Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Knight on the Grid

[The Extended Version, 2 extra minutes]

Booth is at a crime scene. Cam comes and says Bones looked a little hurt when he asked for her and not Brennan. He laughs and says Bones' feelings don't get hurt [is he crazy; she was just crying all last week about a SMURF]. He said she's not like Cam. She's not a "girl." Cam says that the word you are looking for is "woman. Who incidentally makes more money than you." I didn't know that. It's hard to say because even though we don't see people reporting to him, Booth seems to have lots of power. He seems to be able to order an unlimited number of agents onto a scene with a single phone call, without having to go to someone over his head. That could be just because the show doesn't want to pay for him to have a boss like he did in the earlier episodes [wonder if that guy's daughter ever died]. Plus, Booth works with the whole Jeffersonian gang. That must be a special FBI assignment. So, I knew he made less money than Bones, but I didn't know he made less than Cam too -- of course, she is Bones' boss, but she wouldn't even have that job without Bones. She spends so much time in the autopsy room, that she can't be directing much of anything at the Jeffersonian, so I think of her more as a coroner than an administrator.

Anyway, Bones would be more upset if he slept with her a couple of times and just broke it off than what Cam appears to be. So, Bones definitely has feelings to be hurt. Though, I feel Cam's holding her feelings in and, moreover, she doesn't get enough air time for us to see the full extent of her reaction to events. We do know that she hasn't had a steady boyfriend since Booth, based on what she told her dad. And it has been years since she and Booth were a couple, rather than just a tryst. But when does Booth think that Cam has had her feelings hurt?

The body they find still has flesh. So, is that why he didn't call Bones? Why would she get hurt. She complains when they call her on skin jobs. Why does she care this week? Booth tells Cam that Bones usually kneels next to the bodies. I'd just hit him on the head with the flashlight. Just because Bones does it doesn't mean that it's necessary for examination. It's just a gesture. How would he like to be told to do his job by copying the physical movements of other FBI agents? Cam complains that her bodies are always so much gushier than Bones', but she kneels.

At Bones' apartment a woman shows up at the door. Bones is hesitant but opens the door and says "yes?" Umm, I know she can fight, but I would have asked who it was before opening the door and I would have had had a chain on it. It's Amy, her brother's girlfriend, looking for Russ. Her daughter has cystic fibrosis and wants to see him. Amy eventually shows a picture of her daughter with Russ, but you'd think Brennan would have asked for i.d. before then. How does she know the woman is who she says? Her father's old friends have tried to kill both her and Russ before. You'd think she'd be careful.

As she gives Amy a doctor's name for her sick daughter, Bones notice that blood is coming out of a piece of mail she has on her table. She hurries Amy out of there. Coincidence that this happens the same day that Amy shows up for the first time? Bones opens up the package. It's the knee caps from the body they found.

Based on the grizzly package sent to her home address, Booth wants Bones to stay with someone. She says no. He tells Cam (in that administrative capacity that I see so little of) that Bones needs security at all times. Bones says no. Booth: "Cam who are you more afraid of? Me or her?"

Sweets shows up again. I don't like him. He's not needed.

Booth says, "It's an autopsy room. It's no place for therapists. What do you want?"

He wants to know why they missed their session. Um, couldn't he have called them on the phone to ask that?

The victim was killed with the Gormagon (17th Century anti-Masonic group, supposed to be extinct) knife. The serial killer. The cannibal. I guess Hart Hanson wrote this one [No, 10 minutes in we see that Noah Hawley wrote it]. I know why they had Sweets there now: to give the crew a reason to explain the background of the case to someone for the audience's sake. Sweets is the gimmick by which they refresh our memory.

Sweets tells them that there will be something special about the knee caps. Please don't tell me he will become part of the crew, as a full time profiler. That's not what I need.

Looking at the Gormagon stuff, Booth says his idea of art is a naked woman on the side of a van. Sweets says, "that's interesting." Actually, they make Booth sound like a neanderthal, but he doesn't act like one. He's not always eyeballing women and he is usally resisting those that come on to him. So, I don't know why they tell us he is "that guy." Maybe I spoke too soon. It turns out, he was mocking that type of person. He says very articulately, "No, it's not interesting Sweets, because it was a joke."

