Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Titan on the Tracks

Wow, the last season cliffhanger wasn't a fluke. Hart Hanson is definitely this series' best writer so far. And that's not always true of the creator. Can't say it was necessarily true for Chris Carter or Whedon. They were often good, but often missed and tended to miss character wise, not just on script quality. But the same may end up being true of Hanson. It's early days yet.

As they question the private eye in a restaurant, Brennan reaches over and grabs one of Booth's fries, with catsup. Nice understated piece of direction.

They didn't need to do the close-talker thing outside of Turko's interrogation room. That was in there to remind the audience that they have chemistry, but it's not necessary. Give them good dialogue when they are in a scene together and let them exchange that dialogue, then you'll know whether they have good chemistry or not. They do. Boreanaz also had chemistry with Tamara Taylor, especially when he asked her if she took the job because of him.

Angela knew he had had an affair with Camille because of the way she touched his arm when he laughed, which called attention to the way that Brennan touched Seeley's arm, both when she asked him about talking to the dead in the car and later when she told him to bluff Turko outside of the interrogation room. That did convey an intimacy.

Boreanaz was also great when Booth told Angela not to talk to Bones about whom Angela thinks he's slept with. The way this guy delivers a line with a smile and humor that's not really ha ha from him but IS amusing to the audience . . . it's really amazing and I can't really compare it to anyone else. Obviously Duchovny is very funny but not in the same way. I realize that this is a lab show and we don't see Booth doing more investigation, because police work is not the show's focus, but DB is really invaluable nonetheless, which, in the end, is why after only 3 of 7 seasons he was really considered the co-star of Buffy, even though he had way less screen time than anyone else who was longterm on that show. No wonder on this show that they made him an equal co-star from the start, whether or not he actually has as much to do as ED.

But in today's show, the way Booth told her about who her father really was just based on the dolphin was some pretty good detective work, after all. It just didn't take place in the field.

Well, the dolphin IS evidence that can be tainted if you smudge away finger prints that Max left behind. He might be in the system and looking for fingerprints might help them find one of his other aliases. So, I don't think they should have picked that up.

Tamara had great dialogue for her debut and she handled it splendidly. But I did resent Camille. First, she knows she has never met her new employee and she doesn't introduce herself. She gives her an order and when Brennan doesn't follow it, she says, "Why are you still here?" Brennan says because she's not a coroner and Cam isn't her boss and Cam says you're half right. Well, it's obvious then (if it wasn't before) that Brennan doesn't know her position, so why start off as a jerk?

When she told the guys they couldn't use a spam experiment it seemed like she was just imposing her will for the sake of it, not for a reason and not taking into account the staff's expertise. Yet, the way Booth explained it, that she just didn't want them to undermine credible expert conclusions with experiments that could be easily mocked in court, it made more sense. I wish Camille had explained that though, if that was her purpose. So, she stands up for them in front of the attorney and then they all like her. Reminds me of the old My Three Sons when Chip likes his new stepmother after she defends him to his school teacher as if he is her very own son. The thing is, Camille could more easily make me like her as an employee if she treated me with respect, rather than like a child, when we were alone. Of course, I know how important it is to have a supervisor who will back you up in front of third parties, because I've lacked that in the past. Anyway, Hodgins and Zack seemed to like her and they'd been working with her for awhile. She was just new to us and to Brennan. Their reaction to her and acceptance of her nicknames (that Zack didn't want Brennan to use for him) and appreciation of the attention she gave them (she called him Zackeroni because she saw that he eats macaroni regularly, something Brennan would never notice, no matter how long Zack worked for her) showed that she has carved out her own place in their circle.

As long as she backs off of the heavy-handedness with Brennan, she'll be ok. Obviously, when a new character comes in and tells the established one that she was hoping for a meeting of the minds, but she'll have to be a dictator over a subject that she hasn't even had a discussion with Brennan about first, it alienates one. However, they showed us that Camille wanted Brennan's approval and I guess she got it. So, she's not crazy enough to think that she can keep her job if she distances Brennan. If Brennan quits, Camille won't have a staff to supervise. They made it clear that Camille got the job because it has public relations needs that Brennan can't fulfill, not because she knows more than Brennan.

Booth says that Brennan doesn't intimidate. I don't know . . . I guess that's true in a way, but she was certainly nervously about appearing in court after having been burned before. So, I think the defense attorney did intimidate her before. But it tells us what Booth thinks of her character and what kind of regards he holds her in. Hopefully, Camille won't be jealous about Bones' relationship to Booth. I am sure the writers will have Bones getting jealous of Camille though, in order to enhance interest in the ship. Since Booth wanted to know if Camille took the job because of him (she said she took it because she couldn't resist the chance to work in a first class facility compared to the underfunded and unsanitary conditions that she is used to working in), he must have been the one who broke it off.

Nice the way Brennan asked him if he was defending Cam because of their past sexual relationship and he said he just wanted her to know how inappropriate that comment was, as an aside, because he was talking on the phone when she made that comment, letting him know that she'd been informed (by Angela who only knew due to body language) about him and Cam while he was preoccupied. Why is it inappropriate, since he asked David about David's relationship with Bones? Maybe because David wasn't a co-worker -- maybe because Bones wasn't there when he asked.

But they all continue their habit of talking about each other, when the other is present. Zack told Camille that Brennan was testing her with questions that Brennan already knew the answers to, with Brennan standing right there. You'd think Brennan wouldn't want Zack to work for her, the way he often does that, but she usually doesn't even pay attention. Angela does the same.

So, Brennan knows about Booth's old gambling habit and mentions it. I just found out and I thought it was a secret from her.

When Angela talks about body language, Hodgins says that Angela touches him when he laughs too, like Booth and Cam do and Angela corrects him and says that Hodgins touches HER, not the other way around. So, she knows Hodgins likes her and is indicating that she doesn't reciprocate.

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