Monday, June 11, 2012

The Woman in the Garden

I liked the way they told us something about Booth's feelings for Brennan without saying it.

When Mulder and Scully interviewed people and he felt they might threaten her, he got between her and them (I think this happened in Kaddish) and I don't think it ever would have gotten far enough for the guy to threaten Scully much. It's not that he was paternalistic. I just think he acted that way because she was Scully, not because she was a woman. Certainly, I don't think she would have been walking out to the elevator where the suspect might be without Mulder there and without him walking in FRONT of her. Scully let Mulder go in first and they were both confident that she was protecting him too from the rear, so it wasn't like a male/female thing. Much.

On Bones, Booth basically lets Brennan do the fighting, since she likes it so much. His, "oh I wouldn't do that," which was said as a caring warning, not as a threat, is something he's done before with people who got violent with her. And reminds me of Mulder saying that the guy was lucky his partner wasn't there in Signs and Wonders, after she'd just shot Orison. Also reminds me of Angel in the pentultimate episode of Buffy. When he stands aside at her direction and watches Buffy prepare to kill the guy and said he has missed this. So, Booth let us think he takes that in stride when he was told that there was a hit out on his lady scientist. Then he finds the guy and and says that he will kill him and won't even think twice. He won't kill him as a cop, but as a criminal. No one will ever know. He has his gun down the man's mouth and I think the man thinks he means it. Question is, does he really mean it. Will we see how far he will go. How much law he will bend for revenge?

Then, he goes to the funeral and sheepishly says he wonders if he's in trouble for being late. They have a domestic thing going on with hubby being chewed out for disobeying wifey's command to attend a function. It's cute that she doesn't know how violent he just got on her behalf, but it's troubling. Maybe the gang member has put out a hit on BOTH of them now that he's been threatened. Brennan did a lot less to him to rile him up, so doesn't he want Booth dead now too? Booth can't assume that the hit is just gone. He is being more paternalistic and chauvinistic now than if he'd taken up with her at the interrogation. She has a right to know there was a hit out on her. She might act differently in her day to day life. He knows her well enough to know that she wouldn't crumble in fear. But she might be more alert. She might look out the peephole twice before letting in the pizza delivery guy. he shouldn't keep secrets about Brennan from Brennan. Of course, Mulder did that alot, right down to Scully's eggs, but Booth should know that his silence is not protecting her. I don't know why the gang police didn't tell Brennan about the hit instead of Booth, anyway. They treated her like his belonging in a jocular way, but he made it more literal, when he went out to make sure no one touched HIS lady scientist.

As far as them endangering each other goes, when Booth told the other suspect that he, Booth, had no children, why would she pipe up with, "Yes you do." If he doesn't want criminals to know he has children, that's his business. So, the guy wanted to make an emotional point with him. Brennan should know that since SHE knows Booth has a child, then she knows the guys words about being a father will get to Booth even if the guy doesn't know. So, she could have pressed him about deportation/or not when they were alone. She didn't have to call him a liar in front of a suspect who, for all she knows could have targeted Booth's kid.

As far as her not translating Booth's threat to take her child away to the woman who wouldn't tell them about her husband, I understand Brennan's point. But her whole story about being held captive for 3 days and made to think she would be killed the whole time in El Salvador was just another of their little heavy handed revelations. At least they didn't have her captive in THIS episode so that we could conveniently know she was having flashbacks to when it had happened before. Maybe there will be a future episode where this story comes into play. Which is appreciated, since we learned about their Christmas secrets just so that particular Christmas episode could have a happy ending. So, it wasn't as heavy handed as it could be. I just don't like the whole concept that you can explain your emotional reactions based on something specific that happened to you in the past. Most of us have likes, dislikes and fears with an emotional or psychological origination, but it's not that easy to pinpoint exactly what it is. It's too subconscious. You don't usually say, "I'm afraid of heights because I was trapped at the top of the Empire State building once." Usually, you know you have vertigo, but don't quite know why. I don't like it that these people on Bones with their qualms and quirks are just explained in neat little packages all of the time.

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