Friday, July 20, 2012

The Glowing Bones in the Old Stone House

There's been a body found that glows and they take pills and put on a biohazard suit to ward off radiation, as they investigate.

Brennan tells him Angela turned down Hodgins again. He says it's weird talking about them when they're trying to avoid poisoning. He's the one who brought up the subject to her last week after they arrested a wife for murdering her husband's mentor. Now, he thinks it's weird to discuss?? That's how this show is. They switch views as the script needs.

She says she doesn't necessarily believe in love. She believes in chemistry created by scent, dopamine and other biological triggers. She tells him that symmetrical features are an indicator of a good breeder and they attract the opposite sex. Their guide laughs and asks how long they have been going out. What? They inadvertently knock visors. They say they are partners. The guide says he and his partner talk baseball.

Booth says there are some things like love that can't be measured in her lab.

There's no radiation in the body's location, they find. So, it's a mystery why the body is glowing.

When Cam sees the body she says, "If you twirl her around we can pretend we're at a rave." This is the same woman who got mad at them for being callous and not thinking of the corpse as a human being last week. So, stupid. She asks Hodgins what the reason for the glowing is and he says everyone thinks his job is so easy. "I am not a party trick."

Cam says, "Are you ok?" To remind him just who he is speaking to.

Cam asks if Brennan needs the left hand and she says no, too fleshy and Cam says, "just how I like them" and she cuts off a finger. She is talking about the left hand like she talks about KFC and next week she'll be telling them to show respect for the remains. This constant character flip flop drives me crazy.

Brennan starts talking about a cave in New Zealand with glowing worms that's very romantic (Huh?) and Zach says, "yes, that's where he was going to take Angela for their honeymoon, if she'd said yes. Which she didn't." This is hysterical because Zach wasn't even trying to be sarcastic or mean. I think that's just what they do. Talk about each other's love lives whether the person is present or not. But both Brennan and Bones look nervous, scared of how Hodgins will feel. Angela is not in the room with them at the moment.

Hodgins takes it in stride and says he and Angela are cool. She's just complicated.
"I will figure her out though." I guess there's got to be another crisis and she will fall into his arms and get that special feeling that tells her it's the right time to say yes.

Cam puts the finger in Downey fabric softener and it unshrivels, so that she can get a print from it. Booth looks on.

Cam asks Booth about Hodgins and he says Hodgins is not ok. But Cam says he and Angela are still having sex, so all seems well. He says Hodgins wants more. Booth asks if she thinks all man wants is sex. She says, "of course not."

She says, men like food too. He says when they were together she didn't think they would marry did she? She says no. He didn't either, but wasn't there a moment, "when you felt . . ." She says what she felt was satisfied.

She felt grateful she had her own place and single life and he was grateful for that too, she points out. He asks why they are even talking about this? They just smile. He looks at the fabric softener bottle and reads. I guess a way to redirect the subject, lighten any tension.

They discover the dead woman is a chef. They talk about about her mac and cheese and even Brennan knows about it. Angela and Booth couldn't get into her popular restaurant (although with Hodgins' money Angela should have been able to) but Brennan says as a best selling author, "Booth. I get in anywhere." She took Sully there. Booth tentatively asks, "did he have . . " She answers, "he said it was the best he ever ate." Booth gives a nasty look. Funny how he goes from a conversation with one romantic conquest (Cam) to one romantic possibility (Temp) in the same lab and gets a little bounced about by both of them.

Brennan gets a little choked up because she met the dead chef, Carly. She's used to victims being strangers.

They go to the restaurant to see Carly's husband and Booth steals some mac and cheese off a passing waiter's plate. Bones slaps his hand.

Cam tells Hodgins and Angela that she's tired of them mounting each other in the office and they should show a little professionalism.

Carly's assistant, Abby is missing too. Sushi bacteria on a knife caused the bones to glow. They go to interview the sushi chef and Booth eats ravenously while they talk to him, while Bones tries to discourage him from doing so.

Angela asks if she regrets letting Sully go. Angela says that she is influenced by Brennan saying that marriage will harm her freedom. That's why she says no to Hodgins. She keeps hearing her friend's voice in her head.

Booth goes back to the restaurant and accuses Carly's husband of killing her for money and out of jealousy because she was seeing the sushi chef. The husband, Dan, rushes Booth who slams him on a table. Brennan tells the guy, "You know I'd back down. He shot a clown once."

Abby's boyfriend seems all earnest and torn up over Carly and the missing Abby. I bet he's the murderer.

They find Abby in a trunk alive. Hodgins says she was locked up for 36 hours and was only thinking of surviving. Cam realizes she was insensitive talking about the smell in the trunk and says she forgot Hodgins had been buried alive and says that if it is too difficult for him. . . It's not, he interrupts; he only wants to catch who did it. Oh-ho, that reminds me that the Gravedigger has to resurface in another episode. He'll go after Hodgins and that's when Angela will agree to marry him, when she's so thankful that he survived. Again. [I was wrong on that count]

Brennan and Angela talk more and Angela said it's not all bad that she's hesitant about marriage. Brennan says that she is not the person to ask about relationships, but she knows that sharing a strong emotional attachment to another person can be a good thing. "But there seems to be a disconnect between my mind and . . ."

