future]

They deduce that the dead body belongs to an astronaut.

The 3 astronauts' wives (widow and her two friends) that they talk to are too close to each other. Finishing each other's sentences in an unnatural way. I find it strange and so does Brennan. They must be hiding something. It's probably a take off of that astronaut who wore a diaper so she could drive non-stop for hours to kill her rivals. The wives probably killed an astronaut who was having an affair.[Turns out that one of them was the murderer. The other two weren't in on it, so I'm not sure why they were giving off such a conspiratorial vibe when together].

Taking a break from case news, Hodgins asks Booth how to propose. Hodgins can't even get Angela to move in with him, why does he think proposing might work? Booth says he doesn't know how to propose. The one time he did it he got shot down flat.

He says he did it buy the book. But then he has to amend that and say they were waiting for the stick to turn blue and he realized he wanted to marry her if it did. I can see that Booth and Bones will probably have a problem once she becomes pregnant with his child, even though it was a sperm donation. He will want to marry her and she is opposed to the idea anyway, but especially when she thinks he is only doing it for "traditional" reasons.

Hodgins has already been rejected, by Angela. He guesses he didn't propose correctly. I'm surprise he said he already did. Why did they make that offscreen?

They go to a space simulator (dubbed the vomit comit) to interview the guy who is going to replace the dead astronaut. The younger astronaut says that Cal, the deceased, knew when he (Cal's student) was unfaithful to his wife, Colleen, so he would have known if Cal fooled around too. Probably not, not if Cal was fooling around with Colleen himself.

While talking to the guy, they float around in zero gravity, which is really not entertaining to watch. They look silly and it is unlikely that they would really interview the guy there for insurance reasons, if nothing else.

Cam is all upset because she thinks Zach does not acknowledge that the deceased was a human, when he asks to remove the flesh from the bones. That's fine, but she's really not that respectful consistently herself. She'll be treating the remains like an "it" just a couple of episodes from now, as if she'd never rebuked others for doing the same. The writers always want her to be scolding someone about something, no matter if it's for the same thing she herself did last week or not.

They begin to suspect STC members, Space Travel Coalition, a club of rich men who believe in extra-terrestials and have already paid money to reserve the chance to go into space, as soon as civilians are allowed to do so. Cal was helping them and believed in ETs too. One member thinks the National Space Agency (basically NASA) would have killed Cal rather than have him publicly admit "he'd seen a visitor." The STC thinks the agency got to Cal through his wife.

In the car, Booth tells Bones, "our government does not kill people." She harumphs and says, "You were a sniper. Wasn't it our government who sent you to kill people?"
He just looks at her, looks away and sighs. Is he conceding her point or just frustrated that that's how she looks at his sniper work, as simple killing. But a part of him looks at it like that too. He knows he was protecting our country, but he still thinks of himself as killing people (as proven by his talk with Wyatt about Epps being his 50th). Anyway, the question is what the definition of "protection" is. If killing is justified in one context, the government can justify it in another. So, Booth shouldn't be surprised if non-war murders happen. But it's nice to realize that it's his government allegiance that bolsters his belief that Hodgins is crazy. He has more of an investment in Hodgins being paranoid than the others (non-snipers and non-FBI agents) do.

They find an implant in the bone that didn't show up in the x-ray. It's coral. Hodgins says to Cam, "it's a combination of human and alien technology." Cam says, "don't say that to Booth" and then continues on with her analysis without missing a beat.

Hodgins thinks the government was experimenting on Cal to see if they could minimize bone degeneration in astronauts (bone mass declines and becomes porous the more time they spend in space). The experiment failed, so they killed Cal to dispose of evidence.

They have to find out the source of the technology in Cal's bones.

This is not an enthralling episode. Better than the X-Files' "Space", but its dryness indicates that space travel is just not a subject that fares well on dramatic, episodic tv.

Hodgins says, there's an ex-Agency doctor who might have been involved with the technology. He turned to the STC for funding. Cam says that Booth will love this guy, "because he doesn't believe in coincidences." She's certainly an expert on Booth and his likes and dislikes.

They speak to Dr. Pascal who says that his experiment on Cal was going to be a success and he had no reason to kill him.

Later Brennan tells Booth that someone is lying to them. Booth concurs, "yeah, maybe everyone." She says his strength is supposed to be telling when people are lying. He tells her she hasn't given him anything to work with to spring on the suspect and get to the truth.

Zach says Cal was hit with something like a broadsword. Angela comes in dressed to go out with Hodgins. Booth says she looks incredible and just by looking at her he says he can tell she smells great. Zach says you cannot see smell. Anyway, it makes me wonder how Angela usually smells. When she's not dressed up, does she not smell so hot?

Turns out Cal was killed by a propeller. Cal's student James and his wife Colleen, who was mad because Cal was going on the mission instead of her husband, are the culprits. She slapped Cal and he fell into the propeller and was killed. So, James disposed of the body to protect her.

