Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Truth in the Lye

We see Booth rolling around in bed as the show opens (and closes) if they think we are fooled into thinking it's with Brennan either time, they're wrong. I think Rebecca says something about being a police officer on the beat, but not sure. I wondered how she and Booth met, that would be it. The thing is, for the Christmas episode we saw Booth having to beg to see Parker. We also saw her threaten to take Parker away from him not long ago. Now, to make it seem like they fundamentally like each other, but missed their moment is stupid and seems like a rewrite. Booth did not LIKE her and she was a vindictive ex, holding custody over his head, but now she's a different person.

She picks up Booth's phone when Brennan calls and Booth is a little embarrassed about Brennan knowing they slept together. Shift in relationship. When Brennan walked in on him and his lawyer friend, he was not that self-conscious. Now, he is because he must have started having feelings for Brennan. Next thing he knows, Cam is talking to him about being back with Rebecca. Brennan told her.

So now Brennan is gossiping with Cam about "points of interest", instead of with Angela, her best friend? Would have been interesting to see that scene where Brennan tells Cam, but we don't because it would be so unrealistic they knew it would not play right on camera.

Doesn't want Brennan to know he's seeing Rebecca. Doesn't love her anymore like he used to. Doesn't want to marry her anymore. Gotten over that feeling of regret?

Booth says he wants to go back to Zack not talking directly to him and him not talking to Zach. nice point because I was wondering when that ended and why they have been having conversations in the last few episodes, without mention of how Booth used to like to ignore him.

Cam upset about the lack of decorum at the autopsy table when she and the guys are working. Why does she care? She's not usually the one concentrating on giving the corpses respect. In fact, both she and Brennan flip flop. half the time Brennan is saying it helps her if she doesn't give the corpse a name and the other half she is telling them it was a person and they need to stop playing around.

Single moment thesis. Rebecca tells Brennan that she and Booth aren't together because at first she thought being with him would swallow her identity and then when she found out it wouldn't, they had missed their moment. she thinks there's a time for a couple to come together and if they miss it, it's too late. I guess we are supposed to apply this to Brennan and Booth. They could have come together at the end of the show when she said she would keep mum if he needed to satisfy his urges and relax with sex (like she sometimes does and points out that there are a few old partners she thinks she can call when this need arises). but they missed the opportunity, so is that a message that their moment passed.

Brennan tells rebecca that booth thinks she wouldn't marry him because of his job, his sniper past and because he wouldn't make a good father. Rebecca is sad that he got it wrong all this time. Just a big misunderstanding? Just a big writer re-write. She was just yelling at him for doing background checks and intimidating all of her boyfriends a few shows ago. She does have a problem about who HE is and Brennan herself called him an alpha male and good protector. He may be a good father, but he seemed to be smothering rebecca or she felt he would. But now she's saying she realizes that she wouldn't have lost her independence with him. I think a few weeks ago she thinks she would have.

Why was Cam going around telling Hodges and Angela that he was back with his ex? Did she want the confrontation that she actually got? Is that what she was going for.

Brennan said she only told Cam as social intercourse, because she was trying to be "normal." She asks if telling was gossip. If so, she doesn't like it. She doesn't like it, Booth asks!

Booth says he won't sleep with Rebecca again. Some people you can't sleep with. Too many ties. Too much to lose. He's telling Brennan why they can't be together. She says that if he slips up, she won't tell anyone the next time. With Rebecca? Not just Rebecca. She is sure there are other women he can call to satisfy his sexual urges too. Seems like she's basically offering there. He tilts his head, in recognition of the invitation.

Angela comes in and says, "Congratulations on being back with your ex." Cam told her. He goes off to talk to Cam. Presumably sleeps with her because he has less to lose than if he did with Brennan.

This isn't the first time they have talked about his sex life, so I don't know why Brennan acts like she has never engaged in gossip before. Also, Angela usually devines what's going on without anyone telling her, so I don't know why she is the odd person out this time. Also, I don't know why she would wonder if she said something wrong, because she usually pushes Booth's buttons on purpose and doesn't care if it's wrong and makes him uncomfortable or not.

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