Monday, July 23, 2012

The Widow's Son in the Windshield

Written by Hart Hanson; maybe he can redeem himself following the awful cliffhanger last season.

They are at the lab, interviewing someone to replace Zach. An applicant examined a skull and got cause of death correct, but knows he failed to impress Bones. Cam doesn't want him to worry, "I'm still not completely certain what Dr. Brennan thinks of me." Well, why would she care? The comment was not just a joke, because this is the same insecurity she showed when she was new and told Booth she badly wanted it to work with Bones.

Booth takes Bones to the crime scene and she wonders why she is there. He said in the old days, she used to BEG to come out in the field with him. He says nowadays, "I can barely get you out of your lab coat," which sounds sexy. She says she has to stay at the lab with Zach gone.

Booth says she doesn't even bother to correct him when he botches technical terms anymore [guess the thrill is gone]. Zack left 3 months ago. How hard can it be to replace him, Booth wonders. With her in the lab, they are not working at their "full, symbiotic potential. It seems like maybe you don't want to work with me anymore." Describing her neglect, he poutily taps the windshield that she is looking at where a skull has fallen through.

Hodgins (with a nice new haircut) and Ang (with her hair looser and more flowing and a lighter color) are at the diner to try to figure out how to annul her marriage. She doesn't know the husband's name. He signed the license with an X. He is tall and black, she recalls and she can sketch him for the private eye.

In the lab, Cam tells Brennan she's interviewed 17 peoople and should make a decision about replacing Zach. Brennan doesn't see the problem, since she's working overtime in the lab to make up for Zach being gone. Brennan finds that the victim's face was chewed off by a cannibal. Hey this episode is 5 years old, but this type of cannibalism has happened 3 times just this year, 2012, in real life. The squints think that someone was eating the flesh from people and dumping their bodies into dump trucks from the free way overpass. That practice sounds like an easy way to get caught to me, since an overpass is really out in the open, but they want to make the murders as bizarre as possible, I suppose.

More shots of Brennan in the opening credits than of Booth. I don't like that, but DB is now a co-producer, so I guess he's doing ok. Emily is a co-producer too. Her name comes later in the credits than his. Actually, there are about 20 producers now.

Angela says that Brennan is avoiding Booth (I thought she was just missing Zach) because she and Hodgins left her and Booth alone at the altar and that iconic image of the two of them at a wedding altar really freaked Bones out. Bones says it didn't.

Angela says she is not guessing the truth, she is telling Bones what the truth is, so that Bones can catch up to her own reality.

Brennan tells Booth she has a lot of lab work. He says the applicant, Clarke can do it and it won't take as long as she claims, will it? He asks Clarke for the truth, but Clarke doesn't want to openly disagree with Brennan. Booth makes a face and says, "Zach would have told me."

Booth goes out with Cam and asks how hard it can be to hire one weirdo squint and she should do it herself, not wait for Brennan. She says usually when he gets frustrated it's because he thinks something is his fault. Oh really, she can read him that well? You'd think they'd been married rather than having just dated for a few months, at two different times. He sheepishly admits that Bones might be mad because he arrested her dad. It would be sweet if he says this to Brennan and she rushes to assure him that that's not the case. Could make for a tender moment.

A violinist was the victim. Is the killer a violin-stealing cannibal? Booth has to admit that his theory sounds stupid, but isn't it symbiotic working together. She asks him if that his word of the day? Hey, look even if she feels awkward being around him, does she really have to hurt his feelings like that?

Cam tells him to just take Angela to an interrogation with him, since Bones is unwilling. Cam calls Ang a mindreader. Brennan, being very literal, says that Ang just reads body language. Cam says she was just joking. Ang looks through the glass as Booth talks to the witness and gives him tips through an earpiece he is wearing. I hope that Ang does such a good job analyzing the witness that Brennan gets a little jealous.