At dinner, Hodgins proposes to Angela again (I guess the first time happened off camera). She declines and says she doesn't know why. She just has to have a feeling and she doesn't know what it is. If she knew she would tell him, but she knows it when she feels it. But she loves him more than he knows and hopes he won't stop trying.

Booth asks Bones if she ate yet. "I told you I would wait," she answers and gets her coat and adds, "How did you know that James would tell me." He says because James loves his wife and has a conscience. She says she doesn't know these things.

He says he can't tell the difference between coral and bone, so they make a good pair. "Hey speaking of marriage . . ." they weren't actually speaking of it, well of Colleen and James, I suppose. I thought Brennan would raise her brow when he brought up the subject of marriage and wonder if it had to do with her, but that doesn't seem to cross her mind.

He tells her that Hodgins was going to propose tonight. She says that after what Colleen and James did to Cal, marriage doesn't seem that great.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Killer in the Concrete

The DVD screen caption for this episode shows Booth buried under something, up to his neck. Based on the title, I'm thinking the killer might have him trapped in concrete. If so, I look forward to seeing Brennan worry about him being in jeopardy for a change.

Booth has a toothache, but won't go to the dentist. Bones guesses he's afraid of the dentist. The body they find is encased in cement, so they don't stay at the scene long. Brennan just has him ship the whole slab of concrete to the lab.

Angela drags her to the cemetery, to honor her mother's resting place, even though Brennan doesn't believe there's life after death. Bones buried her mother a whole year ago? I thought she did it at the end of the last season, which I think would put it less than a year ago. Of course, I haven't checked the air dates. Her father shows up at the gravesite while she's visiting and she calls the police on him. He says he wants to tell her some things about her mother. He says this several times during the show and I guess that's going to make up a future episode some time, more mother revelations. Ryan O'Neal doesn't look half bad and it wasn't taped that long ago, 6 years or so.

Booth says that he hasn't talked to his father in a long time and if he had the opportunity like Brennan did, he'd take it. Is his father dead? If not, why are they estranged.

She asks him if the suspect, a mobster named Ice Pick, could still be alive. He replies, "As a friend of mine once said, 'don't jump to conclusions.'" She said that if the evidence is in, it wouldn't be jumping to conclusions, "So, I never said that."

Bones, "I never said that the friend of mine was you."

A bounty hunter who once tracked Ice Pick shows up at the diner to talk to Booth. I guess she had an appointment. After she gives him her evidence that she saw suspect burn in fire, in which his leg was blown off by the explosion(I don't think he's dead and don't believe her testimony) she wonders why Booth doesn't check her out and says a guy like him must be going crazy in the FBI. "What kind of guy is that exactly?"

She says she reads people fast and he is not standard government issue and invites him o take a walk on the wild side. She says, in her job there's more fun, fewer rules and a lot of money. In the middle of the conversation, Cam and Brennan call Booth with evidence. Cam says Kennedy's leg was severed in the fire. Brennan says, "We don't call him Kennedy. We call him Ice Pick," Brennan is trying to adopt Booth's colorful language. Trying to get inside of his head, where Wyatt said she wanted to be, I suppose. Booth had said earlier to her that she wouldn't understand criminal psychology and I guess she's trying to be a little hipper.

Over the phone, they tell Booth that the bounty hunter was lying. The man wasn't incinerated and his leg was cut off, not blown off. They tell Booth to arrest the bounty hunter, but she is gone and driving off before he can get out the diner door. At the lab Cam asks "Was she pretty?" She doesn't figure the hunter would have gotten a jump on Booth unless it was a pretty female.

"She hoodwinked you because she was hot," Cam says.

"She wasn't hot. She looked like a man." Booth retorts.

Cam asks what's wrong with his tooth. Brennan guesses his anterior molar is infected. She tells Cam that Booth is afraid of the dentist.

The two women can't even discuss the case with him, they are so busy getting inside his head (and tooth) and telling him about himself.

In her office he tells her her father never killed anyone who didn't deserve it. "In the old west he would have been considered a hero." She says Max is a sociopath.

Booth won't go to the dentist, so she takes a look into Booth's mouth herself and then kind of wipes her hand on her smock. Well, she pulls at the buttons, but I think she only does that because Emily is wiping the saliva off of her fingers. She confirms that his back molar has been infected.

Booth says he would arrest the father, but "you know who maybe should forgive him? His daughter."

The squints conclude that the concrete was poured over the victim while he was still alive. He was thrown into the water and tried to swim to the surface using his middle finger, since other parts of his body had been paralyzed due to having been stabbed in the brain with an ice pick. I bet that Brennan's dad rescues Booth when/if he is buried in cement. This would be like Angel being buried alive in the sea by his son.

Bones is back at her apartment. The father shows up at her door with snickerdoodles. That just reminds me of Buffy telling Angel she wasn't a fully baked cookie yet. The father says Russ says hi. She asks if he has turned Russ into a criminal too. When he helped Max escape, Russ was already a criminal, but Russ had a record even before that. Is Russ in hiding too, with the dad? The script does not clarify.

She talks to her dad, but has speed-dialed Booth and he listened to their whole conversation. Unbeknownst to her the father knew what she was doing all along.