If a relationship is more than casual, Brennan gets scared, Angela observes. Brennan says "but I miss so much, don't I?" Angela says, "Yeah, you do and so does whoever you're keeping yourself from." I think Booth is going to walk in right then, but it's Zach instead.

Hodgins tells Booth he fell in love with a free spirit and if getting married crowds her, then he's going to stop pushing. He doesn't want to drive her away like Booth did with Rebecca. Whoa, Booth reacts. He says they both, he and Rebecca, agreed it wasn't right. Hodgins: "You asked and she said no." Booth: "Well, when you say it like that."

Hodgins says, but if it had been right, as long as you have a life together, marriage doesn't matter.

Booth doesn't buy it, but humors him and says great, then why not marry. He says Booth puts on a macho front but he understands. Booth says he doesn't. He's just trying to catch a murderer, "but you seem to have gone way past that." Hodgins says that most guys are not secure enough to admit they get it. Hodgins is funny, because Booth isn't being understanding at all, not even deep down. He's being flip and hasn't agreed with anything Jack has said. Booth says, "I have a headache." Hodgins hugs him. Booth pries Hodgins off. "It's so much easier just to fight and shoot guns." He sees Temp in the foreground and is eager to get away. "Bones she's (Abby) awake. We're going." I bet Bones and Booth will have a big talk about the concept of relationships in the end, since they've both talked to everyone else about the subject.

So, they talk to Abby who says, "do you know what it's like to be buried alive" and Brennan is like, oh funny coincidence, I was just buried alive a few months ago and we used the airbags for oxygen . . . she gets choked up giving this victim TMI and Booth, to his credit instead of getting all mushy with her and she remembers her fear says, "that was a rhetorical question."

Ben, Abby's boyfriend, had sex with Carly (rape?) just before she was killed. They think he attacked Carly. I'm not sure, but I bet Abby was in on it.

They talk to Ben. He killed for insurance money, but why the rape, Booth asks? Did he get turned on thinking about killing her, Booth asks. Ben: "I want a lawyer." Booth: "I bet you do."

In the car, Brennan said Carly was going to teach her how to cook (all of this after one restaurant visit, between the 2 women?). Carly told her that cooking was a way of loving. Brennan wanted to learn how to cook, but is scared to learn how to love.

Booth agrees that food is love. That's what family dinner is all about. Those are some of his best memories. She blurts out, "I'm not as cold as everyone thinks Booth." I bet this episode ends with them eating together.

He says her comment is a leap, but she rambles on. Just because she thinks marriage is an antiquated ritual doesn't mean she doesn't want Hodgins and Angela to be happy, she insists, apropos to nothing.

She needs emotional and physical intercourse, "just like you."

Booth: "yeah. Sure, ok. Good for you with that."

Bones: "Did I make you uncomfortable."

Booth: "No [he says too quickly]. Let's just focus on the case."

Bones: "I did make you uncomfortable." He just tosses her a scared look.

But acutally, I haven't seen Booth exhibit the need for emotional intercourse. He runs from that.

Cam tells them over the phone that Abby was lying. Her bruises don't indicate she was thrown around in the trunk. When Cam heard Booth's voice over the speaker phone, she seemed surprised he was in the car. Where would she expect him to be, if Brennan is out in the field, he'd be there too. Guess she was just surprised he was on the phone.

They find no evidence that Carly was raped. Ben and Carly had consensual sex in Abby's carThey Abby was the mad girlfriend. The squints reenact it and Booth and Bones listen in the car. Bones laughs because Zach is always the murder victim. They deduce that Abby locked herself in the trunk afterwards, thinking she'd be found quickly, but the rain kept people from seeing the car. So, that's why she was locked in for 36 days.

When confronted, Abby cries a lot. Overacting almost as much as Zach did in the reenactment.

Instead of proposing again, Hodgins simply says "Be my love" to Angela, spelling it out in the lab with glowing fish bacteria and she says, "yes. Let's get married." She asks him, because he didn't pressure her for more and that's all she wanted. He says yes.

She wants a big wedding right away. Next week. Why the rush? The wedding episode must air during sweeps.

Yep, I was right about the show ending with them sharing a meal. Booth is at Brennan's apartment and she is cooking for him. She makes mac and cheese. She's telling him she loves him, with the food.

"All this work just for me?" He asks. She says it wasn't that much.

He thinks the food is good. "You like it?" He says he'd like to be alone with it.

"Thanks Bones."

"Yeah, well. We have to eat, right?"

"Yeah. We gotta eat. We always gotta eat." Hunched over, he digs into his plate with relish.

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