Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Killer in the Concrete

The DVD screen caption for this episode shows Booth buried under something, up to his neck. Based on the title, I'm thinking the killer might have him trapped in concrete. If so, I look forward to seeing Brennan worry about him being in jeopardy for a change.

Booth has a toothache, but won't go to the dentist. Bones guesses he's afraid of the dentist. The body they find is encased in cement, so they don't stay at the scene long. Brennan just has him ship the whole slab of concrete to the lab.

Angela drags her to the cemetery, to honor her mother's resting place, even though Brennan doesn't believe there's life after death. Bones buried her mother a whole year ago? I thought she did it at the end of the last season, which I think would put it less than a year ago. Of course, I haven't checked the air dates. Her father shows up at the gravesite while she's visiting and she calls the police on him. He says he wants to tell her some things about her mother. He says this several times during the show and I guess that's going to make up a future episode some time, more mother revelations. Ryan O'Neal doesn't look half bad and it wasn't taped that long ago, 6 years or so.

Booth says that he hasn't talked to his father in a long time and if he had the opportunity like Brennan did, he'd take it. Is his father dead? If not, why are they estranged.

She asks him if the suspect, a mobster named Ice Pick, could still be alive. He replies, "As a friend of mine once said, 'don't jump to conclusions.'" She said that if the evidence is in, it wouldn't be jumping to conclusions, "So, I never said that."

Bones, "I never said that the friend of mine was you."

A bounty hunter who once tracked Ice Pick shows up at the diner to talk to Booth. I guess she had an appointment. After she gives him her evidence that she saw suspect burn in fire, in which his leg was blown off by the explosion(I don't think he's dead and don't believe her testimony) she wonders why Booth doesn't check her out and says a guy like him must be going crazy in the FBI. "What kind of guy is that exactly?"

She says she reads people fast and he is not standard government issue and invites him o take a walk on the wild side. She says, in her job there's more fun, fewer rules and a lot of money. In the middle of the conversation, Cam and Brennan call Booth with evidence. Cam says Kennedy's leg was severed in the fire. Brennan says, "We don't call him Kennedy. We call him Ice Pick," Brennan is trying to adopt Booth's colorful language. Trying to get inside of his head, where Wyatt said she wanted to be, I suppose. Booth had said earlier to her that she wouldn't understand criminal psychology and I guess she's trying to be a little hipper.

Over the phone, they tell Booth that the bounty hunter was lying. The man wasn't incinerated and his leg was cut off, not blown off. They tell Booth to arrest the bounty hunter, but she is gone and driving off before he can get out the diner door. At the lab Cam asks "Was she pretty?" She doesn't figure the hunter would have gotten a jump on Booth unless it was a pretty female.

"She hoodwinked you because she was hot," Cam says.

"She wasn't hot. She looked like a man." Booth retorts.

Cam asks what's wrong with his tooth. Brennan guesses his anterior molar is infected. She tells Cam that Booth is afraid of the dentist.

The two women can't even discuss the case with him, they are so busy getting inside his head (and tooth) and telling him about himself.

In her office he tells her her father never killed anyone who didn't deserve it. "In the old west he would have been considered a hero." She says Max is a sociopath.

Booth won't go to the dentist, so she takes a look into Booth's mouth herself and then kind of wipes her hand on her smock. Well, she pulls at the buttons, but I think she only does that because Emily is wiping the saliva off of her fingers. She confirms that his back molar has been infected.

Booth says he would arrest the father, but "you know who maybe should forgive him? His daughter."

The squints conclude that the concrete was poured over the victim while he was still alive. He was thrown into the water and tried to swim to the surface using his middle finger, since other parts of his body had been paralyzed due to having been stabbed in the brain with an ice pick. I bet that Brennan's dad rescues Booth when/if he is buried in cement. This would be like Angel being buried alive in the sea by his son.

Bones is back at her apartment. The father shows up at her door with snickerdoodles. That just reminds me of Buffy telling Angel she wasn't a fully baked cookie yet. The father says Russ says hi. She asks if he has turned Russ into a criminal too. When he helped Max escape, Russ was already a criminal, but Russ had a record even before that. Is Russ in hiding too, with the dad? The script does not clarify.

She talks to her dad, but has speed-dialed Booth and he listened to their whole conversation. Unbeknownst to her the father knew what she was doing all along.

Booth uses a tip from Max to find Ice Pick. He tells the motel clerk he will need Ice Pick's room number, with a smirk. Ice Pick knocks Booth out and ties him up in a blanket (the pattern on the blanket is what I saw in the cover screencap shot, so Booth wasn't in cement at that time). He tells Ice Pick he is the first guy who got the drop on him in 10 years. DB likes to smile so much. As Angel when he had to have a dour expression for the most part, it must have been hard for him. When a somber Angel tells Buffy, "I'm a funny guy," the inside joke is that Angel is not, but David is funny, indeed.

It turns out, despite the nick name he still carries, Ice Pick is nice these days. He doesn't want to kill Booth. He said he only did that when he was working as an assassin. He never killed for fun.

He sticks a rag down Booth's throat and tells him to have a good day and it sounds like Booth says, "You have a good day" through the rag. Hilarious.

At the diner, Max walks in on Brennan, which is stupid. Since he's been hanging around her so much, how does he know she doesn't have FBI friends following her just waiting to nab him?

But her mind is on other things. She tells him Booth has been missing for 18 hours. I guess she'll forgive her dad when he finds Booth for her.

Max says Ice Pick is dangerous. He may be old, but he cut off his own leg. Brennan says Booth is tough too. What does the FBI say? "Nothing," Brennan admits. Max knows that they only give info on a need to know basis.