Booth uses a tip from Max to find Ice Pick. He tells the motel clerk he will need Ice Pick's room number, with a smirk. Ice Pick knocks Booth out and ties him up in a blanket (the pattern on the blanket is what I saw in the cover screencap shot, so Booth wasn't in cement at that time). He tells Ice Pick he is the first guy who got the drop on him in 10 years. DB likes to smile so much. As Angel when he had to have a dour expression for the most part, it must have been hard for him. When a somber Angel tells Buffy, "I'm a funny guy," the inside joke is that Angel is not, but David is funny, indeed.

It turns out, despite the nick name he still carries, Ice Pick is nice these days. He doesn't want to kill Booth. He said he only did that when he was working as an assassin. He never killed for fun.

He sticks a rag down Booth's throat and tells him to have a good day and it sounds like Booth says, "You have a good day" through the rag. Hilarious.

At the diner, Max walks in on Brennan, which is stupid. Since he's been hanging around her so much, how does he know she doesn't have FBI friends following her just waiting to nab him?

But her mind is on other things. She tells him Booth has been missing for 18 hours. I guess she'll forgive her dad when he finds Booth for her.

Max says Ice Pick is dangerous. He may be old, but he cut off his own leg. Brennan says Booth is tough too. What does the FBI say? "Nothing," Brennan admits. Max knows that they only give info on a need to know basis.

She feels helpless. Is she asking for help, he wonders. "Will you help find the man who's going to put you in jail?" Oh, Booth has let him get away before, he will again, even if Max doesn't find him.

Gallagher, the mobster who hired Kennedy (Ice Pick) to kill the victim found in cement, finds Booth the way Ice Pick left him and says what's it called when they wrap a sausage in a pancake (seeing Booth in a rug)? Pigs in a blanket.

After a good laugh, he pistol whips Booth.

At the Cam, I guess they'd suspended their work, but now Cam says she wants to start working again. Zach says they process evidence and there's no more to process. They process, Booth interprets says Hodgins(yeah? they usually interpret more than Booth does).

Cam wants something to help find Booth. They figure out that the victim was killed in a cab. Meanwhile, Brennan is investigating with her Dad, who gets information the aggressive way, instead of asking nicely. Brennan has to keep yelping, "Dad!" to get him to stop threatening people, physically and verbally.

They find the bounty hunter and the father is trying to get info from her verbally, but once Temperance finds Booth's tooth on the ground and knows he's in danger, she cuts to the chase and just punches the woman and says, "Where's Booth?" The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Max restrains her, but she's panicky. "Kennedy has Booth dad. He's got Booth."

Meanwhile, Booth is getting punched around by the mobster, Gallagher. They want to know if Kennedy is dead or alive, but Booth refuses to tell them, despite the torture.

They find a picture of Parker and threaten Booth with that. I'm tired of that kid. They savagely kick Booth. Reminds me of Angel being tortured, by Spike's goon for that magical ring.

At the lab when they confirm it's Booth's tooth, she heads for the door, almost tearful. Cam tells her she's not alone on this. "We all want to find Booth" and Temp says she knows she's not.

Angela demands to know where she's going and offers to help and she says she already has help. She has her dad.

We see that Bones is willing to break the law and to maim (or more) to get Booth back and after this is over, she will understand that her dad's not quite the sociopath she thought he was. She would go as far to protect those that she loves as he did.

Her father is smothering the bounty hunter when he gets to her and Brennan makes him stop. Temporarily. Then she says, "alpha man. Man of action. I get it" and lets him continue. They get the bounty hunter to talk and then leave. Ryan is actually doing some pretty good acting. I haven't seen him perform in a long time and he's better than I expected.

They tell the lab that Gallagher has Booth. Cam acts like she can't act until she knows how Brennan knows this. Why? Why not just trust Brennan since the stakes are so great and time is of the essence? Then, Angela reveals that they found out from Brennan's father who, she reminds all, is a wanted fugitive. Why would Angela breach that confidence? She's the one who led to an "innocent" rapist getting murdered by an irate father, so you'd think she'd know how to clam up by now.

Everyone looks at Hodgins. Is it because he's rich and he can help them? No, it's because he can find evidence on shoes or something. Angela wonders why all eyes turn to him whenever there's danger. I never noticed that that's happened and it's fine to stand by your man, but Hodgins is not in jeopardy and suddenly Angela seems less concerned that Booth is. She was going to go with Bones to hunt for Booth before and now she's acting like he's of secondary importance and that Hodgins is being oppressed because people looked to him to use his training to find evidence.

They eventually deduce where Booth is. Brennan lies to the FBI and says that Booth called in his location and to send in back up, "I'm going in." She and her dad head there.

Meanwhile, Booth is looking better than I would have thought in captivity, considering all that kicking and punching we saw him withstand. In reality, he wouldn't have a tooth (or brain) left in his head, if he'd been through that. They've had him for hours. Angel withstood it too, but he was already dead.

