Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Man in the Mud

A couple takes a dip in a hot bubbling mud (sulphur) pond and finds a skeleton.  Booth and Bones show up to check it out.  She gets a tanker truck to suck up the mud and carry it back to the Jeffersonian.

They go to Sweets and discuss the case.  They talk about the couple going out for a romantic evening, getting naked, only to find those bones when the girl is poked in the "anus."  Bones says it twice and Booth says, "You really like that word, don't you?"

Instead of wanting to get involved in it like he did on previous cases, Sweets seems bored and asks if it would be fair to say they use work to avoid personal issues.  He asks if they ever discuss anything that's not about work.  Sweets says even when Bones and Booth discuss their relatives, it's because they came up during a case.  [Not really.  Booth discussed Parker even before he was nearly kidnapped.  And they have discussed each other's love lives as well.]

Sweets says they have an inability to discuss their personal lives.  That's obvious, he thinks.  Booth doesn't like Sweets' tone and says he doesn't respond well to snotty.  Bones says they have a drink after a case and Booth has pie, but she doesn't like pie.  It's too sweet.  Booth says she should give pie a chance [bet she'll have a slice at the end of the show, but I was wrong].

Bones says it's better when they discuss murder though.  Sweets wants them to have an evening out where the subject of work is verboten and tells them to come out for an evening with him and his girlfriend.  Why?  They are supposed to be FBI partners, not friends.  If the show wants to use him as a profiler that's fine, but I wish they would stop using the premise that Bones and Booth need therapy just to keep this guy around and to further a relationship via plot shortcuts because they are, obviously, too lazy to build through good writing.

Sweets says if the night out goes well, he'll sign a consent form and release them back into their environment [so you know it won't go well].  Booth:  What are we, brook trout?

Bones agrees to the outing.  Sweets asks if Booth thinks it's too much to prove.  Feeling that he's being given a challenge, Booth takes the dare and says ok.  He has nothing to prove.

Sweets' girlfriend works with tropical fish.  They will be meeting at their ceramics class.

Victim, Tripp, was a competitive motorcycle driver.  Booth says Angela and Bones wouldn't know him because they're "girls" and Angela says she doesn't like that comment and follows up by knowing all about the race the victim won two weeks ago.

They interview another driver, Danny, who brings his lawyer.  Booth takes pleasure in showing the guy footage of how Tripp cut him off during the last race.  He got mad at Tripp for dating his twin sister Phillippa and cheating on her.  The lawyer is nervous about the questioning and calls Booth a cowboy and Booths tells him not to sweat it, "Princess."

Booth tells Bones that Danny's not afraid of him at all. Don't know why he says it.  It's an interrogation gimmick to get a reaction from the suspect, but I don't know what reaction they're going for.  If it's good cop/bad cop thing, it's way too obvious and even the tone of their voices is teasing, rather than truly conversational.  Bones says why should Danny be afraid of Booth when he goes around the track at such fast speeds.  Danny says, "now her I like."  He asks if Bones wants to go out with him sometimes and Booth says she does not.  Bones says let her speak for herself.  Booth reminds her he's a murder suspect.

Zach says that the murder weapon was "sharper than round, but blunter than sharp."  Cam said that actually made sense to her and Angela says she and Zach have been spending way too much time together.  Not enough, really.  But, again, is this a clue that the writers are heading in that direction?

In Sweets' office when talk has come to a standstill, Booth says he hates sitting in silence, although he notes that Bones doesn't mind it. Bones said Booth gets bored, when no one is talking.  She says that Booth talks and talks during stake outs.  She said that Booth doesn't just talk about work at those times and Sweets says she's lying to protect her partner.  Sweets says the office should be a truth zone.

Booth says he doesn't want to go on a date.  Sweets says it's a social outing for the purpose of evaluation.  Not only won't it serve that purpose, but I'm inclined to think it's probably unethical to propose such an event.  Booth says he's not a ceramics guy.  He wants to climb a wall or bowl.
Sweets says that, of course, Booth wants to do something Booth is good at [no, why wouldn't he just want to do something he might enjoy].  Booth says he'd go to a movie or dinner.  Somewhere where he doesn't have to make something.  Sweets insists on ceramics.