She feels helpless. Is she asking for help, he wonders. "Will you help find the man who's going to put you in jail?" Oh, Booth has let him get away before, he will again, even if Max doesn't find him.

Gallagher, the mobster who hired Kennedy (Ice Pick) to kill the victim found in cement, finds Booth the way Ice Pick left him and says what's it called when they wrap a sausage in a pancake (seeing Booth in a rug)? Pigs in a blanket.

After a good laugh, he pistol whips Booth.

At the Cam, I guess they'd suspended their work, but now Cam says she wants to start working again. Zach says they process evidence and there's no more to process. They process, Booth interprets says Hodgins(yeah? they usually interpret more than Booth does).

Cam wants something to help find Booth. They figure out that the victim was killed in a cab. Meanwhile, Brennan is investigating with her Dad, who gets information the aggressive way, instead of asking nicely. Brennan has to keep yelping, "Dad!" to get him to stop threatening people, physically and verbally.

They find the bounty hunter and the father is trying to get info from her verbally, but once Temperance finds Booth's tooth on the ground and knows he's in danger, she cuts to the chase and just punches the woman and says, "Where's Booth?" The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Max restrains her, but she's panicky. "Kennedy has Booth dad. He's got Booth."

Meanwhile, Booth is getting punched around by the mobster, Gallagher. They want to know if Kennedy is dead or alive, but Booth refuses to tell them, despite the torture.

They find a picture of Parker and threaten Booth with that. I'm tired of that kid. They savagely kick Booth. Reminds me of Angel being tortured, by Spike's goon for that magical ring.

At the lab when they confirm it's Booth's tooth, she heads for the door, almost tearful. Cam tells her she's not alone on this. "We all want to find Booth" and Temp says she knows she's not.

Angela demands to know where she's going and offers to help and she says she already has help. She has her dad.

We see that Bones is willing to break the law and to maim (or more) to get Booth back and after this is over, she will understand that her dad's not quite the sociopath she thought he was. She would go as far to protect those that she loves as he did.

Her father is smothering the bounty hunter when he gets to her and Brennan makes him stop. Temporarily. Then she says, "alpha man. Man of action. I get it" and lets him continue. They get the bounty hunter to talk and then leave. Ryan is actually doing some pretty good acting. I haven't seen him perform in a long time and he's better than I expected.

They tell the lab that Gallagher has Booth. Cam acts like she can't act until she knows how Brennan knows this. Why? Why not just trust Brennan since the stakes are so great and time is of the essence? Then, Angela reveals that they found out from Brennan's father who, she reminds all, is a wanted fugitive. Why would Angela breach that confidence? She's the one who led to an "innocent" rapist getting murdered by an irate father, so you'd think she'd know how to clam up by now.

Everyone looks at Hodgins. Is it because he's rich and he can help them? No, it's because he can find evidence on shoes or something. Angela wonders why all eyes turn to him whenever there's danger. I never noticed that that's happened and it's fine to stand by your man, but Hodgins is not in jeopardy and suddenly Angela seems less concerned that Booth is. She was going to go with Bones to hunt for Booth before and now she's acting like he's of secondary importance and that Hodgins is being oppressed because people looked to him to use his training to find evidence.

They eventually deduce where Booth is. Brennan lies to the FBI and says that Booth called in his location and to send in back up, "I'm going in." She and her dad head there.

Meanwhile, Booth is looking better than I would have thought in captivity, considering all that kicking and punching we saw him withstand. In reality, he wouldn't have a tooth (or brain) left in his head, if he'd been through that. They've had him for hours. Angel withstood it too, but he was already dead.

They light Booth's pants leg with a blow torch. Is this a Fox show? Major network, getting gritty. Man. I thought it was bad to see Mulder tortured in that alien chair that time, but things have changed since then. Still, they are playing music, so we don't have to hear him scream. Actually, he wasn't screaming anyway. He was trying to meditate the pain away, looking at a fixed point and remaining silent. Brennan and Max break in just then.

After they get to Booth, the FBI shows up and Max tries to escape. He asks for Brennan's car keys. From the ground where he has toppled over in the chair still tied up Booth says, "Max Keenan you're under arrest."

Brennan says the keys are in the ignition. She says to the wincing Booth, "What? It's not like I actually gave him the keys."

After everything is over and they are back at the diner, Booth says he didn't tell them about Kennedy, whether he was still alive or where he was because he needed to give Brennan time to find Booth. Oh, he had that much faith that she'd come, did he? "I've been tortured worse."

It is a good question as to why he didn't cave. Kennedy was a hit man. He's the one who brutally killed the first victim, but through torture. The ice pick didn't do the whole job. Burying him in cement did and it took hours for the guy to die. Who cares if the bad guys got Ice Pick? Was Booth trying to save his life just because the guy had been nice to Booth? Or did he think once he gave them the info he'd die anyway, so he had to prolong it as long as possible. I guess that last is it.

She asks what to do the next time her dad shows up. Does she call Booth or knock Max on the head.

He says that if he were her, he'd find out what Max has to tell her about her Mom.

She asks Booth if she knows this old song. She and Booth sing the "Keep on Trying" song that her father told her she liked as a girl.

Yeah, singing and dancing on tv shows really doesn't do much for me. Doesn't make me feel all gooey or nostalgic or moved. I was actually hoping that they'd share something more meaningful, now that he's safe from harm and she comes to grips with how worried she was -- she was more worried than his recent lover Cam, to be sure. I thought they'd talk.

They sing together and Booth states the obvious: yeah he knows the song, "What about it?"

"Nothing," Brennan says. "It's just a good old song."

"Keep on trying to get home to you."

The father wants to get back into Brennan's life. She wanted to get to Booth and I guess Booth was trying to get back home to her, while being held captive.

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