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The Boneless Bride in the River

As they are out in the field investigating again, Bones grumbles she was supposed to be on vacation. He says Sully should have taken her away on vacation.

She brings up his therapy again. He says don't knock it. There are pressures that build up on the job. She says that they do everything together and what does he have to contend with that she doesn't? He says, "YOU Bones. You don't have to contend with you."

Angela does not think she can create a face from the boneless body they have found. Cam asks her, "What's with the tone?" I don't like the way she's always letting them know they have to respect her. Cam's words were too mild to be a rebuke, but Angela really didn't have a "tone" anyway. I get tired of her treating them like school children to her head mistress.

Since there are no bones, no Bones. Brennan says she's back on vacation and prepares to leave. Oh, that won't last too long.

Cam and Angela think Hodgins and Zach are sick to inflate the skull of the boneless woman, like a balloon to see the contours of the face. Cam claims you can't see it without bone structure, but what they have blown up looks very much like a person to me, with distinct facial features. I would say that having wrapped around your skull for years that the skin would hold its shape, even when the bone is removed, so you could get a general idea of what the person would look like anyway, if you blow air into the emtpy skin. That's my unscientific sense.

Sully's thinking about buying the boat he's renting, even though he can't afford it. When they break up, because he's ready to retire and enjoy life and she's not, I'm betting she buys him the boat as a gift. In the show's defense, they did give us the reasons that I predict that they will break up (he wants to leave the FBI, travel, live life, etc.) when they first introduced his character. So, it won't be contrived in that sense. Clearly he will have to go, just as Booth's paramours will have to leave, just like all the Cartwright women had to die.

They found a knee cap. A bone for Bones. Booth goes to the boat to get Temp to examine the knee cap. He is interrupting the lovers. Sully sticks his head out of the cabin and asks if it is important. Booth: "Yeah, we got a bone." Sully, "tell me about it." Booth curls his lip and says, "the boneless girl."

Back at the lab Bones says he didn't need to interrupt her vacation. He says she said to call if a bone showed up and this is a bone. Well, I wonder, why didn't he call? Why did he go down there? Her hair is puffy, fuller than usual. I guess that's meant to show the free spirit that Sully imbues her with and also the fact that her hair is constantly mussed by the frequent sex they've been having. She says, Zach is capable. "you don't need me." Booth looks skeptical about that.

Zach says Angela has concluded that the victim's hair suggested Asian. Are they trying to pretend like the head that the boys inflated didn't also look Asian as well? After consulting, Brennan says she's going back on vacation and Booth looks bummed.

Booth goes to talk to Angela. A boat, she asks. Booth says yeah, last month Sully wanted to live in a tree house. The way he talks, you'd think he and Sully were best friends. He knows everything about him. So, it's weird we never saw him until the Everglades case.

Angela says Sully is like her and Booth says he doesn't see that. She says Sully is not made for all the murder and death. Well, she is an artist who fell into the FBI work at Brennan's bidding. Sully IS an FBI agent. So, I don't agree that Angela and Sully are alike, but she continues. Sully is a romantic. Booth is not, he wonders? No, he's a romantic of a narrower kind, Angela explains. He lives to catch bad guys. Sully lives wide. Booth objects that he also lives wide, far and wide. Angela smirks.

Booth does a roof top chase after a suspect and is not smooth and limber, while running and jumping. Instead, it is a realistic chase with him having trouble keeping up and tripping over obstacles. Even before it began he was having trouble sitting on a floor mat to interview the suspect.

Sully is on the boat telling Temp he needs to know how to handle the boat alone, "What if you got conked on the head and ran off with a pirate?" Booth, the pirate who will abscound with her, I suppose, comes up behind them at that moment. He climbed aboard without them noticing? Convenient. He pokes her with a book that he needs translated from Chinese. He thinks she might know someone who can do it. Of course, he's a honcho in the FBI; he could have found a translator himself or called her for one. He's being a deliberate pest.

Sully says Booth'll just keep on showing up so they might as well pitch in and help get the case solved. He sends Sully off on a purchasing errand and goes in the field with Brennan.

But aside from his need to interrupt her, Bones does go with him on the cases(for whatever reason. I have no idea why a foresnic anthropologist interviews witnesses), so it's silly for her to say that if there's no bone she has no work to do. He may not need her as a partner when she's on vacation, but she overlooked the work she does outside of the lab, when she said she wasn't needed if there weren't bones.

Booth argues with her and he says that's exaclty why he shoots up an ice cream truck, because she frustrates him. She says it's a good thing he's in therapy. Baiting her, he tells her he talked about her in therapy. No, he declines her request for information. He's sorry he's not going to share the details, since it was his therapy.

To find out who took the bones, Temp has to pretend to be the translator's girlfriend and Booth has to be her brother.

Booth correctly guesses that the woman they visit, who is speaking in Chinese, doesn't think Bones is good enough for the translator. The translator says he nailed it on the head. So, Booth does know how to read people, like the script tells us he does!