They light Booth's pants leg with a blow torch. Is this a Fox show? Major network, getting gritty. Man. I thought it was bad to see Mulder tortured in that alien chair that time, but things have changed since then. Still, they are playing music, so we don't have to hear him scream. Actually, he wasn't screaming anyway. He was trying to meditate the pain away, looking at a fixed point and remaining silent. Brennan and Max break in just then.

After they get to Booth, the FBI shows up and Max tries to escape. He asks for Brennan's car keys. From the ground where he has toppled over in the chair still tied up Booth says, "Max Keenan you're under arrest."

Brennan says the keys are in the ignition. She says to the wincing Booth, "What? It's not like I actually gave him the keys."

After everything is over and they are back at the diner, Booth says he didn't tell them about Kennedy, whether he was still alive or where he was because he needed to give Brennan time to find Booth. Oh, he had that much faith that she'd come, did he? "I've been tortured worse."

It is a good question as to why he didn't cave. Kennedy was a hit man. He's the one who brutally killed the first victim, but through torture. The ice pick didn't do the whole job. Burying him in cement did and it took hours for the guy to die. Who cares if the bad guys got Ice Pick? Was Booth trying to save his life just because the guy had been nice to Booth? Or did he think once he gave them the info he'd die anyway, so he had to prolong it as long as possible. I guess that last is it.

She asks what to do the next time her dad shows up. Does she call Booth or knock Max on the head.

He says that if he were her, he'd find out what Max has to tell her about her Mom.

She asks Booth if she knows this old song. She and Booth sing the "Keep on Trying" song that her father told her she liked as a girl.

Yeah, singing and dancing on tv shows really doesn't do much for me. Doesn't make me feel all gooey or nostalgic or moved. I was actually hoping that they'd share something more meaningful, now that he's safe from harm and she comes to grips with how worried she was -- she was more worried than his recent lover Cam, to be sure. I thought they'd talk.

They sing together and Booth states the obvious: yeah he knows the song, "What about it?"

"Nothing," Brennan says. "It's just a good old song."

"Keep on trying to get home to you."

The father wants to get back into Brennan's life. She wanted to get to Booth and I guess Booth was trying to get back home to her, while being held captive.

Monday, July 16, 2012

The Priest in the Churchyard

There is a corpse found in consecrated graveyard. Bones is making fun of the holy water which blessed the graveyard now consecrating a crime scene and Booth says, "I can't work with you on this case." He is not going to stand there while she attacks his beliefs, "You should have just sailed off with your boyfriend."

"Funny a man who believes the world is controlled by an invisible super being wants to control my personal life."

Since Bones has honored religious rituals she doesn't believe in before for cultural reasons, it is unclear why she is mocking Booth's beliefs or, more importantly, the priest's. She doesn't have to be respectful of Booth, but the priest complained that she was making fun of him too, when she told him his sacred ground was now a crime scene. Of course, she shouldn't let the priest have his obstructive way, but she shouldn't make him think his rites are laughable either, which is the impression she gave him.

The people on this show continue to have no consistent, established behavior. They may do one thing in one show and the complete opposite the next time. If Bones is having problems with Booth, which the show claims, although those claims are less than credible, then why not just take it out on him and not the people they encounter in the investigation.

Also, instead of them always telling us that Booth is religious, shouldn't we see him doing something religious? Scully didn't talk about it half as much but we knew her beliefs were deep or that when she had doubts about it they went very deep too. Booth gives it lipservice, but it's not something that seems ingrained, part of his personality or daily behavior. The religious routine is (going to mass), but not the conviction. Like when he worried about if he let Epps fall, I didn't feel as if he worried from a religious standpoint, like Scully wondered if she was doing the devil's will in Orison.

Booth says they have issues in their relationship and he feels that instead of confronting them, she lashes out at his religion. I wonder: Does he think her issues are the same as his, which are that he has the hots for her?

Oh, so there's a Father Matt, a hippie priest. I wonder if Brennan is going to fall in love with him. She'll be surprised that someone who is her contemporary and seems to share so many of her views is also very religious. She'll end up giving him the respect she didn't offer the older priest -- or Booth.

Oh, after seeing Father Matt, he's not the hunk that I envisioned. Brennan won't have a thing for him, but she did reveal that she did not expect him to believe in the supernatural gobbledy gook that the elder priest did. For instance, she did not think he'd buy into the Holy Trinity. It is UNREAL to me that Brennan would be questioning someone else's belief in the father, the son and the holy spirit. This is a woman who finished an autopsy last week and told them to dispose of the remains in a manner that would honor Chinese custom and now here she is going into the Catholic church and telling the priests their faith is screwy and showing surprise that they have it. If he didn't believe in the Holy Trinity why would he be wearing a collar?

They are in the parsonage and have been offered refreshment by the elder priest's assistant, Lorraine. When the prieset got cranky, she told him he'd be having dry roast beef that night, if he kept it up. The way Booth devoured the cake he was given and asked Lorraine how long she'd been there made me think he was just pretending to like the cake to get closer to her. After all, she let it be known when they were outside that she was responsible for the meals there. Also, Matt has had a bad stomach lately. She's probably poisoning peeps.

