Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Bodies in the Book

Temp's new book is out and she has been promoting it. Ellen, the publicist, sees Booth and says now she sees why Temp writes those dirty little scenes in her novels. Both Booth and Bones say that FBI character in the book is not him. Ellen then says that Temp needs a therapist. Why does Booth say the fictional agent is not him? In the past he has argued that Temp's character WAS based on him.

Booth tells Ellen that Bones does have a therapist, a short one. I guess he's getting back at for her telling everyone in the mansion that he was in therapy last week. She says that he's not short, just not freakishly tall like Booth which is kind of like what the midget said to Mulder in Humbug. I wasn't aware that Bones had a therapist.

A nerd plays Ellen's assistant, Hank. I thought he was one of the 3 nerds on Buffy, but he's not. He's Jonathan Slavin. I've seen him around before, but I don't know where. I don't automatically suspect he's the murderer because he's not that famous, is he? He could have been cast just for a bit part, after all. He's no French Stewart!

She's surprised Booth read her book. She said she didn't think he had time. He says if she has time to write them, he has time to read them. Did she put things in the book that she would have omitted, if she'd known he'd see them?

The group is gathered at the computer screen discussing the case. Hodgins whispers in Angela's ear romantically, while discussing the evidence so Booth does the same. Smile.

The Murderer in this case is copying what Bones wrote in her book. She feels a little defensive, like she caused the death. Booth wonders how she is holding up, which she thinks is unnecessary concern, then Sully comes in to see how she's doing and how the case is progressing. What are you doing here, asks Bones and Booth doesn't welcome the addition either, says he's got it under control. Angela says, "Testosterone spill on aisle 4."

Sully says two hands are better than one, but that's not the saying. It's 2 HEADS are better than one. By misstating it, Booth gets to say, "the last time I looked, I had 2 hands. See?" Did the writers not know the common saying or were they just willing to have one character mangle it to get what they thought was a good jibe in by the other? Rather desperate dialogue.

Booth says he's in charge of the investigation. Sully says that he was a profiler for 2 years. I think that Brennan has to put her foot down and tell Sully to get out. If she worked in a bakery then having Sully come in to protect her would make since, but she works with the FBI already. His involvement is just overkill and overprotective. I hope her sense of intrusion lasts and she doesn't start relying on his expertise. I don't think the writers will let that happen. In fact, at one point if she has to choose whose lead to follow, she'll probably go with Booth's.

I don't need to be protected, she protests to the two men. Both say in unison, "yes you do."

Booth gives Sully busy work and says send all the fan mail Bones got to Sully to examine, in his own office.

Cam is wearing the necklace her mother gave her posthumously. She says she can't bring herself to read Brennan's book, because she deals with murder too much at work. She reads feminist sex books instead. Makes me wonder if she would she read Brennan's book if she knew that there was sex in it, possibly relating to Booth? Does Sully think any of the characters in the book resemble Booth?

Bones doesn't let Zach and Hodgins know she's concerned, but she tells Booth that if the brother-in-law didn't kill the first victim, then there are two other murders in her book that someone might try to copy. He quietly says, "I know." There is a 2nd murder and when they find the corpse Booth says, "Is this how you kill the second victim in your book?" It is. But if he read the book, wouldn't he know that? He just said he knew there were 3 murders in it, but he doesn't know how they were committed. It's a pretty unique killing, with rats crawling all over the body in a cage. If he read it, you'd think he'd remember that scenario.

Bones feels upset that her book is precipitating murder, but says she has a method and the method doesn't change. She doesn't want to look for clues to the next murder in her book. She wants to do it in her lab. She leaves the room with voice quavering. Booth tells Sully, "She wasn't this emotional before you came." Sully says, "I thought you weren't interested." Well, Booth never said he wasn't actually. Booth is agitated now. "Look, I don't need that ok. Believe me ok." Don't need what? An affair with Bones? The accusation from Sully? He tells Sully to run along back to his office and sort through the fan mail.

Why are Cam, Hodgins and Zach excited about the need to x-ray rats to find if they ate the bullet out of the victim's body. They all smile with excitement at the prospect.

Hodgins says, "Do you have any idea how tight a rat's rectum is?" Angela pleads, "Please tell me you don't." Oh, the Richard Gere gerbil jokes of yore!