He is following Ang's advice while he talks to the witness. He never had to rely on Bones this much in an interview. It's like he has no skills of his own. As if they hear me, soon his instincts take over and he begins to alter Ang's suggested questions as he speaks. Teamwork. Except he also snaps at Ang to be quiet when Ang tells Booth he is brilliant and he shhs her, even though the witness is not supposed to know the earpiece is there.

The 19 year old violinist was involved with the wife of the secret service director. The director used to watch his wife have sex with others. Booth arrested him for voyeurism. [Voyeurism? That's not against the law, is it?]

Booth thinks he found a place where ritual cannibalism took place and Booth wants Bones to go. She doesn't want to. At this point, I almost want Cam to order her to go and I think Booth nearly does too, but instead Cam tries to gently talk her into it and succeeds. So, Bones is uncomfortable with Booth, but to this extent?? It's unprofessional of her and the extent of her avoidance isn't warranted by mere social discomfort. I wish he would stop asking her to come out, stop chasing, and then she'd have a change of heart.

As they wait for a vault to be opened, Booth reminds her that she said she understood when he arrested Max. She says, "Don't start again, Booth. We'll be together again as soon as I replace Zach." So he has already revealed his sense of guilt to her and she let him go on feeling bad, because of her own insecurities? I was hoping she didn't fully understand how much he was truly bothered by her coolness, but she's well aware. This annoys me.

In the vault he says, "Maybe you're mad at me subconsciously." She denies it. "Something has changed between us. You can at least admit that, so we can figure this out."

He sees a blinking light and thinks it's a bomb (or maybe I'd like to think he only pretended to think that) and throws her on the ground to shield her. He's on top of her; she laughs at him and says, "Why are your eyes closed?" He says he thought they would be blown up [nice try, but did he close his eyes when he saved Zach from being blown up]. She tells him it's just a transmitter blinking, not a bomb. He pulls (yanks) her up from the ground. She says, "I'm curious. In an explosion how would shutting your eyes help?"

"Huh? It does ok Bones. It just does." He says hastily.

They find bones (and the violin) in the vault.

At the lab with everyone working on the vault contents which will take months to sift through, Booth realizes that this is just the excuse Bones needs to stay out of the field. Booth tells the squints that they are enabling someone with a mental problem, Bones.

Zach enters then and says he was sent home from the army. Zach doesn't want to talk about himself at the moment. He says he just wants to "get into whatever it was you were talking about before Dr. Brennan's mental problem." They laugh and it's like he never left. But I'm sure that he sustained some trauma in Iraq that will eventually be revealed [well, it wasn't as traumatic as all that].

Zach helps Bones realize the killer (eater) had a diamond tooth. She tells Booth and surprises him by saying she wants to be in on it when he interrogates the man.

She says she can work with him now that Zach's back. He says, "It's that simple." She is on alert, "Why? Did Angela say something to you?" Booth says no and just says, "Welcome home, Zach."

They tell the suspect to bite a mold. Booth says he has a warrant for the tooth in the man's mouth, so either he has to bite or Booth will make him? Can he do that? I know you can get body stats because that's not self-incrimination through testimony, but I don't think you can physically force someone to give a tooth impression.

TPTB have the suspect say, "Babies taste kind of like fish," before biting down into the pink mold. They were definitely going for Silence of the Lambs creepy.

Not that reluctant to talk at all (and I actually like the fact that like Booth Zach often blurts out the answer to your question even if it's not appropriate. Zach tells Cam that they sent him back from Iraq, because he failed to assimilate, despite his accomplishments. Zach wears a shaved head now, making him look a little crazed and skinheady. If Cam is concerned about whether or not she can put him on the witness stand, as she has been in the past, then she'd tell him to grow back some hair.

The army said he was detrimental to a military team approach. The way he recites what they said, you can tell that it hurt him deep down. Cam says he's good for their team. He used to have a crush on Brennan. She was so thrilled to see him that should make up for any pain he suffered from the military exclusion. But a psychiatrist told him he should question why he can only fit in at the Jeffersonian.