In the car Booth tells Bones not to insult priests when they are supposed to be gaining trust. He's right as I have already posited, but in her defense, he doesn't always ingratiate himself with the people related to their investigation either. She says, "Matt wasn't insulted. You were." He says they definitely have a problem. She says because he is bossy. He did try to propel her into the house with his hand on her waist again and she kind of batted him away. Maybe she'll just come out and tell him to stop pushing her one of these days, as he does it every episode.

The fact that Booth is repeatedly saying that they have a relationship problem doesn't make it so. If they wanted them to have one, why not build it into the scripts, rather than having them TALK about it suddenly one day. He asks her to come with him to see Wyatt, which is the only reason they're suddenly, supposedly, not getting along.

Wyatt meets them at the diner and quotes Blake. He says that we are all at the mercy of our fundamental natures and when we understand the natures, we understand the conflict. Well, the writers don't understand the characters' natures from one week to the next, so this is going to be a hard nut to crack.

Wyatt says he will find their underlying issue, help them resolve it and set right the balance of dark and light in the universe. I bet in the end he will say that they are hopeless and he can't do anything for them, they will fight forever!

Booth takes Angela to church with him to help on the case. He says he and Brennan are spending time apart. She says, "did you two sleep together?" The lady in the pew with them looks shocked. Appalled, Booth wonders what that lab does to those people. Angela says, "It's just this feels like a couple's thing and now that Sully is gone . . . "

He says, "It's a work thing."

After the service, Booth talks to people and the congregation recognizes the sketch of the dead person as Father McCourt. I wonder if he was a child molestor and that's why he was killed. The altar boy who recognized him didn't act all freaked out about it though, not as if McCourt was a bad memory for him. So, I say Lorraine did him in.

Angela says there's been tension between Brennan and Booth ever since she let Sully sail off into the sunset without her.

Most of the things that Booth does are so comical, as if from a caricature, not a man(like putting his thumbs in his belt, like he's impersonating a western hero, rather than acting naturally) that it's not really believable that Wyatt is seriously diagnosing or interpreting them. I take it that Booth is joking more than exhibiting genuine behavior. Of course, this whole episode is probably supposed to be received as a lighter one, so best not to take anything seriously.

While escorting Wyatt around, Booth complains the the lab is phony and too clean. Death is not clean. If you aren't into math where do you stand in this lab? Wyatt says that his problem with Brennan is that he doesn't know what will catch fire (?) or where he stands with her. Clearly, that last is the key. "What?" says Booth.

They interview a graverobber who indicates that McCourt was a molestor. Booth gets all upset at the suggestion. Is he so protective of his religion that he is blind to the evil people who sometimes practice it? They say the kid who identified McCourt was the priest's "type." But, as I said, the boy seemed too calm to me, to be hiding such a trauma.

They show Hodgins and Angela having sex in a Cleopatra exhibit at the Jeffersonian, during their lunch hour. This is what he meant when he asked her if she wanted to go to that Egyptian place for lunch. Ha, this happens just after the episode where I expressed surprised that we hadn't seen them being intimate. He wants her to move in with him.

Booth and Bones talk to the altar boy and he says McCourt was his best friend, not a molestor, a surrogate father.

Later Bones inflames the priest again and she says that he kicked her out. Wyatt said that the term "kicked out" indicates that she accepts the interrogation room as his domain. Well, it is. Her domain is the lab and Booth should be in charge of the police aspects. She says Booth is good at questioning people and can tell when they are lying. "Can you?" Wyatt wants to know.

She's learned a lot from Booth about people, but he doesn't have a sixth sense. He just reads minutiae. But Wyatt doesn't think she sounds convinced. Booth likes to say that there are more things than are dreamt of in her science. It's a variation on Hamlet. Wyatt says he's aware of the derivation. But the beyond science part is like Mulder trying to convince Scully (except for the religious angle on it).

She wants to dissect what Booth does during interrogations, so that she can do it herself, Wyatt deducts. So that you can do it without Booth, so that you won't need him anymore.

If she just wanted to observe, she wouldn't insist on being in the room with him, out of her element. She would observe from behind the glass.

She says, "Ideally I'd prefer to be inside Booth's head. Seeing and feeling things the way he does. Then, maybe I'd understand." "Be one with him," Wyatt concludes.

"In a scientific sense," she clarifies. Wyatt gives her an "oh sure, you do" look, not buying the idea that her interest in being one with Booth is only scientific.

Well, I'd agree that she likes to go on the field investigations with him, because she likes being around him.

Nice that when Bones indicates the challis on the altar might be the murder weapon that Booth kneels and crosses himself before approaching it. Boreanaz tweeted about lighting a candle for Michael Clarke Duncan today, so I gather he is Catholic as well.

At the diner, Bones has to admit she has no intuition and she says Booth has no analytical skills. He's all about "emotion and feeling." Um, that would be interesting if he was an emotional person, but he's not. By contrast, I think in order to read people you have to be analytical. Actually, knowing science and math and how to draw conclusions from them is less analyticial than being a good detective.