The owner of the house tells Booth his face has character and he says all the older ladies say they like him. As she is almost caught trying to steal a bone from the woman's house, Bones suddenly speaks Chinese, a skill that she didn't bother to tell Booth she had earlier.

Sully bought the boat and asks Brennan to go away with him to the Carribean. I know that he was on this road when he met her, but shouldn't he give their relationship time to mature before asking her to make a life changing decision with him? He wanted to get away all along, but having met her, can't he put his previous plans on hold for a bit, instead of asking her to ditch hers? He has a tear when she hugs him. Maybe it's because he can guess what her answer will be before she gives it.

She asks Angela what to do and Angela says go. She says, "I'll miss you guys." Angela again urges her to go, when Zach enters the room.

Translator tells Brennan she used to be dedicated to a much larger, timeless truth and now she is just a tool for smaller concerns. He thinks the bone-killing-stealing culture he is protecting is more important anthropologically than catching a murderer.
Surely, his words won't be something that convince Brennan she should get away from it all. It's not as if bringing murderers to justice is petty. So, I hope that we weren't supposed to think she feels guilty when he said that to her. She should have smacked him.

Booth says he is sorry that Sully is leaving on the boat. He'll be shipwrecked with a volleyball for company. He speaks, without considering that Bones might be going with Sully, until she says so. Booth stammers a little when he says it sounds like a good idea. What about Sully being shipwrecked with a volleyball. "He's got you. He doesn't need the volleyball." Says she should go. What's one year out of her life? A person has got to live wide and this is kind of narrow. He speaks anxiously, looking at her and she looks down when he says she should go. Shades of Buffy and Angel when Angel tells her that he thinks she should go away to college. It's clear to viewers that Booth doesn't want her to leave and she's hurt that he doesn't seem to care, well at least doesn't seem to, to anyone who is blind.

In the car, Bones compliments her on the fact that she got a good one this time (Sully). She thinks he's implying that he thinks she is incapable of making her own judgments. He goes down her list of losers. Mentions a physicist who couldn't tie his own shoes. I guess that's someone she had before the series began, along with the 3 guys we've seen her with since the show's been on.

She, Sully and Booth give chase to the suspect. Booth knocks him off of a roof and he lands at Sully and Bones' feet. Booth gloats, "He ain't bouncing around anymore more, now is he? See that?" Earlier when the lady said that Bones wasn't good for the translator Booth says, "She don't think you're good for him," so I guess they are making him be streetier than usual as a contrast to Sully.

Sully tells her that Booth is a really good guy. So, he sees him as a contender and is letting Brenann know that she wouldn't be making a wrong choice, if she chose Booth over him? Is that it? And why shouldn't he think of her reluctance to leave that way. She traveled extensively before settling down at her current job with Booth. Is Booth what makes her stay put for a change?

Sully thought that Booth talked her out of going with him and she says no, Booth told her to go. Angela did too. "Everyone thinks it's a great idea." Everyone except you, he says.

He guesses she won't go and she shakes her head that she's not. Why? She could be sailing around warm oceans with someone who loves her, tell him what is holding her here? I note he said love and she hasn't used that word yet.

Why doesn't she ask him what is making him leave this quickly? Give their new romance 6 more months. I think his proposition is stupid, selfish and premature. I bet he's been preparing to change his life probably since his partner was killed last year. Why expect her to take the plunge immediately after meeting him. He says he is worth the risk and she says he definitely is.

Rationally, she wants to go and knows she should, but she can't, she tells him. What she is doing is important, but not important enough to be her whole life, he insists. Yeah, I say, but she's not even 40 yet. Not 35. No one is talking about doing this her whole life. She's only been doing it for 2-3 years. He leaves. He was no prize.

Emily's face looks really gray and bumpy during that scene. I don't know where the make up and camera people were.

Booth got his suspect and gives Bones a thumbs up through the interrogation glass. He can't see she is crying behind the mirror. Hope he hugs her when he comes out.

Angela "married" the two dead peoples' bones in a drawing she has made, which makes Bones even more sentimental, but doesn't do anything except creep me out. These people had never met while alive. Why would they want to spend all of eternity together? Not a good way for the police story to combine with the heartstrings of the character plotlines to wring emotion from the audience. If the corpses had been real life lovers, maybe that would have worked.

She watches Sully sail off on his boat, which he named Temperance. Good riddance.

When she turns around all teary-eyed Booth is behind her. "What are you doing here?" I'm waving goodbye, he says."

"What do you want?" Breakfast.

She says she's not hungry. He puts an arm around her and says when is she going to vomit when they come across a horrific case. She says she doesn't vomit and he says give it time. "Give it time, everything happens eventually." When she's pregnant I'm sure she will vomit. He's prescient.

Does everything happen eventually she wonders. Hmmm. I'm wondering what she's hoping for. What does she want to happen eventually? He says all the stuff that you think never happens, happens eventually. You've just got to be ready for it.

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