The victim was a priest, Father Doug Cooper. Booth says Sweets was right about the knee caps (guy kneeled a lot) and he is bringing Sweets in on the case. Bones' isn't impressed by the psychology. Zach is surprised that Booth wants Sweets' insight and says that Booth makes fun of Sweets all of the time. Booth says that's only when he messes with their heads. When he's analyzing other people, I guess Booth thinks Sweets is ok.

Booth likes the way that Bones dismisses Zach, but she denies doing so. She used to boss Zach around all of the time. I don't know why she stopped or feels she should be more respectful to him ever since he came back from the military.

The head priest they interview says call him Monsignor "or Steve." Bones calls him "Steve" and Booth tells her not to, under his breath. "He said to call him, Steve," she mumbles back. Steve can't believe someone "ate" Doug. Though just a part of him, Bones assures him. The heart. Steve says he shouldn't say that Steve was good at serving others, considering he was eaten. He concludes that there is too much evil in the world. Booth agrees, "Amen, Monsignor, Amen." Bones says, "Thanks Steve."

Booth and Hodgins go to a cemetery. Reminds me of the ones in Buffy. I feel sad and wistful. Booth can read the latin on the engravings because he was an altar boy. They find more Gormagon artwork inside, with a skeleton adorning it, which is made up of human bones.

Bones' goes to see Amy by her daughter's bed side. She tells her Russ is a fugitive and if he comes to see the child, he will be arrested the minute he enters D.C. Amy says no one will know. Bones says she works with the FBI. Amy says Bones' doesn't have to be involved. Just ask Max to get a message to Russ.

"You look my baby in the face and tell her she can't see her father, because you're mad at yours." [Huh? She can't see him because he left her in favor of helping his killer dad, even though you and your two daughters needed him more. It has nothing to do with Brennan.]

I don't know how long Russ was with Amy anyway, but I find it hard to believe that the kid is that attached to him. And the freckled brat doesn't make me at all sentimental. I don't care about her.

Zach figures out that the latest human artwork they found was made up of 15 different bodies, with parts from all used to make up a whole skeleton. He finds that the killer of the people who made up the artwork in the cemetery was older than the cannibal they identified before. So, there are two of them. One an old man, now.

Bones asks Max to tell Russ to come home. She says, "He'll come if you ask him to." So, it sounds like Max asking him would have more pull than Amy and the kids asking him. He knew that kid was sick when he left them. He sends money to Amy every month Max says, so he cares about Russ' abandoned commitment to Amy and her kids, but doesn't want his son to come back just to end up in jail.

They find old icons which show who the cannibal will go after next. A musician, a bishop and the next victim will be a "corrupter." Sweets says that's a heretic. A pretender to the throne [a politician running for office; I think they said someone high up in government was probably the cannibal in the original Gormogon episode, or, if it's a pretender, maybe the killer will target someone who fancies himself a cannibal too].

Bones is upset that Booth gave Sweets the case file. However, Sweets explains to them the information that Hodgins usually provides to the gang, that these human bone sculptures were made by masters and apprentices. When the apprentice makes his own complete skeleton, then the master knwos he has taught him enough to retire. The current Gormagon used to be an apprentice and now he's a master. He had an apprentice himself in the last episode, but that guy killed himself.

Sweets says that both master and apprentice were fatherless. They were widows' sons.

They think the corrupter is a lobbyist. They find the lobbyist associated with the other two victims (who had both taken a trip to Turkey recently, along with this lobbyist) and tell him he might be next to die. How does a cannibal master find an apprentice? Does he belong to the masons or some other group that might be behind this. He won't give them information. The lobbyist says people in Washington get their face eaten off all of the time. He says his cufflinks are worth more than Booth makes in a year and he's not going to sacrifice that. [Hey! Everyone on the show puts down Booth's payrate.] The lobbyist says his associates trust him to keep his mouth shut. Oh, this guy will end up dead, as punishment for his arrogance.

They say they know he's a member of the Knights of Columbus [hence the title; he'll end up in the grid]. He continues to be snarky and withholding.

Russ shows up at the FBI. Booth arrests him. Max apparently told him that Bones said that Booth wouldn't arrest him. Before taking him in, Booth lets him go see the girl in the hospital. Bones is grateful, but Booth denies doing them a favor. He says as far as the FBI is concerned he caught Russ at the hospital 15 minutes from now. Bones just thanks him again and kisses his cheek. I think that's their first kiss. I believe Mulder and Scully first kissed when she is in the hospital in Season 5. He comes in and kisses her hands, cheek. It was very sweet. This Bones kiss is nice. Booth is both exasperated with Russ and effected. He stares ahead and says to Bones, "Just don't tell anyone."

