Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Blonde in the Game

This show isn't good enough to have recurring villains in the vein of Squeeze/Toombs. I remember Bones breaking someone's wrist, but I don't even remember the episode with Epps in it really.

I guess Saroyan isn't familiar with Brennan's violent streak yet. When Booth said it got violent the last time Bones and Epps were together, Cam said that Bones needn't worry because Booth will be there to "protect" her. Of course, Booth revealed that Bones wasn't the one who needed protection and they had Brennan childishly reply that Epps made her angry. It would have been better if she had coolly explained why she dispatched him, rather than making a joke of her defensive skills. Well, it is funny how she always wants to carry a gun (and Booth gave her one this time without her even having to ask) but since her physical reaction is often justified, they shouldn't always joke about it.

When Bones said she couldn't meet with the father of the victim, I thought that was an excuse for Booth to take Cam with him. Thank heavens it was Angela instead. He told Camille that she would just use sarcasm and that wasn't the way to win over a witness. He said that unlike Bones and Cam, Angela was better with the living than the dead. I'm glad they were in the same category, so that the ptb weren't pushing Cam on us as having something that Brennan did to form an unnecessary triangle or competition and also so that Cam wouldn't feel bad that Brennan had things that she didn't, after last weeks show, when both Angela and Booth (and I) said they would take Brennan's side over hers.

Epps did a number on Brennan's head about enjoying the thrill of the kill. Power. He felt satisfied that he'd gotten her to take the life of his co-killer, bringing her down to his level. Don't think she bought into that. She was just sad about taking a life, which guilt was somewhat of a cliche, especially under the circumstances.

They continued with the Angela/Hodges thing with Angela enjoying Hodges compliments in the early scenes and then talking him through his nervousness when he turned out to be the one to have to save the day by pinpointing the girl's whereabouts.

They always have Booth snapping, throwing something in the air and catching it and otherwise playing with his hands. Hodges has even mimicked him doing it in a past episode. I guess an interesting way to express his personality, but can be a little wearing 7 years down the line, I would imagine. Repetitive gestures probably shouldn't be given to characters in a long term show. The actors themselves will have mannerisms that will seem to belong to the characters over time. You don't have to make any up.

DB's close set eyes make him look cross-eyed sometimes.

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