Brennan is stressed. Sully comes in trying to be lighthearted and she is annoyed, because she's in serious concentration. He says he knows what she's going through and she demands that he tell her what that is, if he's so sure he knows. He becomes sincere then and says he knows she's terrified. She says she doesn't like psychology. He says that's not what he bases his knowledge on. It's based on knowing her well. Really? How much time has passed since they started dating.

He says if she feels she trivialized murder in her books, he knows that she feels bad that she could have caused this. And Cam's reaction to what others tell her in the book indicates that she thinks it trivializes what they do as well. The books sound to her like lots of gore with a splash of political commentary thrown in.

She tells him statistically the murders would have happened anyway. He says, if only she believed that. "You don't know me as well as you think. We're just having a fling, so don't get carried away."

He says when you can't stop thinking of someone when they're not around and you remember their touch just like they were still there that's not a fling. They both know what they have, he insists. Hmmm. Does she feel those things for him? Does she think about him when he's not around?

He leaves. Later Booth comes in and says, "hey Bones. I thought you and, um, Sully were having lunch." She says she's not hungry.

Sully tells Booth to double security at the book signing. Angela thinks his concern is "hot", but Brennan says she doesn't need to be treated like a damsel in distress.

She says they've only been seeing each other for a month and he doesn't know her. I wouldn't mind her being disenchanted with him, but she's just in denial, I'm guessing. Her feelings for him are deeper than she wants to admit.

Is she afraid that he won't like her if he really knows her, Angela asks. She says since most relationships end badly, she just thinks it's reasoanble to stay in control. Angela says, don't use your brain so much. Don't rush to the end of it with Sully, just because she thinks most relationships don't last. Angela says she and Hodgins are running on sex and laughing. Hmmm. The ptb haven't shown them being intimate.

Brennan punches a suspect who reaches out for her and says she can take care of herself. Booth tells Sully, "you better watch it, dude."

Her book has sold 400,000 copies already. Sully wants her to cancel the signing. They argue and Booth sidles quietly back, with an amused look on his face, so as not to be in the middle of it. But they both say that they want Booth to go with her to the signing, that way it won't be personal.

Booth pulls a gun on an eager fan and Brennan says she's being extreme. He says are you coming at me like you did at Sully. What does that mean? "Far be it for me to stick my nose into your bedroom, but . . . " He says that he's known Sully a long time and he's one of the good guys. She says she knows Sully and Booth says, "And I know you." She just pushes people away when they get too close. Really? She hasn't pushed Booth away. In fact, he seems to have done more distancing than her. Anyway, Sully was being annoying.

Are fire ants really extremely dangerous. Because I've been bitten by them before.

Booth tells Sully, "don't let her bully you into leaving, man." Actually, I resent that. She didn't bully him at all. She just said she could take care of herself and didn't need him hovering over her at the job. Booth and Sully don't have to be all boys' club about it.

Booth says he trusts Brennan's theory that there were 3 separate killers, because she's all calm and relaxed. Sully says he'll remember that.

After the case is solved, Booth and Bones are in her office. She says their real life ending was better than her books. He says are you kidding. The anthropologist and the FBI guy have a fling in the back of a car at the novel's end. She says she was speaking of the arrest. Hmmm, to use Sully's definition if she's writing about Booth in her novels, maybe she's always thinking about him and can feel his touch even when they aren't together. She says, "Sully" who is walking up behind Booth. Not knowing that Sully is behind him, he says that she should apologize to him, because she was ragging on him and Sully is frail. Then, he sees Sully behind him.

Sully says he's not all that "frail" and congrats, because she and Booth make a great team working on the cases. Booth says, "so true." Bones says thanks for Sully's help. Booth feels out of place and Bones doesn't even hear him when he says he's got to leave.

Sully and Bones are alone. She says she did feel responsible. He says if she thought she was vulnerable and needed him he'd run? Huh? Maybe people don't like to feel vulnerable for reasons that have nothing to do with others. Maybe they just like their own strength and I didn't get a vibe from her that she was afraid to lose him, but there she goes confirming his conclusions. Ugh.

They kiss. Booth sees them from outside of her office. He talks to Hodgins, puts down a file and leaves. He wasn't smiling at the happy couple.

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