Why did they decide not to marry this Amy to Russ? Why is he just the almost stepfather? Since they had Bones say that technically the girl wasn't her niece, they do not just want to gloss over the fact that Russ isn't married. They want to keep it in our heads. I don't know how that will figure in the plot later, but I'm sure it will. Maybe Amy can testify against him if he's arrested, since there will be no spousal privilege. Although, even as a prisoner, he can marry, so he could gain the privilege then.

They find cameras in their Gormagon vault and discover that the cannibal has been watching them this whole time.

They decide to fool Gormagon. They will pretend to transfer one of the human bones sculptures that Gormagon loves so much, so that he will try to steal it and then they will trap him.

As they start their "act" Bones is talking in a loud and stilted manner, for the benefit of the killer who is watching and listening and Booth flinches because she's so obvious.

They then go undercover in a taxi. A motorcyclist drops a back pack near them. Booth recognizes the danger and tells her to get down. The pack explodes. Their car rolls. Booth climbs out and tells Bones not to move. He then runs to her side and pulls her out.

Bones said he knew who they were because she was sitting in front in the taxi and passengers sit in the back (which is what she'd been telling him earlier). He disagrees. He says the cannibal knew it was a ruse because of her bad acting and the fact that she was talking too loud. Bones, "Well, you shouldn't have shushed me." [Yeah, Gormagon heard that shush].

Booth realizes that Gormagon knew the truck was a decoy. He wasn't trying to get the skeletal art back. He was trying to kill them.

He put human teeth in his bomb as shrapnel and Booth pulls one out of Bones' arm.

Booth realizes that he has to go rescue the corrupter, because that's why cannibal was trying to kill them, because they predicted his next target. He yells at Bones to stay where she is, the paramedics are coming to check her, as he runs off. I'm surprised she obeys.

The lobbyist is still alive when Booth gets to him. The killer runs. Booth gives chase. The killer grabs a kid out of nowhere and holds him as a shield. Booth says to put the kid down. He's a sniper and I look forward to him shooting the guy, even while he's holding a child. But then the guy jumps into the water with the child. Booth has to jump in (where his gun doesn't work), to save the kid from drowning. The killer gets away as the child weeps in Booth's arms.

Sweets thinks Hodgins is paranoid for thinking that secret societies still exist today. For all I know, Sweets might be Gormagon.

Temp goes to jail to see Russ and says she never told him to turn himself into Booth. Max lied. A surly Russ only answers that if he'd come to her, she would have told Booth anyway. So, he still believes that she trusts Booth beyond all else.

Anyway, she told Max to get Russ back and that he'd come if Max asked, so I'm not sure why she's so upset that he lied to Russ about what she said. It had the result that she wanted.

She tells him that it's not just that he violated parole, but the authorities believe he knows something about Max's murder case. He denies it. She looks skeptical. He says no one in the family trusts the other one. Why should they? After what he and Max pulled, she should not trust them.

She says he has never killed anyone. There are levels of bad and he wouldn't even be on level one, she determines. He says that's like she just told him he was a sissy. [I'd put him at Level One at the very least. I don't find him to be innocent.]

Bones wants Caroline to set Russ free. She is so dumb in admitting that Booth let Russ go to the hospital before bringing him to jail (after Caroline pretended that she didn't hear that when Bones said it the first time) that Caroline can't believe she's an actual genius. She won't go easy on Russ and drop charges. She tells Bones that the best she can do is let Bones speak at the parole hearing.

Gormagon pulled out his own teeth and put them in a bomb. So, we are looking for a toothless guy. Without teeth, it must be hard to be a cannibal. Bones says that Booth is right, Gormagon wanted to kill them. Well, I didn't know anyone doubted that.

They discuss the cannibal being fatherless. Booth says his father wasn't so great, but he came out ok [I thought he said in the past that his relationship with his father was good]. Bones disagrees. She says Booth's killed a lot of people and will probably kill more in the future. That's kind of funny, but rather a low blow. He can't believe it. DB is sort of smiling, so I don't know whether Booth thinks what she said is funny or not, but he feigns indignation. She says she's sorry. "You're a good man." He wonders if she's being sarcastic. She says, "I don't do sarcasm." I've heard her do it. But she had earlier asked if Caroline was being sarcastic [Bones doesn't recgonize sarcasm either], so Booth's words to her, tie into her own to Caroline.

