Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Girl in the Fridge

This is where I came in. This is one of the first two episodes I saw. Michael being such a sneaky jerk should make her appreciate Booth more, but he tricked her too. He had a third party trick her into revealing more than she was comfortable with, for work reasons. So, that wouldn't inspire much trust either.

Now that I've seen shows that preceded it, I see them talking about how cold and distant she is because her parents disappeared when she was is as a substitute for showing that to us by letting us see her character interact more. I thought the show was too explainy when I first saw this episode and now seeing it in chronological order I think the episode is even more of a writing short cut and cop out. Booth isn't especially jealous of them or even that interested in what they're doing, except for the fact that Michael is using it against their case. I'm actually surprised that she said their relationship was none of his business, since she has asked him about his more than once in the past.

He doesn't react when she hits him, but that's a nice B & D talk they had. "Cause you can be very bossy." Also cute when she told him he could be very annoying and she doesn't know why the expert didn't critique his witness testimony and appearance.

He asks her about sharing with the professor in front of Angela. I like how they all talk in front of each other. Still.

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