Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Man with the Bone

Brennan and Booth seemed suitably concerned about Jack Hodgins diving. Booth doesn't like people flirting with Brennan now. He kept threatening the nerdy, academic guy who flirted with her. I guess after letting the gang member do it without a reaction from him, no one else will get buy now. Brennan seems to think nothing of the guy's flirting one way or another, but she did keep spurring the guy on with insults that seemed to turn him on. They mentioned her bossiness again and it had come up when they were playing with S & M toys. This nerdy guy liked it when Brennan threatened to get rough, so it's the recurrence of that theme.

when the guy told Booth that he doesn't know that he wouldn't like having Booth beat up on him just as much as Brennan, Booth backed off, alarmed by the flirting. It reminded me of Mulder who did it in reverse, flirting with the midget in Humbug who was upset because Mulder thought he might be peeking at Scully.

No follow up about Zach's career stagnation.

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