Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Girl in Suite 2103

So, again we have Cam with the "everything must go through me, first" routine. No person with a staff of 4 and a job doing autopsies wants everyone to check with her before they fax a simple sheet of paper. She tells them she is the circus ringleader, the biggest curve in the loop. How many different ways can this woman think to say, "I'm the boss." Does she want every single detail so that she will be the one to report back to Booth, the closest contact he has to the forensic staff, an excuse to spend more time with him?

I like the fact that Hodgins plans to tell Booth something and keeps walking out the door even though Cam objects that he doesn't have her permission. He doesn't do it defiantly. He's just unconcerned. Cam doesn't know that his family has money and practically owns the lab they work in. I look forward to the day when he may have to do something to have her put in her place. Although, it could be that Cam will grow out of her power demands. Tamara Taylor is still with the show in 2012 and I don't think these control struggles will last for 5 straight years, so there's a good chance that this too will pass.

First Temp tells Booth he's deferring to Alex because he's a midget and then when Booth yells at him, she asks, "why are you being so mean?" She changes from one position to its polar opposite in talking about midgets, romance and everything else and the writers don't even realize that her character has no real consistency. Her manner is the same, thanks to Emily, but what she says is dependent on what the script needs her to say, not the person that the show has failed to fully mold yet.

Booth continues to emphasize the fact that Cam is more into him than the other way around, by telling her not to think of him when they are working, especially not to think of him naked. You'd think that was just thrown in for humor, but then she caresses his head and tells him to go get some coffee.

First of all, other than being self-conscious around Brennan (which Cam should question) it's not clear why Booth wants to keep their relationship a secret. They are actually employed by different people and it's fraternization of a sort, but not the worst kind. Second he tells her that Angela is practically psychic about what people are doing sexually. Well, Angela is not the only one. Brennan knew that he and Camille had a past when she first saw them together too. Plus, even in this episode she picks up that the waitress is hitting on Booth. So, she would notice the familiar glances and gestures between Cam and Booth too, usually. but she doesn't because the script doesn't want her to.

Thirdly, why DID Cam caress Booth's head? She could have told him to go to the coffee shop (so that she could manufacture evidence outside of his presence) in some other way. He jumps up immediately when she does and whisks Brennan away, but I don't know if he thought the touch was a little much.

At the coffee shop, Cam suggests that they make the evidence point to the son with the mother who possesses diplomatic immunity so that she will waive it, to protect her kid. Since they are not going to actually take that evidence to trial, I don't see it as an immoral act. Booth says he doesn't want to go around diplomatic immunity because when our Americans are overseas, he wants THEIR diplomatic immunity to be honored. I support that completely, which is why we should not torture POW, no matter what horrible things they are suspected of having done. however, if the mother WAIVES diplomatic immunity, that's not exactly dishonoring it. Indeed, she eventually does waive it. I guess that if the fact that she was tricked into waiving it came out, that would lead to retaliation, whereas her doing it because she was plagued by guilt (and feared the treatment she would get in an Colombian court) is a different matter.

Still, I don't know if what Cam tried to do and backed off doing as soon as Booth waived an objection would be cause enough for me not to trust her, in Brennan's place. She didn't go behind their backs and she was going to lie to a criminal suspect (which police do all the time) not to authorities. So, I don't see a moral lapse exactly. Booth says that Cam is, at heart, a cop. More of a cop than I think a coroner should be, in fact. And she just wants to get the bad guy. but he says they have to remember not to become the bad guys. Well, that's fine, but he should have those same principles when he's interrogating and bluffing a witness, not just when he thinks Americans abroad or at war might suffer because of his conduct.

Anyway, Brennan's reaction to what Cam did and Booth's veto put them on the same side. Does that explain why what he feels for Brennan is stronger than the feelings that never expand beyond the sexual attraction he has for others? Maybe, but since neither of their ethical convictions seem that strong yet, I wouldn't try to base their alliance and relationship cement around it.

As for Cam, she made jokes when she first appeared about blaming others if the case fell apart or wanting to get finished early so she could kick off and go play poker or something, but they were just jokes, I thought. They haven't revealed much about her true character and what she would or wouldn't do, what lines she wouldn't cross. We need to know this is they are going to compare her values to someone else's. When she bought the manufactured evidence file she said that everyone helped her with it, except for Zack who wouldn't help until she threatened him. Well, I know more about Zach now. I need to see her do something questionable in the field before I can really determine what she's willinmg to do for a conviction. Right now, she seems to be more talk. I never had to spend much time wondering about Andy Sipowicz's make up, but this show refuses to make characters who are as definite. As a consequence, they are also not as deep.

I like teams working together. I don't like people who create conflict within the team. So, I don't want Cam to stir up as much trouble as she has so far. When you have outsiders coming between the lead characters (i.e. Diana Fowley) that's fine, as long as they ARE the outsiders or antagonists. I can't stand for anyone within the team to be that agitator on a regular basis. It makes it too stressful for me to watch, because I just end up getting mad. So, I would prefer if Cam not sleep with Booth and not continue to wield her power over everyone else. I like it when they all work independently, but together.

Not clear why Angela is resisting Hodgins. Maybe she could talk to Brennan about that, since Brennan was her best friend awhile back. Angela was a great flirt and she knows Hodgins is after her, so does she ignore him because they work together or what? She used to hit on Booth (lightheartedly), so I don't think that would be a problem for her, but they've changed her personality. I'm not sure she's the same brazen person who flashed her breasts at the airport ticket counter when the series started.

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