Cam says, fitting in there is a heck of a lot more than some people can do. And it's true. As closely as he works with them, he should not be worried that he cannot be a group player.

Zach discovers there's a 2nd, older cannibal. Bones tells him good work and asks Booth, "See why he should never have left?" Booth never said that Zach should go. Why say that to him?

As they wait to see the suspect in jail, Booth follows up on this and says that Brennan must have been upset that he didn't stop Zack from going in the first place.
She agrees that he could have told Zack that Iraq wasn't the place for him and why didn't he do that? He says that whatever Zack's weird, strange deal is, he is a man. Oh no. So, he is saying he was jealous of Zack? No, he finishes by saying that Zach is a man who wanted to serve a larger purpose, so he thought he'd let him. She accuses. Is he saying it's an alpha male right of passage to go to war? He says, "no, Zach needed to leave the nest, the same way that you did, when you wanted to leave the lab and see the world for the first time and I helped you do that. How could I stop Zach from doing the exact same thing in his own way?"

So, despite what Angela said, the way Bones is acting it really is like her grudge against Booth had to do with Zach and not being left at the altar. She is more aware than Angela thinks. Maybe she felt that in not caring that Zach went, Booth was not as caring a man as she imagined he was. In the past, she has had to urge him to be nice to Zach, so maybe this is truly a hot button with her and she thinks his coldness (even if it's imagined by her) towards Zach is something that flies in the face of her other admiring feelings for him.

When they get inside the jail, their one cannibal has committed suicide. So, they don't know who his older mentor is.

Hodgins' conspiracy theories about a Secret Society and the illuminati help them find clues in the case and Booth gives him a sincere thanks. It is too earnest for me, since he had not been ridiculing Hodgins in an extreme or hurtful fashion and it was never like he didn't appreciate him. So, I don't know why they had to have a bro moment. But it is in keeping with the theme that he is more caring towards the male squints than Bones gave him credit for being. Not that either of them need his compassion. They like him macho.

Hodgins says that the truth reaches high up and that it will probably get them all killed, so he tells Booth to "be safe." The violinist was having an affair with the Secret Service director's wife and the director enjoyed it. So, is that the "high up" where the case is heading.

In front of the Washington Monument (I think Scully and Mulder met there once, maybe in Little Green Men and maybe in FTF) Bones is so wrapped up in figuring out the case that she doesn't listen when Booth hands her scalding hot coffee and she is about to drink it when he puts his hand between her lips and the cup. She says, "thanks" and he slowly lowers his hand.

They don't have the other killer yet, as the show winds to an end. Booth says that solving the case will be a marathon, not a sprint. The serial killer case is big and the murderer is bad. There's something else he has to know: "are we solid?"

"You and me?" She asks for clarification.

No, he says that it's them and all the squints too. She says, "why are you asking me this?"

"Because you and me are the center."

"And the center must hold," she realizes.

Are they going to hold, he asks. "Yeah, we'll hold," she assures.

"We're the center," she repeats and he says it again: "the center." Then he is laughing. Why? "Because I thought you were going to kiss my hand again."

"I did not kiss your hand. You put it over my coffee cup."

"It felt like you kissed it."


"It felt like it," his voice gets high.

"No," she says quickly.

And the beat, their beat, goes on. But it is kind of nice that he says it felt like it, because he's joshing her on one hand, but on the other maybe it did feel like a kiss on the hand to him, because he wanted to think that's what it was akin to.

Anyway, if the darn coffee was that hot, it should have hurt his hand when he covered the cup like that. Why would he take the lid off for her anyway? Usually, you can (and should) drink hot liquids through lids like that. You shouldn't take them off so that coffee can splatter everywhere. But go as far as you need to from reality to make a joke and that was a very cute exchange between them.

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