She says he has a well-developed feminine side and he almost spits his coffee. He doesn't really have a feminine side. Mulder did. Angel did more than Booth does.

Wyatt catches them arguing and he says he knew what their problem was immediately, he only met with them 3 times for fun.

"You're both afraid that the reason Dr. B didn't sail off into the sunset with her boyfriend Sully might have been because of her ties to agent Booth." Well, yeah, when she told Sully rationally she should go, but she can't, I was kinda thinking that too.
I don't think Booth was afraid of that. I think he was hoping it and maybe he's uneasy around her now because he's uncertain as to whether his hope has been realized.

Booth doesn't know where to look. Then, Wyatt says (big letdown here for the audience I know, but I don't care since I know I have 6 more years to go on this show and they aren't getting romantic any time soon and I almost think everything will be spoiled once they do), "you're both quite wrong."

"Why didn't I go with Sully?" Brennan demands. "How is he supposed to know?" Booth asks. (A switch; before it was Bones saying that Wyatt couldn't possibly have discerned the root of their problem. Now, she's asking him to tell her about herself). She says Sully was perfect for her, sex was incredible. Booth rolls eyes.

Wyatt says she is unable to lead a purposeless life at this stage in her development. I buy this, especially after what happened with her parents, just 15 years earlier. I think she has a drive that she can't get rid of. He says Booth's behavior is based on an irrational fear that he's responsible for someone else's destiny. But I don't buy that because Booth is responsible for her coming to work there anyway. We saw in the pilot that he brought her back and she was reluctant to come work with her. But he bargained, cajoled and won. He doesn't want her to leave, even tricked her into staying in the pilot. He tries to shape her destiny. So, he's surely not feeling guilty that he might be responsible for it, as Wyatt claims.

Having offered his opinion, Wyatt thinks they will be able to work together just fine, now that their minds have been set at ease. But I think he just gave them rationales they could live with which would let them continue to work together without awkwardness, not ones that were completely true. Will he reveal his little subterfuge to someone before the show ends?

Wyatt leaves. Booth wants to know what she feels. Without addressing their relationship at all, she says she feels that Father Matt's illness is unusal. Booth jumps right on that. Matt was poisoned. They are working in synch again, forget Wyatt. They high five, "we're back!"

Talking with Brennan later, Angela is skeptical that Booth was not the reason she didn't leave with Sully, a man Brennan says she adores. How can she buy what Wyatt said. "Do you believe that?" Bones says she has to defer to Wyatt's expertise in his field, if she wants to be respected as an anthropologist, which means, "I want to believe."

I'm not invested in Booth and Bones as a couple yet. I like them fine as friends, so I can't say I'm frustrated by anything, but it is hard to believe that they don't know their feelings. Although children and teens may, I don't think adults like or love one another without realizing it. While Mulder and Scully went years without sharing their feelings with the viewers, I think they knew what they felt. At some point (by the time of the movie bee almost-kiss), they even knew what the other felt. This sitting around being afraid that you may be in love with your partner is rather silly. Knowing that you're in love and being afraid that they know, if they don't reciprocate is more realistic.

I'm disappointed that Booth takes so long to suspect Lorraine of poisoning the priests, especially since he wolfed down her cake and realized that she was responsible for its contents, as she told him what it was he was eating. Once he finally figures it out while questioning the head priest, Bones is tapping him on the shoulder, tugging at his sleeve, wanting to know what he suspects, trying to tap into his intuition.

Lorraine poisoned the priests because she thought they were molestors. When Booth goes in after the priest to hear the rest of Lorraine's confession, he's in his zone, his domain, the interrogation room. Bones looks at him through the glass partition with wonder (I'd dare say admiration).

She takes Angela to see Wyatt about the situation with Hodgins and then leaves because she and Booth have to put their notes together (are they calling it "notes" these days) for the prosecution.

So, I guess Wyatt would tell Angela he lied to Booth and Bones. I knew the script would give him a way to reveal his deception. He tells Angela while half of her clothes are filling Hodgins' closet she shouldn't marry him. Wait until he has an equal amount of clothes in her closet, so that they are both equals. That is stupid. As a man Hodgins may not have as many clothes as Angela anyway. Also, who does Wyatt think has the most power. They may be in Hodgins' apartment all the time and he has the money, but she has all the power. So, what exactly is the imbalance that Wyatt perceives. Hodgins' near death escape in Gravedigger should have made her see that she loves him too, so if she doesn't feel the same about him now, will she ever? Wyatt tells her not to fill up more than 1/3 of Hodgins' closet. This counseling is more humorous than sensical, but Angela seems to like it.

He was good with analyzing her problem, she thinks, but Angela calls him on the theory he spouted to Booth and Bones and says look "Monty Python," they both know that he is full of it about Booth and Bones.

Angela says Brennan stayed because of Booth. She says Wyatt's first priority is the FBI, to get agents back in the field. That's why he lied to Booth and Bones just to give them a way to continue to work as partners without the truth making them self-conscious about each other. She quotes Shakespeare back at Wyatt and says, "Journeys end with lovers meeting, as every wise man's son doth know."

