Saturday, June 16, 2012

Two Bodies in the Lab

So, Brennan takes notice of Booth's lovelife, but she doesn't try to sabotage it. Booth can't stand her going on a blind date. I'm not sure what the point of his jealousy is. If he likes her, does he want to do something about it?

When she is shot at, I think it may have something to do with that gang hit they put out on her that Booth never told her about. But no . . .

Don't really enjoy their little foreigner dance segment. In fact, it gets to be uncomfortable to watch after awhile. But does he suddenly ask for a drink because the lyrics are getting somewhat sexual and embarassing to sing and dance to? I expected to spend a little more time with them at her apartment, maybe see some sleep over moments.

I certainly didn't expect the explosion that came. I like how level-headed she was when she grabbed the blanket to put out the fire on his chest, before she ran to him in the kitchen.

In the end when he rescues Brennan, I think it's interesting choreography for him to put her tied hands around his neck so that they will be in a hug, but I think it would have been better to just untie her. I know he was sore, but I think he still could have accomplished that.

As usual, in talking to third parties, this time her blind date, Brennan tells them more about the status of the FBI investigation than she should, telling the guy, David, that Booth did interview his coworkers. Booth knew his alibi checked out and didn't want to say so. But if the guy had been guilty, maybe she shouldn't reveal everything that they know so blithely.

Booth wants to keep her safe and doesn't want to leave her side. Unclear whether she thinks his feelings are more than professional.

He held her and told her that it was all right because he was there. So, he thinks his presence comforts her? That reminds me of someone writing that Angel (and Buffy) saw him as her protector when he never really did a great job of that.

I guess the way they had her talk about his medical records and reveal that he was tortured and also got injured shielding someone else (his buddy who died) was less heavy-handed than usual. I like the way Booth didn't comment on the torture, but when she said that some cultures hit the bottom of the soles with a hose, he just said, "I know." Not even acknowledging that it happened, but if it did, he sure didn't need her to explain it to him. Nice.

At the hospital, she decides to stay with him. Rather than going out on a 2nd date with David. He saved her life after getting burned in her place in the explosion. Plus, she knows he's been tortured in the past. Would she have stayed if not for these things? Would she have stayed just because she likes him. When she told him she had a date he said, "I didn't think you got dressed up for me." That was a nice touch. they settle in to watch tv and she just leans towards the bed. I don't THINK she was going to lean her head on his arm, but before contact is made, if any was planned, he says, "Oh, Bones, the arm." So, he takes any romance out of their evening that might have occurred. I don't know if he would have been lonely if she had left him there alone or not. Hard to read either of them or what the writers actually intend to show.

The writers knew from episode one that they wanted to have a shipper relationship in this show, so the audience is supposed to root for these things, but they just throw the moments in as pro forma, not as the result of character development or thought. You know there's something underlying their bond and that it's romantic in nature, but you've seen this so many times before that you react automatically, because it's expected. It's not that the writers have anything specific or unique in mind that has to do with Booth and Bones and not just any generic star-crossed lovers in one hour dramas. And I feel that while Booth and Bones are enjoyable, they're moving laterally. I don't feel that we're learning more about them or that they're being explored more deeply, just that we're treading water predictably. It's not a boring ride at all, but it's not as meaningful one as it could be with as much thought as they put in their relationship as they put in her forensic anthropology, which does seem unique, but maybe that's because I don't watch any of the CSI type shows and this is a new type of crime investigation in the lab for me.

The shippiness should be less of a cliche.

This show is sometimes fun drama, but it's not really intelligent drama that you want to get on a forum and dissect after each episode airs. Been there, done that, miss the feeling.

We see his chest as he is in the hospital bed. He doesn't exactly look flabby like he may have in the past. His chest, the pecs, look a little more defined than they have in the past.

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