Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Man In The Wall

Well, Tessa seemed pretty normal the first time we saw her, but this time she's uptight for no reason. She didn't even see the mummy at the club. She was miffed just having to be there and seeing Bones high on meth. She was making faces for no reason. Bones had to run and tell Booth news and couldn't just use a phone. This is like the time she ran over to his house, but this time, she EXPECTED to see Tessa with him. Tessa bought him a clean shirt and, again, he is zipping his pants. As usual, he's not particularly embarrassed about Bones' and Angela's interest in his personal life. Even if he says he doesn't want to talk about it.

The opening scene at the bar with the women attacking Bones because she spoke about tribal matters was a bit stereotypical. I guess the hip hop story was ok, but introducing it with that scene wasn't helpful. The principal from Buffy played an undercover FBI agent. I liked seeing him, even though he and DB never were on the show together -- well, certainly never on screen, even though DB appeared for the finale.

The rapper sees Bones and asks if the FBI is recruiting from America's Top Models now. She's not especially pretty. Well, she's attractive, but not "model" humdinger.

We learn that Booth has a religious background, as he is able to quote psalms to the victim's father, just springing off the world iniquity, which may be in the bible but that doesn't really make it a biblical word with no other meaning for people.

As usual, I don't know what Bones thinks of Booth having a girlfriend. She insists to Angela that he's not a balker and would not have shrunk from a commitment, even if a vacation together might have meant that he and Tessa would next have to move in. I don't know why she thinks that, since when she fist met Tessa (in the S.U.V. episode) she didn't even believe that Booth could be in a relationship. She thought he was too Alpha Male for one. Now she thinks he doesn't balk?

I really don't understand the ending. Is Booth saying that he's LESS likely to return if he goes on vacation by himself than he would if he went with someone else and joked about not returning? Whatever he meant, Bones is sure he'll be back next week, whatever he says. I almost half expected him to invite her along. He asked if she could just sit on a beach and relax and forget about skeletons and she wondered if that would really be fun. She has been on a vacation alone and he, apparently, hasn't. He appears to think that going with someone keeps him more tethered.

They are both squeamish about the belly button ring being pulled out of someone's skin. He says that even though she's shot a lot of people (as a sniper) he is made uncomfortable by the belly button ring being ripped out. But he is uncomfortable with what she is doing with the corpse's hand, pulling off the skin, putting it on her own to make a fingerprint. Reminds me of Mulder being kind of squeamish and Scully didn't mind making him uncomfortable either. Like telling him to help her dig out body parts from the bio trash in Leonard Betts. Or the maggots during an autopsy. She kind of smiled at his discomfort.

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