Monday, May 28, 2012

The Man in the S.U.V.

Bones wants to save as many people as he killed while a sniper. It's like Angel wanting to work for redemption after the hundreds of people he'd murdered as a vampire.

For some reason though, I don't buy Bones being consumed with guilt and conscience to the point where he needs a drink and companionship after having shot down a terrorist with a bomb. Of course, I just said I didn't like to be TOLD things in dialogue and maybe there's something about his military career that makes him extremely vulnerable so that reactions like the one he had here won't seem contrived to me.

I like the way that Bones and Booth get into each other's personal lives. They don't always answer each other's probing questions, but they aren't terribly embarassed when the subject turns intimate. Booth and Bones don't seem to mind that he is half dressed when she comes to his place and that he zips up his pants in front of her. Makes me wonder if there was ever intimacy in their past. And it's not just them. Angela and the lab guys get into the nosy act too. I like that it's not a topic that's repressed, contrasted with other shows that claim famous shipper followings. After years of working together, Scully was still self-conscious when Mulder zipped in front of her and they were in a public facility (jail). Of course, Mulder was aware that she was aware and I think he got a certain level of satisfaction out of disconcerting her.

I like that Bones wasn't necessarily jealous when she saw Tessa and in the 8th episode Booth didn't seem jealous of Michael too. The concealed jealousy and hurt feelings is what makes a good show turn into a soap opera after the spectre of romance rears its head and I'd like for Bones and Booth to continue to be casual about the other's love life, even if there is a spark between them.

I guess you can't use bone DNA to identify a body. That's why Bones constantly has to resort to cranial reconstruction and the like. I thought if you had someone's bone and some samples from him/her when they were alive or DNA from a relative then that would be enough to identify them.

Given Boreanaz's history it's kind of funny to hear his character talk about weird sex compulsions and adultery so much. It takes me out of the story and makes me think of the actor rather than Booth.

I'm not sure that it was a good thing to have so many B names swimming around, Booth, Bones, Brennan. I mean the writers were going for symmetry with the alliteration, but it just makes any written description of the show seem too cutesy.

So, Tessa and Booth have nothing in common, bur without knowing more about her I can't imagine that he doesn't feel comfortable talking to her about what happened to him on the job.

Interesting that Bones said that Booth had alpha male attributes that made her think he might not have a romantic relationship. When he saw that she was so surprised about his love life he said, "you think there's something wrong with me" which reminded me of Angel having to repeat to everyone that he wasn't a eunuch. He wasn't embarassed to kiss Tessa in front of her and he didn't seem to be showing off either. As for being an alpha he did call her and Angela "girls" when they were out in the field in front of others. It's not just jargon he uses when they're informal at the lab.

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