"Excellent," answers Wyatt taking a sip of his drink. "You are good."

Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Boneless Bride in the River

As they are out in the field investigating again, Bones grumbles she was supposed to be on vacation. He says Sully should have taken her away on vacation.

She brings up his therapy again. He says don't knock it. There are pressures that build up on the job. She says that they do everything together and what does he have to contend with that she doesn't? He says, "YOU Bones. You don't have to contend with you."

Angela does not think she can create a face from the boneless body they have found. Cam asks her, "What's with the tone?" I don't like the way she's always letting them know they have to respect her. Cam's words were too mild to be a rebuke, but Angela really didn't have a "tone" anyway. I get tired of her treating them like school children to her head mistress.

Since there are no bones, no Bones. Brennan says she's back on vacation and prepares to leave. Oh, that won't last too long.

Cam and Angela think Hodgins and Zach are sick to inflate the skull of the boneless woman, like a balloon to see the contours of the face. Cam claims you can't see it without bone structure, but what they have blown up looks very much like a person to me, with distinct facial features. I would say that having wrapped around your skull for years that the skin would hold its shape, even when the bone is removed, so you could get a general idea of what the person would look like anyway, if you blow air into the emtpy skin. That's my unscientific sense.

Sully's thinking about buying the boat he's renting, even though he can't afford it. When they break up, because he's ready to retire and enjoy life and she's not, I'm betting she buys him the boat as a gift. In the show's defense, they did give us the reasons that I predict that they will break up (he wants to leave the FBI, travel, live life, etc.) when they first introduced his character. So, it won't be contrived in that sense. Clearly he will have to go, just as Booth's paramours will have to leave, just like all the Cartwright women had to die.

They found a knee cap. A bone for Bones. Booth goes to the boat to get Temp to examine the knee cap. He is interrupting the lovers. Sully sticks his head out of the cabin and asks if it is important. Booth: "Yeah, we got a bone." Sully, "tell me about it." Booth curls his lip and says, "the boneless girl."

Back at the lab Bones says he didn't need to interrupt her vacation. He says she said to call if a bone showed up and this is a bone. Well, I wonder, why didn't he call? Why did he go down there? Her hair is puffy, fuller than usual. I guess that's meant to show the free spirit that Sully imbues her with and also the fact that her hair is constantly mussed by the frequent sex they've been having. She says, Zach is capable. "you don't need me." Booth looks skeptical about that.

Zach says Angela has concluded that the victim's hair suggested Asian. Are they trying to pretend like the head that the boys inflated didn't also look Asian as well? After consulting, Brennan says she's going back on vacation and Booth looks bummed.

Booth goes to talk to Angela. A boat, she asks. Booth says yeah, last month Sully wanted to live in a tree house. The way he talks, you'd think he and Sully were best friends. He knows everything about him. So, it's weird we never saw him until the Everglades case.

Angela says Sully is like her and Booth says he doesn't see that. She says Sully is not made for all the murder and death. Well, she is an artist who fell into the FBI work at Brennan's bidding. Sully IS an FBI agent. So, I don't agree that Angela and Sully are alike, but she continues. Sully is a romantic. Booth is not, he wonders? No, he's a romantic of a narrower kind, Angela explains. He lives to catch bad guys. Sully lives wide. Booth objects that he also lives wide, far and wide. Angela smirks.

Booth does a roof top chase after a suspect and is not smooth and limber, while running and jumping. Instead, it is a realistic chase with him having trouble keeping up and tripping over obstacles. Even before it began he was having trouble sitting on a floor mat to interview the suspect.

Sully is on the boat telling Temp he needs to know how to handle the boat alone, "What if you got conked on the head and ran off with a pirate?" Booth, the pirate who will abscound with her, I suppose, comes up behind them at that moment. He climbed aboard without them noticing? Convenient. He pokes her with a book that he needs translated from Chinese. He thinks she might know someone who can do it. Of course, he's a honcho in the FBI; he could have found a translator himself or called her for one. He's being a deliberate pest.

Sully says Booth'll just keep on showing up so they might as well pitch in and help get the case solved. He sends Sully off on a purchasing errand and goes in the field with Brennan.

But aside from his need to interrupt her, Bones does go with him on the cases(for whatever reason. I have no idea why a foresnic anthropologist interviews witnesses), so it's silly for her to say that if there's no bone she has no work to do. He may not need her as a partner when she's on vacation, but she overlooked the work she does outside of the lab, when she said she wasn't needed if there weren't bones.

Booth argues with her and he says that's exaclty why he shoots up an ice cream truck, because she frustrates him. She says it's a good thing he's in therapy. Baiting her, he tells her he talked about her in therapy. No, he declines her request for information. He's sorry he's not going to share the details, since it was his therapy.

To find out who took the bones, Temp has to pretend to be the translator's girlfriend and Booth has to be her brother.

