Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Woman in Limbo

For Russ and Temp to say "Marco," "Polo" to each other in the end was MORE than corny, but overall this is an excellent episode. I'm glad that the show's creator could be one of the season's best writers.

The title refers to both the nickname for the cold storage facility where Christine Brennan's bones were kept since 1998 and Temperance Brennan's life being in limbo, since her parents' disappearance when she was 15.

So, Temp has been dating David all of this time, since Booth thought him a suspect in the attempts on Brennan's life? Interesting. Booth is more upset that she didn't let him read her manuscript than that she has a "boyfriend."

While speaking of Russ and the way he would hang outside of the classroom to check up on her and call, "Marco" so she could answer "Polo" she says that she misses that, someone wanting to know where she is all the time (yes, I can remember that feeling when my dad died), Brennan is interrupted by Booth who says, "Hey, Bones are you up there?" She now has someone else in her life who cares about where she is, even though she may not have realized that yet. When Booth calls out to Bones in the middle of her conversation with Angela, I am not sure the women realize the significance of his timing and constant nagging. I like that way of showing how relationships build and concern becomes caring becomes love.

I also liked the first scene in the show when he is also looking for her and pulls her coat off, so he can help her into her suit jacket and rush her to court on time. I am always surprised when they are that physical because Mulder and Scully never were, although Scully did like to help Mulder with his suit or tie when they were appearing before a judge or panel and Mulder did tug at Scully's bathrobe to get her to go get dressed in the middle of the night (FTF) once.

Anyway, Bones' was a cute, domestic, familiar gesture. I also liked the way they referenced a previous episode ("in the fridge") and how the defense attorney attacked her for winging it.

Very nice little scene for Emily when she repeats that her name is Temperance Brennan. She's a forensic anthropologist. She has a brother and gently cries. That would certainly go on any Emmy reel. Booth comes up to her and says shushes. He says he knows who she is and hugs her.

She has a boyfriend, but he's no where to be found when she's alone at home at night and Booth is bringing her Chinese foods, two times in a row. All David did was bring her back her manuscript. He told Booth they were in a relationship. She didn't. I don't know if I even believe David. Plus, he didn't say they were dating, exactly. Booth said, "Are you two, uh . . . " David says, "Yes, does that bother you."
Booth, with surprising honesty says, "yes, don't give her jokey advice before court." But what does that have to do with him being bothered that she's dating. I think he answered honestly that he IS bothered by it, but gave a reason about being bothered that has nothing to do with the truth. But David probably wasn't fooled anyway. He sensed there was something between Booth and Bones back when Booth was interrogating him, before he had his first date with her (they met online and she was shot at before he could make it for their dinner).

In the end, when we see her manuscript, I'm not impressed by the dedication to her partner and friend. What says more to me is that she crossed out the working title, "Bone Free," because Booth had criticized it earlier when he heard it. It shows she values his opinion. Trusts him. Wants to impress/please him.

This episode is showing us things about the characters that I've wanted to see without being bludgeoned with TELLING, curing one of the biggest criticisms I've had of this first season. I like when they reveal things so quietly that if you blinked you'd miss the discovery. I hope they can continue in this vein.

Low key as a season finale, but as a final bid to get a new show renewed for a second season this was really a quality entry.

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