He says that the point is Russ will be fine, unexpectedly linking her fatherless Gormagon concerns to her own, unvoiced family fears.

When asked by Bones, Booth declines to speak at Russ' parole hearing, saying he has to stand up for his own mistakes. Bones is always telling her family (and Booth) that she can't protect them from justice, but then she always wants Booth to make concessions for them, when the time comes.

They find an old office key that leads them to a former foster care worker. This was probably the master. He was in a job that helped him find fatherless, troubled boys and turn them into fine young cannibals. While pedophiles often groom young men for sex, I don't think it can be as easy to groom and recruit boys to kill and eat people. But I guess if you're motivated enough, you can be successful.

They go to see the old, retired man in a nursing home and he lunges at Bones, snapping with his mouth, when she tries to get his teeth imprints. She becomes angry and tells him they know who he is and what he did. Booth calms her down and pulls her away. Booth tells her he'll put a guard on Gorgonzola to see who visits him. Bones said he's doing that "gorgonzola" thing on purpose, isn't he?

At the courthouse, when Amy sees Booth she says she can't be friendly if he's who she thinks he is. Who she thinks he is? She saw him in the hospital room. He's the one who brought Russ in. She should know who he is.

Hayley, Amy's kid, drew Temp a picture that said "thank you Auntie Temperance" and I was sick to my stomach, upon viewing it. They are called into the judge's chambers and Bones and Russ aren't allowed to speak. The judge will listen to Booth, but he has nothing to say. Bones exclaims, "Booth!" I don't blame him. I wish he'd stand by his guns and shut up, but know he will vouch for Russ, in the end.

The judge reveals that the Arch bishop and Sweets both put in a good word for Russ (an abashed Booth makes it obvious that that was his doing) and the judge gives Russ 30 days in county jail (a cakewalk which Russ and Bones have the nerve to think is too much??)

When they leave chambers Caroline hits Booth and tells him he needs to consider what side he's on. "That's what's wrong with the justice system in this country." I'm sure that Bones will give him a pretty thank you, but considering that she was just about to bite his head off for not speaking up for Russ, I don't think she deserved what Booth did and Russ, a big time loser, surely doesn't deserve it. I'd like to see that character killed off before the series ends. I know that as of August 2012 Max is still alive, since DB just tweeted about working with Ryan. So, kill whiny Russ for me, at the very least.

Bones says "thank you again." Booth says, "I didn't do anything; again." Amy thanks him too. I'd tell her to back off after the frosty reception he got from her earlier, just because he arrested a man who helped a double murderer escape and abandoned his "family" to do it.

When he has Russ alone he tells him that if he runs again and hurts Amy and breaks his sister's heart, he will -- Russ interrupts and says he knows Booth will do something terrible to him. I sort of wanted to hear the rest. Booth might have said, "take out my gun and shoot you." That's his favorite.

Ending sequence: Bones is at the hospital reading to the freaky kid who lays her head on Auntie's shoulder (give me strength); Max and Russ are reunited in jail, a reunion no one was waiting for.

Angela is studying the case and jumps when Hodgins comes up behind her. Maybe they do want us to think he's Gormagon.

Zach and Cam are together in the lab (hmmmm, again I wouldn't mind a romantic thing between those unlikely two). Booth is at the shooting range. Bullseye. We should have heard more about what protection there is around Bones' because Gormagon is after both of them, still.

The Lobbyist is at home and goes into his closet to hang up his coat when a guy (whom I don't recognize) with a knife jumps out to kill him. That's how the show ends. I can't say I was startled, but I think I ruin things for myself by liveblogging the show, instead of watching the whole thing through first. I think I truncate the drama that way. I might have jumped if I'd just been watching without pausing every 2 seconds.

That killer wasn't Sweets was it? His mouth was agape, face contorted, so that may be why I didn't recognize the features, but his hair looked flatter than Sweets', though the color might have been the same. The thing is, it could have been Sweets, because how come we saw everyone else who works on the case in the closing sequence, but not him?


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