Booth correctly guesses that the woman they visit, who is speaking in Chinese, doesn't think Bones is good enough for the translator. The translator says he nailed it on the head. So, Booth does know how to read people, like the script tells us he does!

The owner of the house tells Booth his face has character and he says all the older ladies say they like him. As she is almost caught trying to steal a bone from the woman's house, Bones suddenly speaks Chinese, a skill that she didn't bother to tell Booth she had earlier.

Sully bought the boat and asks Brennan to go away with him to the Carribean. I know that he was on this road when he met her, but shouldn't he give their relationship time to mature before asking her to make a life changing decision with him? He wanted to get away all along, but having met her, can't he put his previous plans on hold for a bit, instead of asking her to ditch hers? He has a tear when she hugs him. Maybe it's because he can guess what her answer will be before she gives it.

She asks Angela what to do and Angela says go. She says, "I'll miss you guys." Angela again urges her to go, when Zach enters the room.

Translator tells Brennan she used to be dedicated to a much larger, timeless truth and now she is just a tool for smaller concerns. He thinks the bone-killing-stealing culture he is protecting is more important anthropologically than catching a murderer.
Surely, his words won't be something that convince Brennan she should get away from it all. It's not as if bringing murderers to justice is petty. So, I hope that we weren't supposed to think she feels guilty when he said that to her. She should have smacked him.

Booth says he is sorry that Sully is leaving on the boat. He'll be shipwrecked with a volleyball for company. He speaks, without considering that Bones might be going with Sully, until she says so. Booth stammers a little when he says it sounds like a good idea. What about Sully being shipwrecked with a volleyball. "He's got you. He doesn't need the volleyball." Says she should go. What's one year out of her life? A person has got to live wide and this is kind of narrow. He speaks anxiously, looking at her and she looks down when he says she should go. Shades of Buffy and Angel when Angel tells her that he thinks she should go away to college. It's clear to viewers that Booth doesn't want her to leave and she's hurt that he doesn't seem to care, well at least doesn't seem to, to anyone who is blind.

In the car, Bones compliments her on the fact that she got a good one this time (Sully). She thinks he's implying that he thinks she is incapable of making her own judgments. He goes down her list of losers. Mentions a physicist who couldn't tie his own shoes. I guess that's someone she had before the series began, along with the 3 guys we've seen her with since the show's been on.

She, Sully and Booth give chase to the suspect. Booth knocks him off of a roof and he lands at Sully and Bones' feet. Booth gloats, "He ain't bouncing around anymore more, now is he? See that?" Earlier when the lady said that Bones wasn't good for the translator Booth says, "She don't think you're good for him," so I guess they are making him be streetier than usual as a contrast to Sully.

Sully tells her that Booth is a really good guy. So, he sees him as a contender and is letting Brenann know that she wouldn't be making a wrong choice, if she chose Booth over him? Is that it? And why shouldn't he think of her reluctance to leave that way. She traveled extensively before settling down at her current job with Booth. Is Booth what makes her stay put for a change?

Sully thought that Booth talked her out of going with him and she says no, Booth told her to go. Angela did too. "Everyone thinks it's a great idea." Everyone except you, he says.

He guesses she won't go and she shakes her head that she's not. Why? She could be sailing around warm oceans with someone who loves her, tell him what is holding her here? I note he said love and she hasn't used that word yet.

Why doesn't she ask him what is making him leave this quickly? Give their new romance 6 more months. I think his proposition is stupid, selfish and premature. I bet he's been preparing to change his life probably since his partner was killed last year. Why expect her to take the plunge immediately after meeting him. He says he is worth the risk and she says he definitely is.

Rationally, she wants to go and knows she should, but she can't, she tells him. What she is doing is important, but not important enough to be her whole life, he insists. Yeah, I say, but she's not even 40 yet. Not 35. No one is talking about doing this her whole life. She's only been doing it for 2-3 years. He leaves. He was no prize.

Emily's face looks really gray and bumpy during that scene. I don't know where the make up and camera people were.

Booth got his suspect and gives Bones a thumbs up through the interrogation glass. He can't see she is crying behind the mirror. Hope he hugs her when he comes out.

Angela "married" the two dead peoples' bones in a drawing she has made, which makes Bones even more sentimental, but doesn't do anything except creep me out. These people had never met while alive. Why would they want to spend all of eternity together? Not a good way for the police story to combine with the heartstrings of the character plotlines to wring emotion from the audience. If the corpses had been real life lovers, maybe that would have worked.

She watches Sully sail off on his boat, which he named Temperance. Good riddance.

When she turns around all teary-eyed Booth is behind her. "What are you doing here?" I'm waving goodbye, he says."

"What do you want?" Breakfast.

She says she's not hungry. He puts an arm around her and says when is she going to vomit when they come across a horrific case. She says she doesn't vomit and he says give it time. "Give it time, everything happens eventually." When she's pregnant I'm sure she will vomit. He's prescient.

Does everything happen eventually she wonders. Hmmm. I'm wondering what she's hoping for. What does she want to happen eventually? He says all the stuff that you think never happens, happens eventually. You've just got to be ready for it.