Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Boy in the Shroud

Camille doesn't stay in the office like Goodman did. She works with them, in the lab at the autopsy table.

Brennan doesn't think the kid is a street kid? Why, because he has classic features when Angela reconstructs his shroud? I think poor kids can have nice bone structure. I guess Brennan would expect street kids to be more scarred, broken bones or something.

Camille thinks that because the kid was in a dumpster, he was a foster kid or something. Brennan thinks that she's artificially narrowing the field. Camille said she was brought in to streamline things and insists they only search for certain types of kids. Brennan just has to concede that Cam is the boss, but doesn't agree with her reduced search parameters. It turns out that this kid WAS from the suburbs, not the street, so Brennan was right. But his girlfriend was a foster kid and she went missing too. So, that's why he ended up in the dumpster. So, we're supposed to think that Camille was right too, but I don't. Brennan wasn't trying to identify the GIRL who was still missing at that time. She was trying to identify the boy's body and she was right about it's origin.

Booth just agrees with Cam's deductions based on what she's learned in urban areas identifying adolescent bodies. So, they've both worked tough streets and feel they know things that Brennan doesn't about every day life there. I don't necessarily agree and could deal with Cam better if she weren't needlessly argumentative with Brennan. I wonder if Brennan will confront Booth about alway taking (or seeming to take) Cam's side.

So, after I've written that Booth aks Brennan what she wants to do next and she says that is Cam's call and Booth says he asked her. It turns out she's super upset about Cam's assumption that the foster girl did it because she was a foster girl herself. However, I would rather it have been for a non-personal reason having to do with the evidence not necessarily targeting the suspect and wanting to keep an open mind, than having her feelings hurt. I don't want her to be less reasonable than Cam is being.

Booth tells Brennan that foster children have a hard time trusting and they think they have to carry the weight of the world. Um, she has no reason to trust Cam. Cam wasn't being fair. I think even Booth might have doubts that the teenaged foster girl committed the crime like Cam wants to prove. So, Brennan isn't just resisting because of TRUST. But this show will probably split the baby and have both Cam and Brennan be right like they tried to do in the beginning with the question of whether or not it was a foster kid in the dumpster. To me, Cam isn't 50% right, even if Brennan is 50% wrong, not the way this has played out. It's not really whether Brennan trusts Cam, it's whether she can trust that Booth has her back. I hope Booth tells her what he later tells Cam about being 100% behind Brennan. I guess he just backs Cam because he says he's spent 100% of his career on the streets and he was right about how the teenagers in the alley would react to Brennan and Brennan didn't anticipate it. He thinks he and Cam know more about human nature and I guess he wants Brennan to be open to their perspective, but he should just want her to be open to HIM, because he's not playing power games with her the way Cam is and he should not try to push Brennan to act like Cam is not doing that.

Later when Angela and Cam are talking about their first bad boys and commisserating, Brennan wants to get back to the case. Last week, it was she who asked Cam a personal question about motherhood, but now she has no room for chit chat. Brennan wants Hodgins to look at a rose found in the boy's hand. Cam doesn't want him to do that and tells Brennan she can't have her way. brennan says she can't work like that and Cam asks (hoping the answer is yes) if she is quitting. Angela steps in and says that if Brennan leaves, they all do, including Booth. Cam is flustered and I love Angela for doing that, especially since she'd just been getting along so well with Cam and it didn't look lie she would take such a hard line against her. Cam says she'll defer to Brennan this time, but she will start looking for a replacement. That parting line just galls me.

Of course, it's sophmoric, (like the school girl she and Angela were just remembering being) that it was Angela's last comment that was Cam's undoing. She really gets all down-turned eyes and dewy about the thought of Booth leaving, above all others. Come on! Anyway, I love it when Booth follows suit and when Cam asks him what if she fired Brennan, he says he is behind Bones all the way, never have any doubts about that. I love that he's not diplomatic about it at all. If Bones is fired, he is GONE. Cam is hurt that it's no choice at all for him. I am cheering. They are interrupted, but when Hodgins leaves, Booth tells Cam that maybe she just got off on the wrong foot with Brennan because Brennan was a foster child. Uh, maybe she got off on the wrong foot because she's been acting like a smooth (sometimes gracious) dictator ever since she laid eyes on Brennan. It's not just this case. Cam should have come around because of Brennan's expertise and capability, not because she feels bad about hurting the woman's wittle feelings.

Once you reach a certain level of specialization in any field, you aren't micro-managed anymore. You have autonomy because your creativity and innovation demands it. That is how you are able to achieve singular results; it's not just a matter of deference. So, the idea that Brennan would be working in a job where she is constantly saying, "yes ma'am" and "may I" is ridiculous to begin with.

How long before Cam accuses him of being so loyal to Bones because (she assumes) he and bones are sleeping together?

Brennan tells the boys parents that as a forensic anthropolotist she is brought in when the remains are too decomposed to be identified through normal means.

When Brennan approaches the kids on the street, she says she is not a cop. They look at Booth and say he is most DEFINITELY a cop, which is pretty funny. Later he tells Hodgins to go up to Kelly, the runaway girl, because "apparently" he looks like a cop.

So, in the end it turns out that Kelly's brother, the foster boy, killed Dylan so it wasn't her. But he hit him with a pipe, like Cam thought, so they were both right. Ugh! They weren't both right to me, because by herself Cam would have had a 15 year old innocent girl in jail for a murder she didn't commit.

So, Brennan goes to the restaurant to see Cam and tells her that she has control issues according to Booth. And that she realizes they have to share the work. Cam says that not everyone's mind thinks as fast as Brennan's and she has to mole (I think) first before coming to conclusions. She says that maybe Brennan can have 3 get out of jail free cards a week to defy her without explanation or recrimination. And they share fries together (Cam recommends with mayonaise and Brennan had some with Booth there with catsup in a recent episode). It's nice, but I just don't like that they are trying to make Brennan partly wrong when the SCRIPT didn't make her that wrong at all. They should have changed the story if they wanted the audience to see blame on both sides.

They say that Booth reads people the way Cam reads pathology reports or Brennan reads bones. Well, I'm not sure that Booth does exactly that. I haven't noticed him being a spectacular judge of character or especially sharp and insightful, but whatever. He's uncanny and Cam hates him, oh she doesn't really hate him and Brennan laughs. yeah, ha, ha. I guess we will have to resolve Cam's unresolved feelings for Booth in a future episode. I can tell they'll end up sleeping together, even though Booth's heart isn't really with her.

Meanwhile, Hodgins leaves Angela a rose. I don't mind their (rose)budding romance I just think Hodgins feelings came on sudden and are too obvious and worn on his sleeve to be realistic.

So, did Temp have someone in her past, when she was a foster child who made life worth living like Kelly did? She talks to the girl as if from experience, since we know that she hates psychology and wouldn't just do it from what "they" say about foster children. Her brother wasn't there for her, so who was? Someone that we'll meet?

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