Driver Danny is test driving his new cycle (the one Tripp used to own) in front of Bones and Booth and his family when it fails to decelerate on a turn and he crashes and burns.

They go to the ceramics class and are dressed like hippies (although Sweets and his girlfriend, April, are not).  Booth is wearing a kerchief.  Bones is enjoying making pottery.  Booth makes a horse and Bones praises it.  Meanwhile, April and Sweets argue, as she thinks he is patronizing.

Booth tells Sweets "your thing there is drooping," [his sculpture].  Booth is thrilled with his own horse sculpture.  Bones and Booth start throwing clay at each other and laughing, so Sweets throws some at April, who only gets madder.  [Since this went well for Booth and Bones, does this mean they will be released from therapy?].

In the car Booth says, "Sweets didn't get any last night."  Bones said they're too young to be in a serious relationship.  In the old agrarian days, early relationships were necessary for survival, but that's not needed today.  Booth says, "You can play the field and not plow it."

Bones says that was distasteful.  She says she likes April.  Booth:  "She talks to fish!  Ok.  I'm with Sweets one this one."

Danny's father signed over 10% of the family's energy drink company to Tripp, to get him to stay with the driving team, since he was the best driver, so that would be an incentive for Danny and his sister Phillippa and other jealous drivers to kill Tripp.

They start looking at each other up and down and smiling while discussing the case, which is reminiscent of Mulder and Scully standing in the doorway of Pusher's bathroom, discussing crime evidence, but looking as if they were doing a lot more, if you couldn't hear their conversation.  Of course, Bones and Booth were kind of joking at the time, saying that once you put a theory out there, you couldn't change it.  No changeys and take backs!  Mulder and Scully hadn't been joking or flirting.  They were just gazing rather appreciatively.

April comes to see Temp.  Amazing how people get into the Jeffersonian unannounced, when I know it's got tight security.  April said fish choose their mates based on color striations.  But if the color changes, then attraction does.  She says there's an age difference between her and Lance. He just turned 23 and she's almost 27. [ So, then why was Lance trying to be the one to counsel her during date night, instead of the other way around?]

"What's the age difference between you and Booth?"  Five years Bones says [real life 7], but she tells April they aren't dating -- or aren't colored fish. 

It looks like Phillipa is the murderer, but her lawyer says she has a twin brother (now dead) and juries hate DNA evidence and twins.  So stupid.  Fraternal twins don't have any more DNA in common than a regular brother and sister would.   The lawyer says Booth can't win, but he says he is still going to make the arrest, to let everyone know what Phillipa did, including her father.

Afterwards, Bones said she is ok with what Booth did in the interrogation room.  [What did he do?  Arrest Phillipa, even though they can't prove the case at trial?  Who is she to be ok with that or not?  It's his job. Furthermore, an expert can prove the difference between her DNA and her dead brother's despite what the lawyer said, if the case should come down to that.] She says she just likes it better when they can put the bad guy in jail.  Sweets comes in.  Earlier Sweets said he participated in a study and can tell when people are lying, but now Booth and Bones can detect that he is lying, when he pretends that he bumped into them by chance.

April dumped him, Booth guesses.  He's right.  This is like Detour when Mulder and Scully go off with the partners who love trust-building activities, while Mulder and Scully don't.  Of course, in the end, Mulder and Scully rely on each other and thrive, while the other partners fall apart, despite all of the training they've had at working together. Sweets couldn't teach Booth and Bones how to be partners.  Booth says that he and Bones are going bowling (they hadn't planned to; he just thought that up on the spot) and invite Sweets.  They assure Sweets they didn't think April was pretty anyway.  Booth says come on, let's go bowling.  A dejected Sweets declines, but Booth grabs him by the rolling chair he's sitting in and pulls him out the door.

I hope this means that they turned the tables on him and, as he promised, are no longer under his therapeutic care. 

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