Sunday, June 3, 2012

A Boy in a Bush

Learning that Temp was in foster care was laid on too thick. She was separated from her brother. So, there's a sibling out there. The way her past came out was kind of phony and her whole speech about them putting your things in a garbage bag and your clothes smelling like garbage (I don't think so. The garbage bag is clean, isn't it? And they don't have that strong a smell. Plus, I'm not sure that ALL foster homes do the same). And the whole idea that you react strongly when there's something in your own background that is the same is just not the way it happens in real life. Our biases are a bit more subtle than that. It's not a natural way to reveal a plot point.

Drawing her as the person who doesn't like to follow the rules (shooting suspects and reporting the kidnapping so that the foster mother would be arrested) is laying a foundation. He had mentioned the shooting many times before, but I didn't really think of it as showing that she doesn't follow authority. Nor did I get that he was necessarily by the book. but the fact that she knew he wouldn't let the promise that she made to the boy that he'd be reunited with his foster mother shows her trust in him to do the morally right thing, no matter what the rules say. She said she didn't respect the rules, but she respected him. Nice. Although he said he didn't really know what that meant.

We learn that Angela is her best friend. He acted like he just realized that Angela was a squint too, but he called her a squint when they went to that Chinese restaurant. He never approached her as being more sensitive and easier to talk to than the others before. But I appreciated learning that this is the longest that Angela had held a job and only did it because of Temperance. They are painting her as a non-conformist. I guess I should have gotten that when she raised her blouse to get information from the attendant at the airport in the Pilot. But because of her technical knowledge I never saw her as a Phoebe on Friends type, not the sort of person who could not be pinned down or pinned in. Somewhat surprised that after the Director gave her a speech about humanizing the victims and seeing them as people and not just corpses the comment was made about all she needed was to get a speech from an African-American to feel better about her job. It's just that the speech had nothing to do with race. It just happened to be given by a black person and I guess because he had a rich, James Earl Jonesian voice the most noteworthy thing about the speech to Hodgins was that the guy was black, which was a daring slant and bit of dialogue, I guess. Well, it surprised me anyway.

As for Hodgins, I don't like what they're trying to do by making him Ritchie Rich, hiding undercover. That didn't really ring true. The writers aren't good at character development right now. They have good acting by charming people and good quips in the dialogue. They describe the evidence to us in a way that is interesting. They try too hard to gross us out visually though (from a woman who used to flinch at the surgery scenes in Mash, I've come a long way, but still don't need to see gratuitous gore). But they aren't really good with creating characters or revealing character traits to us yet. Also, even though I'm enjoying the show starting at the beginning, I have to wonder if it can stay interesting for 7-8 years. Even at this early stage things seem a bit monotonous, so I can only imagine. But that's the same thing I said about How I Met Your Mother and I now think that I look forward to the current shows, now that I'm enjoying the reruns so much.

Someone wrote on TWOP that Booth's asking which one of the puny mortals wanted to take him on was an Angel/Buffy reference. Not really. Mortals didn't fight Angel a lot actually.

I was spoiled by my own mother. I asked her if she ever heard of Bones and thought probably not since it's not on one of the major channels (well, Fox is now I guess) and since she doesn't like the graphic crime (CSI) shows. But she said she used to watch Bones even when she was still with Charles. She said she liked DB, even though she didn't really know his name and thought he was probably a jerk in real life, because of the infidelity. She asked me if new episodes were being made and I said yes, even though I was at the beginning. I said I know she gets pregnant and has a baby and she says that she used Booth's sperm. I didn't know that. I thought she was pregnant accidentally based on an affair that she had. Her asking for the sperm is like Mulder and Scully.

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