Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Woman in the Sand

For some reason, Brennan is anxious to return home from Las Vegas with her body. Booth demurs and says since they found a second corpse, they need to stay and investigate. Does he just want to stay to spend more time with her? The way he closes the computer screen to end their Skype call with Cam suggests that might be his motive. Why does Brennan not want to stay? She seems hesitant to have the team work without her. She tells Cam not to keep her out of the loop and Cam says, "as if we could." It's true. The team can work without Cam's input and they did go without a coroner (or at least without one that got screentime) before Cam came to the Jeffersonian, but not without Brennan's.

Again, there's no rhyme or reason to why these people switch positions. When they first found the 5 year old corpse, Booth was skeptical because the tip as to its location came from a prostitute. Brennan asked why the information was invalid just because of her profession. Then, they flop and Booth wants to stay and she wants to leave, after a 2nd body is found. I guess Booth sees it as a real investigation now, rather than just a 5 year old mob hit. But he's the one who often doesn't want to waste his time outside of Washington, like when Angela's boyfriend was murdered, forever. He wanted to get back home then. What's the difference now?

Aha, like Brennan I'd forgotten that Bones was a "degenerate gambler." It hits him when he enters the casino and needs a moment to collect himself. Could that be his sub-conscious reason for wanting to stay?

So, why is Cam calling her "Dr. Brennan" while Brennan still says "Cam?" She answers the phone, "Hi, Cam" and the response is, "Dr. Brennan . . ." Over the phone, they hear Booth telling Brennan she looks hot and both Angela and Cam smile. Cam's smile looks genuine, not like she just plastered it on for Angela's sake. In fact, she was smiling before Angela was. So, I guess she's not mooning.

So, since Brennan knows nothing about pop culture, how does she know how to talk like a "dame" when she and Booth go under cover to the boxing gym? She says she got it from when her dad used to watch Clara Bow movies. Huh? I don't think her father would be old enough to be into Clara Bow, the silent film star. Plus, as risque as movies might have been before the Hayes code, I don't think Clara Bow ever played a role that would inspire the way Bones was acting. She says, "That's how I always imagined Clara Bow would sound like." Ridiculous explanation. Surely there are molls in talkies that Brennan could have said she modeled herself after. Plus, I don't think Clara Bow chewed gum. That is an affectation for low class women that they adopted in movies after her era.

Hard to believe that Booth actually impresses all of the professional boxers with his moves, but watching him at the bag, Brennan seems to experience real pride, not the pretend kind and it translates to me as more pride than admiration or awe at his prowess, as if he really is her guy.

Booth had wanted to play a married couple, but Brennan resisted. She said she didn't need a piece of paper to prove her commitment. Well, that's progress. A few episodes ago, she sounded like she didn't believe in commitment at all, said people weren't designed to be monogamous. Now does she think you can be committed, even if you eschew marriage or is she just willing to play the part of a committed woman for show. Booth introduces her as his (well Tony's) fiancee and she says, "we're more engaged to be engaged." Of course, them playing a couple is reminiscent of Arcadia, but not actually as cute.

Am I really supposed to believe that Hodgins wasn't deliberately provoking Zack into hitting him? He would say those things to him just in a normal exchange between the two of them? Ridiculous. But at least they did bring up the subject of Zach's unfinished dissertation and voluntary stagnation.

Brennan stays in character and yells "Tony, Tony," when Booth is unexpectedly hit and actually doesn't seem that concerned about his injury, even suggesting that he fight again and lose, when I would have expected her to discourage it. Well, it's good that she's not maternal or nurturing.

So, did these guys just get one hotel room with a big king bed?

In the end, when she is about to reveal the second reason she bet on Booth to win the fight (the first being it would help them to find their killer), I thought she was going to say it was because she believed in him. But actually it was something less corny than that. She said it was "beginner's luck." She's been winning ever since she got in Vegas, so she feels that if she bet on Booth he couldn't lose. Sound silly? No, he says softly, it sounds familiar. That's very nice as it means 2 things: it means that's the mentality he had when he first came to Vegas and won $10K with just $35 (only to lose it all the next day) but it's also the way he feels about working with her in the FBI, even when his boss was against bringing her in. He felt that if he bet on Brennan he couldn't lose. Nice expression of sentiment, without really saying much at all.

He resisted this time, but he will fall off the gambling wagon at least once (probably twice) before this series is over. I know it.

Anyway, from what I've read, Bones loses it's mojo in the later seasons (don't all longrunning tv series) and it may get bad, but right now, I'm admiring Boreanaz's work. Three years on Buffy, five on Angel and now this . . . good parts and production on all the shows. Memorable work over 15 years, nothing to sneeze at.

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