Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Man in the Bear

This episode was extremely delightful as far as humor goes. Lovely telling the killer they aren't interested in his psycho babble. And it's almost like they pierced the fourth wall when Bones knocks him out with a bedpan and repeats what Bones just said about not wanting to hear it. Talking to the fans of these crime shows and winking at them that they don't need to hear the speech which explains the motive completely. He's crazy. He's a cannibal. That's explanation enough.

I like the way that they cut the scene in the middle of action. Before someone completely turns away or finishes a gesture, the scene ends. Mid action.

As enjoyable as the show was, it's strange though because, again, the characters don't act any particular way. It's very gimmicky in that they do and say things in service of the dialogue, without being real people. First of all, they constantly talk about sex, but they almost never react when people do, even when Zack over the phone tells the delivery guy that his boss (Temp) isn't currently dating anyone. She doesn't object. She doesn't raise an eyebrow. I guess this happens so much that the can't react each time, so they don't react at all, but it's strange. In the end, her talking about Charlie and his hip muscles being designed for maneuverability puts Booth off enough that he doesn't finish eating. I like the way the show ended with her offering him a spoonful of her soggy cornflakes and him just saying no. But if he's jealous, you really wouldn't be able to prove it, one way or another.

Angela hits on him. He's told her to get back to work before, but she does it over satellite when they're in the room with a third party and he doesn't react at all. Plus, he's anxious not to have her think he lost a man he was chasing and wants her to know the flashlight he was using (not his own) died. But is that because he has a thing for her or just because of professional pride, as he tells Bones.

I'm surprised they use the word "Indian" and not native american in the show, throughout, even the Indian character refers to himself as such, as does everyone else. The show is extremely entertaining, but the characters are instruments for the script rather than people, really.

Every time a reference to pop culture is mentioned Bones says, "I don't understand what that means." Well, ok, but third episode in that gets a little old. Plus, when she hangs out with these people she should start to get a few of the references just from being around others, even if she doesn't partake in the pop culture herself.

These people aren't anti-social. They not only hang out, but they hang out with each other and don't make a big deal of it. I'm so used to Chris Carter being stingy with his scenes of Mulder and Scully together that I think any time shippery things are involved that people deny and repress and avoid. They can be around each other and talk about sex to each other and about each other, but not deal with who likes who and who doesn't and who knows they are liked and whether they like being liked etc. When she talked about Charlie was she trying to make him jealous? Was he jealous? It's not only that it's there and not talked about, but it's not reflected in body language. There's no undercurrent, which is unnatural. If it's there, there should be an undercurrent. If it's not there, then stop all the hinting. You make these people automatons without emotions when you have all the hints and none of the feeling that should be behind them. It's easier to watch though. Easier for me not to get emotionally involved.

So far, Emily has so much more screen time and dialogue than David, even though he gets top billing. Well, her name is on the left side of the screen and he's on top, so it's a way to give them equal billing, but her image does appear first on the screen. I'm not sure why she is top though, because looking at her acting credits, I don't see anything big for her that would make her a bigger star than him. I guess it's because of her feature film credits. She just came out of Spiderman II before getting this role.

DB is jowly, got bad skin. Lots of physical traits that don't add up to marquee idol. But I do sigh when I see him. First season of Buffy I just thought he wasn't the type who could do it for me, but turns out I'm done. Big time.

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