Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Skull in the Desert

So, I don't think with Angela often discussing dating opportunities that this would have been the first time she mentioned this "same time next year" annual affair she has for 3 weeks. Also, why would it be a secret, especially from her friends, that she is the one who doesn't want more of a commitment, not the guy. I guess you could say she didn't tell people this because she thought there was something wrong with her, so she'd rather people think she didn't get chosen rather than she didn't want to commit.

For the Director and Hodgins to deliberately try to get Zach in trouble just so he will move on and fulfill his potential was a little silly. But the fact that he is so enamored of Brennan that he doesn't want to stop being her intern and progress in his career is nice. If he leaves the show, I'd miss him.

Booth doesn't want to go to the desert to investigate, when he does it seems more for Brennan than for Angela. And he doesn't seem particularly sympathetic towards Angela either. He's not insensitive, but he's not moved by her pain the way Temp is. But then when he tells the Sheriff that he's trained and doesn't give up easily, he is showing empathy about helping the man find his lost sister. I like it that his ego is stroked because Brennan says that she needs him down there to get "federal on their a**." Boreanaz is great with this kind of humor. He can carry a show with just the way he turns a line or reacts a couple of times an episode. Funny when they think the sheriff went off and left them and he tells them that they can last 3 days max and it will take 5 days to get back to civilization minimum.

I had hoped/expected to get more scenes with him having to bunk with Angela and Temp (funny when he said he wasn't going outside in the hot sun while they dressed and the best he could do was close his eyes) and still don't know where he ended up sleeping. Or I thought they might be stranded in the desert a little longer than they were and we'd get to see all 3 interact, but that didn't happen. It didn't make it any less of a show, but every time you think things might go a little deeper (and we're way through the first season now), they don't. It's gloss, but no real depth. But I can watch a couple of episodes in a row without a sweat and maybe if it dug more into the characters emotionally, watching might be a little more taxing. For someone who doesn't want to get involved in a heavy drama, maybe it's good that this show doesn't delve more. I just am surprised that you can never get a grip on the characters and they might as easily go one way as the other, after all this time.

Surprised we didn't hear more about Brennan's reaction to what she thought was Zach's slow response (he tried to get info to her immediately, but Goodman let Hodgins have the sample first). She said she would talk to Zach about it later, but the show ended before she returned home. Maybe they will follow up on future episodes.

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